Tuesday, 14 July 2009

First Fast

I'm so so motivated to do it today! A lot of that has come from waking up to 10 comments, you're all so supportive and I appreciate them all! Also got a few people saying for photos. I took one last night when I was just home from the festival so I look pure wrecked in it but I'll post it tomorrow anyway haha. It'll be deleted very quickly in case anyone finds this blog, but I'll hopefully keep it up long enough for my followers to see.

Okay so - fasting. Never tried it before, don't know how possible it's gonna be with my mum here, but I'm gonna give it a go. Does anyone have any tips? haha

Here's what I'm thinking so far.
1. I've got a throat infection (true) which I picked up at the festival (kissing strangers) (that was a joke) so I can't eat cos it hurts.
2. "I've eaten already" (mum's in town - I'll set out some plates with sauce or something on them when I've written this and say I'm reaalllly full when she gets back)
3. Thinspiration - I'm gonna look at my thinspo and imagine myself like that. If I don't eat I'll achieve it so much sooner.
4. Reverse thinspiration - This seems to help me so much. Those videos on youtube of really fat people eating just make me so disgusted at the thought of food.
5. Distraction - DVDs! Harry Potter is coming up in 2 days. I'm thinking of a DVD marathon... all the Harry Potters in one day. Sound good? I bloody well think so. ha
6. Drinking - I was completely dehydrated throughout the festival. The only thing close to a healthy drink was Diet Coke. No water even. 1 Diet Coke was $3 as well so that wasn't happening... lol. So getting a good amount of water today will help make up for that and maybe move along the weight loss while keeping the hunger pangs down.

Right well that's my intention so we'll see if I'm strong enough to carry it out. Anyone else joining me? Let me know how you're getting on. Thinking thin xx


  1. I wish i could join you... but yeah, i'm also home and there's no way of dodging my parents. i'm determined to fast next week though! i wish you all the very best :)

  2. I wish I could join you as well x.x Drink plenty of water and maybe some diet soda or seltzer water to make the tummy feel better. The computer or games can help as well for distraction. Goodluck!

  3. What I do when I'm fasting, is I cook a meal, but make it disgusting and then throw it out. But the plates and everything look used so no suspicion there.
    Also, Harry Potter Marathon = good idea. My friend and I are halfway through... 4th and 5th to watch before the new one tomorrow!
    Oh and go out for exercise or something over mealtimes, but pretend you're out with friends and are eating there.