Sunday, 5 July 2009

Day 1 of ABC

Day 1 of ABC. It's 2pm and I'm just up due to a late night. Two things have made me even more determined to do this diet. Firstly - I weighed myself this morning and I'm 1lb heavier. Should have expected it I suppose. Days out with friends aren't going to go unnoticed on the scales.

Secondly I've been reading the blogs of some of the people who've commented me and their determination has really encouraged me. It feels so much better to be doing this as a group and helping each other along.

So today I'm starting at 500 calories. I'm having something as soon as I finish this to get my metabolism started and then I'll leave the other 400 cals (or less if I can) for the evening meal, with NO snacks. Snacks at night are what really get me.

1: 500 calories
2: 500 calories
3: 300 calories
4: 400 calories

So that's my next 4 days planned out. After that I'm heading off to my music festival so I can't really plan so well, but judging from previous experiences, this is one of the few holidays which doesn't involve binging. Food is VERY expensive and hard to come by because of the huge queues. There will be a lot of alcohol going on but I can get past that by taking a drink and keeping it in my hand. There are 20 of us going altogether so it'll be difficult to notice if one person is drinking less than anyone else, especially in the dark. Plus LOADS of exercise - nowhere to sit down for 16 hours of the day, including about 5 hours of hard dancing and the rest spent walking, running, jumping around in excitement. Think of the calories burned.

Last year my friend lost a STONE. A whole 14lbs in 3 days. Now wouldn't that be a fantastic start to ABC?


  1. Haii,
    Thanks for commenting my blog. (:
    Sounds like you had a good start too as well!

    Some advice though..
    If you eat more of your calories in the morning, instead of night, you have longer to work them off & it's easier too.


    Yasmine. xx

  2. Hi thanks for coming by, I just had to this post, I hope you'll doing well and you keep us all updatedon how you'll doing with the ABC :) x