Sunday, 5 July 2009

Day Out

Days out never work out well. With friends I have to eat as they're all so conscious of people skipping meals. The two "recovering" anorexics in our friend group made sure of that.

Recovering really is no where near relevant. Both of them, I can say with complete certainty, do not regret their weight loss. They both look amazing now and are full of confidence. They go out, are part of a greater circle of friends, meet new people with no problems and are accepted, to a great extent, due to their looks. I'm sick of this "don't skip meals... you've seen what it does" attitude. Yeah i've seen; it's made people happy. Why should I not be allowed to have that too?

So today I had to eat a meal. Kept the portion small, but had a milkshake too (tradition among friends) and a chocolate bar. I ate little else the rest of the day though, apart from a low calorie snack which is how I'm justifying myself for the moment, even though I don't deserve it. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude.

Just agreed to do the ABC diet; my first step towards what my friends achieved and what I want to achieve too. I'm excited. Is anyone joining me?

Goal for the morning:
I'd love to be down 1lb, but realistically I'm hoping to have maintained my weight. Weight loss to begin from then on.

Total lost so far:


  1. Hey I'm doing the ABC with a quest for perfection too :) Good luck.
    Going out with friends always results in eating for me too >.< It's a cycle I'll have to break.
    Don't you hate how annoyingly observant everyone is?
    Much love.

  2. I just started the ABC today. I hope its going well for you! And don't worry too much, we all are forced to binge by obsessive friends. You'll make up for it; i know it. You're strong. Best wishes!