Friday, 31 July 2009


HELLO! WOOOWWW! That was without a shadow of a doubt the BEST WEEK EVER. I'm actually in shock at how much fun I had... met LOADS of new gorgeous exciting people, went to two house parties with them, invented a new and amazing cocktail with a great friend, saw the sights, took about 32901895 hilarious photos (including a sexy set dancing in the shower ;) hahaha), went to so many cool bars - cute little quirky ones and big full on party clubs, lay and rested in the park in the beautiful sun, went on a rowing boat ride with some of my best friends, ate some wonderful food and drank more alcohol than I ever thought possible...

Weight loss was SO far from my mind. As I said, I wanted to maintain my weight but as I realised how much I was eating (I had a proper meal every day - pasta and protein and dessert along with some french things like cheese and bread and wine at random points) and how many calories I was taking in through alcohol I knew there was no way I wouldn't put on weight. For example on one night a friend and I drank an entire bottle of vodka, the same of rum, gin, two cocktails, 10+ shots, 1 pint of beer and fuck knows what else...

But then I got home, weighed myself and realised i've lost 1lb!! I've no idea how it happened. I guess I was exercising a fair bit, as our apartment was up 4 flights of stairs and we explored the city every day so walked a lot, plus we developed a habit of ordering and drinking loads of cocktails then leaving without paying the bill... which involved a LOT of running... haha. So a healthy diet (full meals with occasional snacks) worked for me. The biggest meals we ate were in the morning, so our bodies had worked off all the calories by the end of the day. Also I was not tempted to binge at all because I was so busy and interested in what was going on around me that I didn't even think about food. Plus the fact that everyone I met was skinny and beautiful helped to keep me focused. So there are a few tips in case anyone was looking - keep busy, don't deny yourself foods completely (that tends to lead to binges) and keep your thinspo in mind (those sexy skinny ones at the party) : )

My goal still stands at 15lbs lost by 20th August. I wasn't meant to start until tomorrow as I thought I'd put on weight over my holiday but I'm already 1lb on my way there! xthinforever, mark it down! Tomorrow, I'm restricting and having a go at my 15 bites diet. I've not tried it before so it'll be an interesting day to see how that goes. I'm going into the city with my dad (he's great and we have a similar sense of humour so it'll be fine) so that will involve some more exercise with walking around shops and such :) he doesn't mind me buying diet coke either as he picked me up from the airport and bought me it plus my favourite sweets (low cal, don't worry haha) as a welcome home gift :]]]

Aw I have so many little stories to tell you all!! I think I look thinner in the photos, and I certainly FELT a LOT more confident. I wore my new clothes in the smaller sizes and I think they looked really flattering so I'm so pleased, especially as I was meeting some people for the first time. It felt great to know that they started off with a better impression of me than they would have done a month ago.

So the confidence just made everything so much more fun. Me and my friend decided to skip across the main bridge of the city and two guys saw us and shouted in French "Pouvons nous vous accompagner??" (Can we join in??) so they did and we all skipped around the city, tipsy and dancing and happy ^_^!

The city was beautiful, the company was even more so. I loved it so much and I'm so happy and refreshed and rejuvenated now. Apart from that I'm also really fucking wrecked from lack of sleep and too much partying so I'll be heading off to bed now! Hope you're all having a good week so far. Thank you to my new followers too! I'll be checking out your blogs as soon as poss : ) and the comments on my post were sooo nice to come back to! Well done Nic on reaching your lowest weight last week! Samantha asked really nicely if she could feature me in her blog so I thought I'd feature her here. She's got a really nice mix of useful facts and personal experiences and I think she'd really benefit from the motivation you guys provide :) let's help her out! Stay healthy girl x Also got a comment from someone calling themselves Sunny Mc.FatFace (girl, I want you to develop some confidence and a more positive screen name!). She's just starting out too, with a cool trippy blog that leaves me feeling slightly bemused but happy. These are the last two lines of a poem she's put up...

We watch one another. I fight the hunger
And I close the fucking refridgerator door.

I love it... go read the rest on her blog if you can ^_^

Annnnd I shall go now before I fall asleep! A bientot tout le monde! : ) xx


  1. Welcome back!! I'm so happy you had fun and lost a pound! You are doing so great, keep it up, we are all rooting for you. Thanks for the feature it means a lot to me ^^

  2. sounds like you had an awesome time - and down a pound!! luckkky.
    thats soo good :)

    this 15 bites diet sounds very good, dunno if i could ever stick to it, im gonna see how you go, then may give it a go myself :)

    have fun with your dad tomorrow!

  3. Heey!

    I'm new to your blog but I'm absolutely loving it so far. This entry just radiates excitedness and happiness and it's kind of infectious and has left me with a smile on my face.

    Looking forward to lots more!


  4. Welcome home babes!
    Glad you had so much fun, it really does sound like an awesome holiday, not least because of the copious amounts of alkyhol!

  5. Yay! It's so great to have you back, and it's even better to hear that you had such a good time! Not to mention dropped a pound--congrats! I'm glad you're beginning to gain more and more confidence too. :)

    Omg the boy in the middle picture... holy amazing freakin' abs!! lol.

    I really loved Sunny's blog too. So glad you found it and are liking it.

  6. yay you're back!!
    congratulations on losing weight on vacation thats like... nearly impossible for most people :]
    but then, ana's boys aren't like everyone else :]]
    they're better.
    you're so cool.
    stay strong <333

    he's back!! yay. and omg, you lost a lb on vacay?! WTF. you are not human. that just seriously doesn't happen. but amazing it did, which means you got 14 lbs in 20 days! :) YAYYYY

    im so glad youre back.
    i totally missed your posts.

  8. Welcome back!!!! : D
    Wow! It sounds like you just had the most amazing magical time. I'm so happy for you! And you lost! That is so amazing. You must have been getting so much exercise. You must tell us all your stories! And you should post pics too!
    So glad you're back <3

  9. Glad you had a freakin' awesome time! Skipping across a bridge! I totally respect that. My personal theory on the mysteriously but happily lost vacation pound is put up to laughter and excessive amounts of euphoria *grin* I think you have some disturbing control over the universe or something because I slipped into some size 1 jeans today and they were loose. I nearly had a heart attack then laughed so hard my mother came to see what was wrong. The whole self esteem thing kind of just went up. Thanks, sweet dreams - Sunny Mc.KindaFatFace