Saturday, 25 July 2009

Quick Update / New Diet

You would not believe the drama going on! I'll fill you all in soon... Thursday night if we ever make it home haha

So I just had a thought. I'm fed up of wishing I could be one of those skinny fuckers every time I see one of them in the street. Most of the time they aren't even pretty... but we all admire them and THINK they are because they look so good in their clothes. Clothes just LOOK better, regardless of where they're from or how much they cost, when they're hanging off a skinny frame. I want that frame. I want to shock everyone on results day. Our bodies are getting fucked up every day with the amount of chemicals in food and the amount of fat we're putting into them. It's going to stop. Extreme restricting for the rest of the summer will not harm my body any more than I'm currently doing.

I've maintained my weight loss of 21lbs so far, which I'm really pleased about. I said a while ago that I wanted to lose another 15lbs by the 20th of August. I get back on the 30th of July, giving me 22 days (I won't have to eat much on the 30th so that will count) to lose 15. That's going to be difficult. I've only managed 1lb every 2 days (any more than that per day appeared to be water weight which went back on quickly) so far so I'm not sure how it's going to happen.

The only answer is to fully go for it. Restriction, fast. I'm going to make an extreme plan and stick to it. I'm determined. And if I'm ever tempted to break a fast, I'm going to come on to this blog and write about it instead of eating. Summer's bound to have made me sloppy. No deadlines, no early starts, no assignments to complete, no exams to push myself for. Going onto this diet, and completing it, will prove to myself that I'm capable of working as hard as I did all year.

Thinking about a "15 Bite Diet". I thought of it this morning but I'm sure it exists already. 15 bites per day, so regardless of what I eat, I can keep the calories low. Say I had breakfast (yogurt), lunch (scrambled egg) and dinner (pasta) I could only have 5 bites each time. That's bound to keep the calories low. Drinks will either be water or diet drinks (diet coke, 7up free), I know they're unhealthy but yeah... It'll help me stick to the diet cos of the taste. Also, exercise. I must do more than 1 hour per day. 1 hour is the recommended amount, and I obviously want to go further than that. Running, walking, aerobics with weights. I can go for runs and walks with my little cousin. She loves spending time with me and I like it too, she's so cute and looks up to me, which I appreciate a lot. She's a really energetic kid and is content to run around all day if you let her. She also eats loads (but has such a good figure on her, healthy for her age (she's almost my height and she's only 12... I swear she could be a model) so I give her some of the treats which my mum insists on filling the cupboards with. We went for a three hour walk/run/badminton session a few weeks ago and when I get back from holidays I'll be able to do similar, as I'll have nothing else major to plan.

Any thoughts on this so far? Hope you're all doing well. Update me in a comment if you can, cos I can't access other blogs atm. Here's a bit of thinspo, must dash now tho. Back on Thursday!


  1. hokay, quick update.
    results came back negative. talked to a nurse. she said i shouldnt feel the way im feeling. she said she is going to fix me because there is something wrong. so im still fat. 140. but im getting fixed.

    anyways, you sound so damn determined! what sorta vacay did you go on? a motivation inspirational vacation?? you can do this. ♥

  2. Results day is SO soon!!! Argh.
    I reckon you can lose the weight though, especially if you stay as motivated as you are in this post!
    Totally agree with you on diet drinks, btw pepsi max has less calories than diet coke (1.6 per 500 ml compared to 3 or so I think?) and it tastes better, so it is my tipple of choice!
    Not much to update you on, but I'm down to 117 this morning so that's 3 lbs gone, and I'm on the second day of fasting and I'm only managing thus far cos of my beautiful pepsi.
    Have a good rest of holiday xx

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  4. i loosing 15 pounds might be really hard, but if your exercising a lot then you'll be getting a lot more muscle and loosing fat, so while the scale might not show much weight loss, the tape measure will. Inches baby!! (or do you measure in centimeters?) :]

    i think the 15 bites plan sounds really great and you sound really determined so i know you can do it! have a great vacation! did i miss when you said where you are?

  5. your plan sounds awesome :]
    good luck, and stay strong <333
    you can do it!

  6. aww thanks so much for your comment :]]]
    it's always great to have motivation, and since pictures suck anyways, knowing that i HAVE to look my best for them is almost the best motivation ever!
    omg i love the first picture of the guy with the hoodie omg he's so cute like awwww i just wanna hug him :]]]

  7. I feel ill just thinking about results... maybe that could be a good reason not to eat!
    My mum never let me have drinks like coke either when I was younger, except on holiday or special occasions. There is a taste difference, but fortunately I've conditioned myself to preferring the taste of the diet ones. Especially Sprite Zero. It doesn't taste like washing up liquid unlike the full fat one.
    Diet drinks are my God.
    I'm currently clinging to my second litre bottle of pepsi haha.
    You'll get to this weight soon I bet, the rate you seem to lose! Though tbh it feels just like 120, I want my ribs back properly!

  8. 10 lbs and I'll be past my lowest weight.. that'd be good.
    Ribs are so comforting... I always find myself running my fingers between them when I'm nervous and uncomfortable which must look a bit weird...
    Food when out is the worst temptation cos it just looks so much more appetising than food you can get at home... like cakes. yum.
    Where are you on holiday then lol

  9. Hence why I'm a vegetarian!
    I just chewed and spat a whole pizza, disgusting I know but hey, all the taste with much much fewer calories. And it stops me feeling guilty for wasting food.
    I have a doughnut it the cupboard downstairs, it's damn near killing me. Desserts are definitely my achilles heel.

  10. you can do it! You've done great so far, I have no doubt that you can stick to this and reach your goals. As for a quick update on myself I have hit my lowest weight! Last time I weighed I was 122, but I've been fasting since then so hopefully I've reached my gw of 120.

  11. I think you're plan was very smart, and I know you can do it. I've never heard about a diet like that before, so maybe you actually is the first to do it?! :D
    Stay strong <3
    PS: I looove you're pictures!

  12. 15 pounds might be hard but you always seem so motvated and determined so i think you can do it

    im like the 15 bites kinda idea ive never heard of anything like it


  13. I'm sure you can do it and that plan sounds really great because you'll be able to still eat what you want so you won't be tempted to binge ; D
    Stay strong and I can't wait for more updates <3

  14. Excellent point about the chemicals and crap in food, a very good argument. It made me happy.

    Your plan sounds awesome. I'd definately try it if i wasn't so determined to get through the ABC. I'm doing really well with that, by the way. :)

    It was good to hear some news from you, and the thinspo pics AAAHHH! lol. The boy with the hoodie is just absolutely adorable, no other word for it (and his legs are so skinny. why can't mine look like that? haha)

    Stay strong! But try not to wear yourself out too much with all that working out. Much love!

  15. In that one photo I think I was around 140 so that's why it's my first goal weight because I know I don't look too bad there ; ) Good luck with maintaining on your trip!
    Stay strong <3

  16. diet coke plus tastes like shit but it's got a dose of vitamins init and they don't upset an empty stomach.

  17. Hmm, 15 bite diet... I think I might try that, it sounds like it would work. :)

    You inspire me, keep posting often, please!!

  18. aww Im happy that i have found some pro ana boy :)
    In our country i still havent found^_^
    u must be amazing :(
    pls reply me :(

  19. mmmmm

    fasting is slower than restricting in terms of weight loss because the metabolism slows way down

    but fasting is easier than restricting because appetite disappears after day four

    plus sometimes when fasting I pass out...just if I get too hot or something, so careful with the excercise. Maybe don't go jogging alone and pass out in a field lol.

  20. Hello! Your blog is awesome. It really motivates me and makes me feel not quite as shitty as I did. (um it is almost three a.m. where I am sorry just didn't realize that until now and my brain is drifting)It is amazing how good you are with keeping up on numbers and not sounding like a text book. Not having to count calories is my motivation for not eating. I have kind of been jumping around to your old posts and there was one where you asked if anyone had any good books to recommend. So here are a few that I like, Perdido Street Station by China Mieville and Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier, and if you haven't read Catcher in the Rye it is an amazing book even though basically nothing happens. This is getting kind of long, but I noticed that you asked people to support other bloggers that are new(I'm planning to go see some of them myself) anyway you sound really busy and weightloss is draining (trust me I know)but if you could drop my blog I would really appreciate it. I'm not sure you will like it (I can be kind of off the wall)but just asking. I whish you luck

  21. I finally made a post to my blog - so I have a question for you (I didn't think to ask first..) is it okay that I put a link on my blog to yours? Let me know via my comments section.

  22. WOW. You really have lost a lot of weight. & that is a rather interesting diet.. hmm. I like that top picture as well. (: Good luck with your excercise & everything!

    & sorry for not commenting much, sometimes it wont let me comment anyones profile.
    but i'm still reading!

    Yasmine. xx

  23. I think this is a very good plan. Especially if you're upping your exercise. I know I'd be losing a lot faster if I was as disciplined as I used to be with the gym. And currently I'm sick so I can't/shouldn't really go to the gym.

    Stay deteremined and I think you have a very good chance of losing 15 pounds!


  24. Sorry - that's not what I meant. I meant, is it okay that I put a link for your blog on mine? I was just listing favorite blogs, and thought later on that I probably should have asked you if it was OK to mention your blog on mine... (not that I want to put a link for my blog, on your comments) Sorry! i'm confusing sometimes!