Saturday, 18 July 2009


Afternoon because, as my bf sneaked out to work at 11am this morning, I wasn't properly awake and slept another 4 hours til 3pm... :|

So that's half a day's fast already completed haha. I'm sort of addicted to the idea of fasting now. It never actually ends up as a full fast but the resolve to keep going means that at the end of the day I've only consumed about 200 cals, 300 at most so the weight comes off, even more cos of the wee bit of food to boost my metabolism.

21lbs loss has been maintained! I was so worried that I'd put it on again in the morning... that it'd be some sort of trick of the scales but no, I am actually 21lbs lighter now. I'm thinking of trying to make up that weight with really heavy books or something on the scales so I can physically feel how much I've lost. It's actually crazy to think that at the start of this I was carrying around all that...

Anyway, just had a low fat toffee yogurt (90 cals) to start off my day. I've actually no idea what I'm doing today. I was SO low last night... wrote a really depressing post but decided not to publish. This morning I'm feeling okay but not particularly motivated for anything. Hmph. At least I'm not motivated to eat... lol. Might see if I can stream Harry Potter online. It really is such a good movie, despite all the slagging it's getting for not being close to the book.

Desert Flower wants my body. What can I say, I'm looking better these days :P. Happy Mandela Day to her too. Hanz needs some followers, everyone let's support! She's got the same aim as me (20th of August results day - where are you applying to btw Hanz? My insurance is Kings London just in case it's there lol). Aw thanks, uni talk always cheers me up. Followers are amazing. ^_^ Thanks for all the encouraging positive comments too. The weight seems to be finally coming off but I was on a plateau for like 10 days, so if you're in a similar position, don't worry - it does end! Currently watching that Size Zero programme with Louise Redknapp. So interesting so far. Thinking happy. xx

EDIT: Off for an hour of aerobics cos I had to eat there and ate more than I should have... dessert was a choc chip cookie. Ouch. xx


  1. plateaus are the worst thing...they make me think fuck this I will just eat : (

    haven't hit one yet this time but know it'll happen.

    your posts are always so cheery and motivating

  2. i have been on a plateau for..
    like a three months. i know its my thyroid tho.
    bloodwork on the 21st.

    21 lbs?! wow. thats awesome. yeah, i would like to know how much that feels physically too!! let me know what you think. and is that you in the picture? its adorable. :D

    anyways, keep up the good work. <3

  3. Lol thanks for the plug :P Though my pride makes me feel a tad embarrassed about it!
    I'm applying to the Royal Veterinary College in London... It's my only offer (cos vet courses are retarded) so if I don't get the grades then I shall die.
    What course are you going for?
    I think I've seen that Louise Redknapp programme, they showed it to us at school. So jealous of her at the end though. I was watching a film called Hunger Point earlier, but it was pretty shit, definitely not my favourite ED movie.

  4. Lol nah leave it in, I DO need followers! And it was really nice of you =]
    It is an ugly dress... Seriously if you're gonna half develop an ED to fit into something, at least make it the worlds most awesome dress.

    Seriously, they don't deserve you if Cambridge accepted haha. Though tbh I thought it was a little bit snobby when I went there on a residential trip, or maybe I just wanted to think that cos I knew I'd never in a million years get in!
    It's only like a month til results now, eek. We must lose more weight.

  5. It was Queens. The people were all really nice that I met there, but I just didn't really feel at home. Also, Cambridge is catered mostly isn't it? Which put me off because I'd feel SO guilty not eating it when my parents paid for it, but I'm looking forward to being in complete control of my intake at uni lol. Bristol was the place I really fell in love with, but I didn't get in there.
    Argh! But don't worry, only like 120 calories, maybe 150? in a smallish baked potato. Provided you don't fill it with butter and full fat cheese it shouldn't be too disastrous.
    I love come dine with me so much.

  6. Yeah in Dublin you are surrounded by people with beautiful accents! Lol
    Bristol was amazing... it was like my perfect city lol. I mean, London will be awesome too but there's no ice rink there and it's stupidly expensive but ah well!
    Well done on the hiding techniques lol, I ate the whole pizza =[[ It was a small one but even so! It was bloody nice though.
    Feel SO full and uncomfortable now though. But at least that will put me off eating anything later. The evening is my major weak time, I always end up eating loads.

  7. hooray for mandela day! :) :) Haha, can you tell i'm proudly south african? i wish i still had the excitement for uni like you do... i wasn't planning to go and am now doing a degree i have very little interest in. but i'm half way thru now so i'll stick it out. thanks for such a positive post, as usual :)

  8. Good for you :P I feel the same about St Patrick's!

  9. I love st patrick's day :) we celebrate it here, mostly just by wearing green though, and quite a bit of alcohol for those who drink it :)

  10. There's a myth in the world about Ireland that we all get drunk on St Patrick's day... the truth is that St Pat's is a week long and we're pissed for the entire thing lmao.

  11. Haha... i have no idea what any of it is about, besides the green and alcohol :) ireland sounds so cool, and you have the cutest accents and pretty hills :)

  12. He hee thank you! I love our accents too. Makes me feel safe hearing them when I'm abroad. I'll need to find some irish friends at uni or I'll go crazy. Everyone's teasing me that I'm going to lose my accent and end up with an english one... after which they WILL reject me. Haha.

  13. If you're past puberty, which you are :), then your accent should remain intact. theoretically :) i think i totally fell in love with the accent in ps i love you... sooo cool! we have a sucky accent, sadly.

  14. you're wonderful. I'm also trying to lose 10 pounds by august 22, i want to be under 120 by september 2.

    Thanks for posting

  15. I'm sorry you were feeling down last night : ( I'm glad you're feeling a little better today. I write tons of posts that I never actually publish. Sometimes it's better to just see it in words. Makes it more real for me at least.
    You've lost so much, it's amazing ; )
    Your comment on my last post was so sweet! Especially since you think my legs look more toned because I've worked them so hard with cycling this last month!
    Stay strong and have a wonderful workout <3

  16. I'm always feeling so ecouraged and inspired when reading your posts. 21lbs so far, thats amazing, good job! I hope I will be able to say the same about me one day :)
    Keep it up :)

  17. Oh yes, I prefer to weigh at least once a day. My mom has a scale that I'll have to settle on, but I don't trust it, plus it's not digital. And yes that is Lily Cole. : ) I think she's so beautiful.

    I like your idea of the books, feeling how much weight you lost... like to think, I actually injured my arm lifting a 20lb weight (heh heh) so that's a lot!

    I'm glad you're feeling better than last night and you're off your plateau.
    Your blog always makes me feel better than I did previous to reading it! : )

    Also, the boy you posted is gorgeous.