Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Second Attempt

Woke up this morning feeling more determined. Exercise last night went well and I've a free afternoon to do whatever I want. I just ate half a small tub of custard (70 cals) to kick start my metabolism, under the advice of someone I know who got to size zero, from eating 90 cals per day in the morning and nothing else.

Mum's ranting about me spending too much now. It's my own money and I'm going to university in a few months (massive student loans) so I don't care and she shouldn't either. She's trying to do every single bit of mothering she can until I'm away, living in another country making my own decisions.

Jesus. That'll be nice. It'll be weird leaving Ireland. I really do love my country and feel so at home in Dublin. Not because of family connections or anything, I just naturally felt secure the first time I went there, and it's going to be unsettling to be a whole sea away from that. But I am really so excited about uni. If I get the A Level results I need (AAA) I'll be living here for the next 4 years...

I read that someone was using a car as thinspiration and they thought that was weird. Well there you go, I'm using a building as thinspo. Do I win? :P Food at uni is catered for us, so I've no need to have snacks in my room. Plus, I'll be walking to lectures every day and walking to the shop to buy random things and cycling around in my free time. Should be fine. Plus the idea of having to go to formals (there are quite a lot in my uni) and looking trim in my formal wear will keep me motivated. There's a year photo at the very start (4th of October) so I NEED to look good for that.

It's 1pm and my fast is going well. I feel like I can make it today. Watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the minute with my little sis, who is gladly chomping down crisps and chocolate. I'll keep the papers on my bed for when mum comes home. Going out around 6 to catch the new Harry Potter at the cinema, so I won't have to eat then either. I'll tell mum I'm eating out and I'll tell friends I'm ill/I've already eaten. Should be fine.

Hope everyone's going well. Thinking thin. xx


  1. hey,
    omg that uni looks really nice. goodluck, i hope you get the Alevels you want. i'm just getting ready to go to 6th form in sep. :D

    keep strong, you can do it. :P

  2. My friend has those All stars. They're so colourful.

    And waheeey on the building thinspo, at least I know I'm not the only crazy one :p
    (On an unrelated note, that building looks abit like hogwarts ;D )

    Good luck on your fast.
    There's no stopping you now.

  3. are you a boy?
    i would love to have a boy on my list to follow. :D

    no offense if youre not :D
    i read your first post
    so im commenting to let you know im out here! <3

  4. heck yeah!
    i love being crazy.
    but.. concerning the meds, i would rather be thin and crazy, rather than a fat zombie :(

    and awesome, no more "ladies" stuff. it will now be "people". <3

    and 99 lbs is actually not my goal, its a quote i love that keeps me motivated.. i remember what i want when i read that. 117 is actually my goal, i am 5' 7". when i read that i just see me where i want.. that and "those who risk going to far, can possibly find out how far one can go" and im an extremist, so im on a quest to find out where i can go. i think 117 is my ideal.. ive been to 105-110 before and it was almost too much.

    but hey! glad to have you on board
    muah! <3

  5. hey I am at Nottingham. your blog is great, interesting to get a male perspective.

    my blog isn't really about my ed but i'm keeping track of my fasting progress etc on twitter:

  6. Hey! glad you're feeling better :) sounds like you're being quite smothered by your mum though! i promise you, it's quite common just before leaving home :) uni sounds exciting, i was so scared to leave home initially, now i'm caught between home and uni, love both places!

  7. That building looks beautiful!
    And I love the other picture you posted.
    You seem to be doing great, keep up the good work. : )

  8. I'm sure you will do so well today! I love your positive attitude : D Mothers are so silly : P I don't think it's weird that a building is your thinspo. Especially since that building is so aesthetically pleasing, it makes sense to me : D
    I'm sure you'll be looking fabulous by the time those pictures are taken for school!
    Stay strong <3

  9. I didn't know you were Irish! That's so rad! My favourite author, Eoin Colfer is Irish too ^-^ you must have a luvely accent.

    And isn't that Cambridge? I'm not sure but I went to Cambridge a few years ago, it's a really nice place.