Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Night Out With Guilt

So this night out wasn't as successful as the last. Cinema (snacks) then friends demanded we get food. I ordered a small chip and diet coke, whilst everyone else ordered huge meals (something called a SUPER chip... it's massive, I couldn't even look at it). It was my second diet coke today and I got my first "What's going on with you?" comment. I made an excuse "I'm addicted to Diet Coke... feels like there's more caffeine in it don't you think?" which totally worked. My friend just laughed and rolled his eyes at me as I'm well known for always being busy and working so I would be needing the extra caffeine... got away with it for now.

ABC went out the window today then haha. But, as I stuck to it most of today and hardly ate anything (a few spoonfuls of tomato soup this morning) I won't have messed up too badly. To make up for it I'm cutting out more calories tomorrow. I did really well today before the night out so I think I will manage it. I'm not into the self hatred thing when something goes wrong with my diet. I get over it, move on, and determine to do better the next day. I WILL do better tomorrow. Positivity! It helps avoiding binges as well I find.

Plus - four days of hardly any food and LOTS of exercise ahead. 10 hours of dancing at least per day - I'll be wrecked but I do not care haha. I'll miss this blog though. I've got a few new followers which I am SO grateful for. Just knowing you're reading, even if you don't comment, is such an encouragement. I don't want to let you down as well as myself! We'll manage it together :)

Just weighed myself before bed. I'm 1/2 a pound heavier than I was this morning, but I always weigh more at night and, considering the fast food, it doesn't look too bad. Plus I saw a great film tonight (The Hangover - go see if you haven't already), had a laugh with mates and got asked to 2 parties - which I'm determined to look slimmer for.

I loved hearing your stories about Thinspo. Seems like we all have that outfit we want to fit into! My little brother tried on that sport's shirt I'm dying to fit into today and it fit him. He's 7 year's younger than me so it's good to know that I'm not far from being the same size as him... but about a foot taller haha

Oh there's a first stat then: I'm 5' 9". Fairly grateful for my height too, except on those occasions where I just want to hide but can't because I'm above everyone else in the crowd... argh.

Hope everyone's having a good ABC (or other plan). I'll be back on track tomorrow. One question though - all my followers seem to be female so far - if you like my thinspo, would you like me to post some photos of girls too? Thinking thin xx


  1. Im loving your blog,
    dont worry about that half a pound more, it'd just be water/food weight, you didnt eat much today so it should be gone by the morning :)
    the ABC seems to be working so well for you!
    definitely going to try it when my life starts becoming a little less busy.
    haha and dont you complain about being tall in amongst a crowd! - im tiny, its the worst at concerts, cant see anything! haha.

  2. Hi :) my silly phone won't allow me to officially follow your, or anybody's, blog.. but it's bookmarked and i'm following :) congrats, it's great that abc is working for you :) much love

  3. Hahah the diet coke, I drink wayyyyy too much of it.
    I told my friends that I think is tastes so much better than regular (which, I think we know it actually doesn't)
    Worked like a charm.

    Be careful with all the dancing and no food, we don't want you fainting now.
    Take some fruit or low cal snacks just to keep you going.
    And in case you do, and your friends get weirded out...
    Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol ;)

    I'm quite bad with the self-hatred thing, whenever I mess up, I get all moody, but then it makes me more determined to do better.

    Post whatever thinspo you like, I'm sure hot skinny men appeal to lots of females too :p

    Sorry for the rambling, I tend to do that alot.
    Keep going, only good things lie ahead.

  4. Haha yeah, you don't have to post pics of girls, we have enough of those (I hope to make my own thinspo one day :| ).
    And yeah, don't worry about your intake, you can fix everything today and maybe just have a bit of exercise, it does wonders.

  5. Your blog is sooo cool, and your male thinspo is really good and inspirational! I simply love them. Maybe I'll post some male thinspo myself?! :P

  6. I find male thinspo even more inspiring than female, even though i am a girl. I love everything about your blog. Keep it up! You're amazing.

  7. I love the guy thinspo, there's so much girl stuff out there already. Thanks for having an anonymous commenting option! (sorry if I'm filling up your comments) -L