Tuesday, 21 July 2009


So far I've had such a nice day. Staying in with some very special people talking, singing, playing star wars (them, not me haha). It was so nice. Intake so far has been fairly low. 1 low fat mousse (60 cals) and tomato soup (200 cals) so I've room for a treat tonight (low fat crisps - 100 cals). Good day. Just off for some exercise now. Feeling motivated and positive and rather lacking in news haha.

I thought some of you might find this site VERY useful for calculating calories burned in exercise. It has a list of 222 activites and calculates how many calories you, personally, will burn doing them, after you fill in your weight and how long the activity is done. It also tells you how many calories your body burns naturally at rest, so when you're sleeping or sitting down. I thought this was SO useful to know, and means you don't have to feel guilty when you're sitting relaxing. Your body's still doing some of the work for you!

Exercise plan:

1 hour jogging with weights ~ 400 cals
1/2 hour vacuuming ~ 140 cals
1/2 hour aerobics ~ 200

calories burned through exercise ~ 740
calories burned naturally during the rest of the day ~ 1540
total calories burned ~ 2280

Meal plan:
Breakfast: low fat mousse ~ 60 cals
Lunch: soup ~ 200 cals
Supper: low fat crisps ~ 100 cals

total calorie intake ~ 360

calorie deficit = 1920

So if I keep this up over 2 days I should have an extra 1lb lost before I go on holiday :) I'm excited.

Jogging with weights is my favourite exercise. It's something I can do at home (jogging on the spot in my room) without raising too much suspicion. Also I can have a movie on whilst I'm doing it or listen to music so it doesn't get boring. I'm hoping the weights will help me tone my arms cos I'm quite self conscious about them (I do reps whilst running). Gonna also try to fit in some sit ups at some point today.

Is everyone having a good day so far? StickThin - I can't see your blog :( maybe you have to add me as a friend or something? I'm not sure how it works. Thanks for everyone's lovely comments and congratulations on my last post. I'm so glad I cheered some of you up and that you're sharing my positivity :D

OK I shall go off and start this exercise before I leave it too long then am too tired... that happens too often. Thinking happy xx.


  1. thanx for sharing the website.. i shall be putting it to good use :P
    your plan looks good, i hope it works for you.. goodluck!

  2. oooh yeah arms can be troublesome, flab flab flab at the top of mine, I'm always trying to cover them up

  3. you are not a star wars fan?

    your plan sounds great! i know you can lose an
    extra pound. also you reminded me that i have to vacuum my house before my mother gets home! yikes better get on that now!

    who is this man? so gorgeous

  4. Ugh, I loathe my arms : ( Jogging in place with weights sounds like a really good idea and it burns and tones at the same time ; D Food plan sounds great for the day! Good luck, stay strong, and keep up the good work <3

  5. Glad to hear you've had a good day :) and thanks so much for sharing the website. I'm definately going to be checking that out.

    Arms are so troublesome, aren't they? I like the idea of reps while running. May have to try that later tonight.

    Good work! Keep it up!

  6. I find that push ups really really help with my arms & chest. Also some really good in the house quietly cardio is doing like 20 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 20 squats.. & then just keep repeating til you can't anymore.. & when you do the jumping jacks & squats you can add weights for your arms.

  7. haha thanks for the comment on my last post
    "i was totally about to kick this guys face in".
    i swear, we must be on the same mood cycle. im up, youre up, im mad, youre mad, im down your down. LOL buuuuut..
    you're doing awesome :D
    i cant believe the amount of determination you have!! its definitely enviable. another place i like for calories and stuff burned is www.thedailyplate.com thats a good one, it takes a little bit to figure out which food your looking for but once you get the hang of it, its awesome.

    keep up the good work, doll.

  8. You always spread so much positive energy haha :D

    Sexy guy :D And good luck with your excercise, I know you can get that extra 1 lb down before you go on holiday :D

  9. Thanks for the comment. :) The only problem is that I'm going to see it again tomorrow. :/ I am not going to let myself go.