Monday, 6 July 2009

Night out without guilt

Just had to get out of the house tonight, it was getting so claustrophobic. We have a family member in hospital at the moment and it seems that our family's way of coping is making huge amounts of food; remnants of which are scattered all around the house. Not good for the self control!!

So I went out for a bit of thinking time for a walk along the river. The usual drunk crowd singing away, providing enough amusement to keep my mind busy, while the cold night air provided that light, refreshing feeling that makes me feel I can do anything.

God, I love my city.


  1. Wow, that must be rough--for whatever reason, people in my family cope by accepting huge donations of food, then ignoring them and losing weight rapidly.

    But if you removed yourself from the trigger and got some exercise, then you're doing a lot better than most :)

    Good luck with your eating and your family member


  2. Awesome that you resisted, it is indeed very difficult to stay strong when there's a lot food lying around. It kind of takes an awful lot of determination to stay strong, but I'm sure you can make it. And taking a walk was probably the best idea in that situation so congrats for that :)
    Hugs and <3