Monday, 13 July 2009

I'm Home!

Holy jesus mother of fucking mary. THAT WAS SO AMAZING! Holy. Christ.

Four days of absolute amazingness. The comment from Layla was so relevant. This was my big holiday with some great friends and weight loss wasn't my priority. I was going to eat as little as possible and I did so on the first day, but couldn't keep it up. The thought of fainting in the middle of 100,000 people, possibly at night when my friends couldn't find me, scared the shit out of me so I just ate as normal. Festival food is far from healthy - the only meal I could get to was chips, as my friends had ordered the same thing, but I did manage to stay away from most snacks. Sometimes snacking wasn't greed, it was just so necessary - I went 48 hours without sleep, then got 3 hours the next night, 4 hours the next and none last night, due to partying with friends and due to the other people partying around our tents until 8am...

So yeah, I was expecting to put on weight by the time I got home but I just weighed myself and I'm the same weight. All the exercise I was doing cancelled out the chips! Not a bad result, plus the festival itself was awesome.

Karah (new follower, HI!) was right to be jealous about the Killers. Awesome light show and set list. Lady Gaga totally owned the stage. Paolo Nutini was just pure hotness personified. SNOW PATROL! :D aaah! And they're Irish too. The Script - please please download them if you haven't heard them yet! They're fellow wee Dublin boys too. Dancing to Calvin Harris and Pendulum was so amazing. Saw Dead Mau5 and Boyz Noize in the Dance Arena too which was brilliant. Of Montreal and Florence and the Machine on top of a hill with hot chocolate and excellent company. The Ting Tings were fantastic as expected. Pet Shop Boys put on an amazing show too, I was totally shocked. We just wandered into their tent because it was raining and they had lights and props and dancers (including this gorgeous skinny toned black guy who just made me think thin even morrrre) which was so so good. More thinspo came in the form of Patrick Wolf who looked as good as he sounded (photo at the top of this post!).

Aw there was actually so much thinspo around. Almost everyone was skinny. I didn't see very many overweight people but it was really obvious when they were and that made me remember what I'm working for. So I've really come back more encouraged to work hard and not give up. I've seen some great bands and become inspired by music again. I'll set to downloading the new bands I've discovered and will have something else to exercise to this week!

I got so bloody sunburnt though. Wearing glasses (sun) at the time too so it's fairly obvious. I'm applying layer upon layer of Sudo Creme on my face hoping it turns to tan as I'm going out to the cinema tomorrow (to see Bruno) and on Wednesday (HARRY POTTER!) so I need to be able to look half decent for those.

Thanks for the comments and the new followers everyone. I was so excited about coming back to see if anyone had said anything and to update you all. I really appreciate it! I'll be reading your blogs when I've had a wee rest. I've no plan for the rest of the day. I'm fully wrecked so I plan to lay on my ASS and do nothing but catch up on the episodes of Torchwood I missed. Just gonna weigh myself in the morning and start fresh. Positivity :)

Anyone else excited about Harry Potter or am I just being cool on my own...? hahah hope you're all getting on well. Thinking thin. xx


  1. I heard Bruno wasn't very good?
    Also, Harry Potter on Wednesday = Hell yeah.
    My friends and I are dressing up. I get to be Hedwig apparently lol.
    Can't wait =]

  2. Wow I am so jealous, i love all those bands. Thats cool you had a great time. I am a new follower of your blog ^^. I want to wish you luck and say I love your thinspo please keep posting them!

  3. You must have had a great time!

    And <3 cinema Harry Potter ftw!
    I also heard:
    Ali G inda house -good
    Borat -better
    Brüno -best

    Positivity is good! You're not gaining and that's a victory too!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you had such an amazing time! I'm totally jealous : D And that's wonderful that you didn't cave into snacking and didn't gain at all.
    You should fast with me! And you should totally put up pictures!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment <3 It really means so much to get such positive encouragement ; )
    Stay strong <3

    PS-I'm totally excited for Harry Potter too!

  5. Wow that festival really must have been fun!
    I'm going to the cinema next week to watch Harry Potter, I'm so excited as well! I was planning to watch Büno too, but I'm not sure. Some said it was good, some didn't...
    I'm happy for you that you didn't gain weight over the weekend :D
    Keep it up! :)

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  7. Just corrected some mistakes :P

    German is a difficult language to learn :D Feel free to ask any questions next year :P

    Good luck on your fast tomorrow! I'm determined I will make it tomorrow as well :D

    Good night :)

  8. I'm so sure i posted and now it's not here... grr.. technology frustrates me! i'm heading back to the stone age. lol. welcome back :)

  9. Fuck i'm jealous!

    I love The Killers, The Ting Tings, FLORENCE & THE MACHINE! <3 It sounds so fucking amazing!

    Good you had a great time.!
    & yeah, i'm rying to reduce the painkillers.
    Thanks for commenting though.

    Yasmine. xx

  10. & by the way, i love your thinspo. ;)
    You don't see much guy thinspo on here, & it's rather a nice change.. that sounds wierd but yeah.

  11. Lookbook much? :)
    Loves it.
    You're so inspiring.