Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 3 of ABC - My Thinspiration

Absolutely ecstatic this morning. 2 days of ABC completed and I've lost my 2nd lb!! 1lb per day seems fairly successful to me. Does that mean I could have lost 50lbs by the end of this? Eeeeeeee...

That would be amazing. The end of the 50 days diet happens to be the day I get my senior school results. That's the day I want to look great for. The last day I'll see everyone from school together; the people I've grown up with, the odd one's who've made me feel self conscious about my weight, the few who openly, aggressively teased me. That day means so much to me. It basically decides my future - which uni I'll be going to, which country I'll be spending my next 4 years of study in (Scotland, England or Ireland). I really hope I get good results but as well as that I'd love to look fucking good haha.

Other wee targets:
I think we've all got a piece of clothing we really want to be able to get into again. Personally, I have a few lol. A pair of trousers that fit me last year but are now a bit tight, that I wore during thet interview that won me an offer from my university, and a sports shirt in which I won my last sporting title for the school. Both successful periods of my life that I really want to get back to.

Anyone wanna share their thinspiration?
Thinking thin xx


  1. Yeah haha, I have a ton of clothes I never even wore because I felt too fat in them. I'm going to re-organise my closet today. Clothes that fit me, clothes I can wear after 15lbs and clothes I can wear at my UGW :P
    Congrat on the weight loss too!

  2. Thank you!! I bought a shirt that will fit me at my GW a while ago. I can't wait to get into it!! I think I'll reward myself with a huge shopping spree at the end of ABC. Just a few days before my results day :D ahh, Topman, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel here I come...

  3. My aim is to be thin by the 20th of August too. That way, I can either look thin for uni, or if I fail, I'll be that bit closer to the self destruction I intend to throw myself into for being a failure.
    Good luck and I hope the weight keeps dropping off like it is!

  4. It's really cool to find that boys also have blogs like this!
    I have hidden some old clothes that are to small innermost in my cabinet, so I hope they'll fit soon.
    Congrats with your lost, btw :D

  5. I gave all my mum my clothes that were too small for me.
    She's tiny. Plus has quite a few vintage garments that I'd love to get my hands on.
    Definitely something to use for motivation.
    Maybe I should steal one and hang it in my closet...

    I can definitely relate to the whole seeing everyone at school thing.
    I don't want to be the same person as I was when I last saw most of them.

    Good luck on your ABC.
    I lost near to nothing, and after 2 weeks gave up. Damn plateaus.

    Keep up all the great work.
    Love and support,

  6. This boy in the pictures on this post, looks just like a guy I met in 2006 in college. He always wore ankle weights.. do you know him or is it a random internet picture? Just curious! -L