Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another 1lb Down

Title says it all. I'm so pleased! Now I'm going on hols 21lbs lighter than at the start of summer. Damn proud of myself. Still got about 29 days left to lost the 15lbs I want before I get my school results. I also got a new coat today, borrowed from a cousin of mine who has ALWAYS been skinnier than me. I've always felt sort of self conscious around him because of it as we're near the same age so are often compared (academically, physically, etc). It's actually 3 sizes smaller than the size I was wearing at the start of my weight loss, which is so so encouraging.

I can't wait to be in those extra small sizes. At the end of the school year I ordered a school leavers hoody in a size Medium. Most of us ordered Medium or Large, and my low self confidence was screaming at me to order a large to cover myself up... but then I became so determined to succeed at my weight loss that I changed mine to a medium at the last minute and I'm so glad I did now. I was doubting then whether it would fit me or not but now I'm sure it will, and if I keep going it should be fairly baggy by then too.

Turns out that in the last few months since I've seen that cousin he's put on 3 stone... so I'm now getting his clothes (they're actually really nice and way more expensive than I could afford) which, frankly, is fucking brilliant haha. This blog clearly brings out my inner bitch, but in my defense, he's not a very nice cousin. ^_^

This post is going to be fairly short. I've been in bed most of the day with a migraine which feels like it's doing its best to tear my head in two. I've had to eat to try get rid of it as it's one of the only things that works. I'm still not binging though, so should just maintain my weight today. I always take the attitude with things like this that being skinny will NEVER be more important than being healthy and happy. I'm trying to find a balance between the two, which is why most of my posts so are positive. Putting on 1lb is not going to kill me. It does not make me a bad person. It does not make me ugly. Losing weight is however making me feel more confident in myself, which is what I'm aiming for, and it's definitely worth sacrificing a few treats and working out. I'll be much healthier at a lower weight than I am now. My organs and bones under less stress and all that. Getting fit in the process of losing weight will be so good for me too.

Btw, the photo is because it's raining REALLY hard here... but apparently the weather is lovely where I'm going on hols! I'll try take some pics and post them when I'm back. If I'm not feeling confident enough with my weight loss then you'll at least get some lovely sightseeing photos haha. Thanks for all the comments on my last blog. The one about press ups was really good as I've not thought about doing those before. It's also good to see that someone's sharing my fucked up mood patterns haha. My head's too sore to link to your pages atm (I'm typing this without proper sight as my migraine's given me tunnel vision lol) but I'll credit you when I get back :).

I'm really looking forward to August, cos by then I'll know that results day is coming up and I'm planning a really strong effort to get those lbs lost. Right now I'm off to bed, after a fresh set of painkillers, to lay in the dark til my head gets better. In case I don't get to post before I leave for my holidays (quite early tomorrow so this will probably be my last post til I get back) good luck to everyone while I'm away. Take care of yourselves and stay strong. :) xx


  1. woah I never knew boys could get migraines

    i have never even had one and I'm a girl

    anyway gets better soon x

  2. i did a water fast & i quit the 2nd day because of migraine >:(

    well done on the 1lb. nothing boosts confidence like losing.
    0mg while you're being compared to a cousin whos the same age as you, i'm being compared to my older sis, she's 19, i'm 16, & i am bigger than her. she's 107lbs :S
    she makes me sick...but i love her,lol

    i'm like 3 sizes bigger than her.. i'm hoping to close that gap soon. lol

    welldone again & i hope you enjoy your holiday. <3 xxxxxxxx

  3. I love how well balanced you are with your view on health over thin. If only I could think like that!
    Just makes sure that doesn't change yeah
    Have fun while you're on holiday and make sure you don't let restriction ruin it!
    Hope the migraine goes quickly
    Laterzzzzz x

  4. Stay strong!! You are doing so great and I'm so happy you are boosting your confidence

  5. I will miss reading your posts. Since finding your blog I look forward everyday to see what you have to say. I hope your migraine ceases before you leave on your holiday. I tend to get sick anytime I go on vacation ha ha so I just hope you feel better! I'm sure you have been drinking lots of water. That usually helps me with my headaches/migraines.

    stay strong and I hope we get to see some lovely pics! I'm sure you look great too! 21 pounds in awesome loss!

  6. ahhhhhh dont leave me! :(

    i even posted boy thinspo for you to view on my blog! and the fucked up mood patterns.. i know that was about me! HAHA. us crazy kids.

    i start my new running plan.
    so when you get back you will have lots to read.
    make sure to read mine at least! ♥


  7. Aww. I really do hope you feel better. Wish i could fix your headache for you. :(
    I'm jealous of your health over thin mentalitly. lol. I doubt i'll ever get back to thinking that way.
    But the boy in your thinspo is absolutely beautiful. :)
    Have a lovely time on holiday. You will be missed. Much love.

  8. Haha! I love the part about getting your cousins old clothes! Amazing.
    I hope you have so much fun on your holiday! You must take tons of photos for us!
    I hope your headache goes away too : (
    I'm going to miss reading your posts so much!
    Stay strong <3

  9. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I'm so flattered that you think i look good already :)

    ...i miss you already. lol

  10. Bryan Adams: the unthinking man's celebrity shadenfreude.