Friday, 17 July 2009


2 more lbs lost in ONE day on my fast! After a night of eating ben and jerry's ice cream?! what the fuck body!?

That's 21lbs so far!!

WAAAAAAA!!! :D :D :D :D :D !!!


New goals!

Ok, so my goal day for weight loss is the 20th of August. It's when my school results come out and when I'm going to see my friends, my old enemies and my general peers together all at once for the first time in weeks. I want to look good and I want to have lost 15 more lbs. That's just a little bit more than the girls who are going for 10lbs in the same time so we're sort of in this bit together :)

So I've about 30 days to do it in. 1lb every 2 days. So I need a calorie deficit of 1750 per day. Hmm.. If I eat about 300 cals per day at most then that should be possible. Shouldn't be too hard and if I need a snack or something to keep my motivation up I'll just exercise a bit more to allow it. Throw in a few fast days and I SHOULD be able to make it. That would be 36lbs lost in 2 months. Sounds pretty good ^__^.

I wonder how tomorrow will go. It would be awful to wake up and have put on some weight. Scales seem so unreliable. But I'll stay positive for now. It's been quite a productive day and I'm almost finished making plans for my holidays (leaving on the 23rd til the 28th so no blogging :o which I will miss a lot... and no scales either for that matter :S and lots of tempting food...)

Shit haha. I'll use the excuse that I don't have much money and eat as little as possible whilst walking a LOT. Sightseeing and all that.

For the next few days before I leave I'm going to try to be as good as possible and lose as much weight as I can. Thanks for your support so far everyone :) It's been fucking amazing to finally break through that BLOODY PLATEAU. Ha!


  1. I just found your blog and am really looking forward to reading! Keep up the good work! Make sure you are drinking lots of water when you fast :s. I read on one of your other posts that you wanted to replace diet coke with water....just be careful! You're an awesome inspiration!

  2. Don't worry, the diet coke thing was just a joke and I sometimes drink it instead of water cos it's always in my room and raises less suspicion from my mum... lol thanks for the comment :D

  3. Congratulations with your lost., that's Awesome! Think I have to start fasting :D

  4. AHHH! Yay! Congratulations! I can't believe how fast you're losing! You will look so good by the time you go to school!
    Hahaha! It's so true what you said about this place being like confession
    ; ) This sight motivates me more than anything because I'm so afraid of letting down my wonderful followers.
    Stay Strong <3

  5. Wow! well done! i want your body! Lol :) last time i said that to a guy it was taken in entirely the wrong way :)

  6. Your body seems to like burning :P

  7. Boys have all the luck :P Well done though, that's amazing.
    Seriously dreading results day, I need 3 A's as well, but not for Cambridge lol.
    While you're on holiday, try maintaining what your current weight rather than losing more, cos that way you get to enjoy the holiday without worrying too much about food but you won't come back and be completely disgusted with yourself.
    That's what I intend to (try) to do while I'm on holiday anyway =]

  8. YAYYY thats awesome.. and quite amazing i should say. i eat ben & jerry's and my body is like haha, are you kidding? thanks! *stocks fat*

    keep up the good work and if you want, i will put you in the running on my list and put you got 15lbs to lose and keep running totals of your cals/cals burned. yayy!

    and thanks so much for the comment..
    that really lifted my spirits. now i feel more positive and will just take it easy for a little bit and let my body adjust and then start taking steps to improve it again. thanks, doll. you're such a sweetie. <3

  9. Wow! A boy! How nice

    I fasted yesterday and went to bed feeling like death and anticipating binging as soon as woke up. But just woke up this morning feeling infinitely more positive! Now I'm considering fasting again today too. I've never done 2 days in a row before... Have to get up and see if there's a good number on the scales to inspire me :)


  10. Well,
    I have re put up the picture for you :)
    And realised I wasn't following you. Tut tut to me.
    And realised you're a boy. That's exciting.
    So I've began hypothesizing which of my male friends you could be, as I seem to do that every time I find a male on here. It's quite fun.

  11. Hehe thank you.
    And just because your holiday's are almost exactly the same as mine and the E boy I decided you could be him.
    But now I've noticed that you go back to school on a different date so my plans have been ruined.

  12. Ohh wow! Well done!! I cant believe how quickly you're losing! Its amazing :)
    Keep it up and enjoy your holiday

  13. Holy Crap!

    You los wieght so fast. O.o
    It's seriously impressive.

    Hope you did well with your school results!
    (of course you did, you got into Cambridge.)

    Yasmine. xx

  14. Congrats!!! You're doing awesome dude keep up the good work and have fun ^^

  15. Thanks sooo much the comment. I think i've changed it so you can find the link to follow me more easily. (You'll have to forgive me as i'm rather computer illiterate. lol.) But thanks so much!

  16. Yeah... so I know this post is months old, but I've been reading through the archives, and I have to say that I love you. You're so adorably cheerful.

    Well, now that I've probably destroyed your manly ego by calling you "adorable," I'll go now.
    Keep it up!