Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Positive Note

I refuse to go to bed without making up for that miserable post haha. Aw life feels much better now. I'm really tired so I'll be off to share a nice warm bed as soon as this is written. I stuck to my 500 today (think I took in a little less) despite being encouraged to eat and being provided with desserts at every opportunity haha. We have a cupboard stacked full of snack foods that I would have chucked down me in a few days not too long ago. It seems like I've developed self restraint!

Excited about the weigh in tomorrow. I shouldn't have lost any more (1lb in 1 day without exercise doesn't make sense to me) but if I've maintained then hopefully I'll be down another by day 4 of ABC. Tomorrow I'm only allowed 300 cals. I've never done that before so it could be difficult. Firstly finding foods with so little calories that I can arrange into 2 meals (I can't get away with any less without raising suspicion from Mum) which is difficult because I'm not a health food person. Honestly I'd rather go without food than chomp on the veggies lol...

I guess I'll just see how it goes. I'm feeling optimistic anyway. Thinking thin. xx


  1. Good job sticking with the 500 calories! :)

    On 300 days, I usually have a couple of single egg omelettes (180 cals) and some fruit throughout the day, maybe you could try that.

    Stay strong <3

  2. Hi I missed you last night post so not sure what was up? I hope you'll doing on! I'm very tired today and hunger.

    300 cals you'll be find I'm sure, pop over anytime I need to be bug by people today lol x