Wednesday, 8 July 2009

See You in 4 Days!

It looks like last night's food didn't affect my weight loss. Lost the 1/2 lb back again this afternoon ^_^ I'm in rather a good mood.

So far today I've had a bite of a scone. I've got a bit of hayfever at the moment so I always have a box of tissues near. As soon as mum left the room I grabbed the scones, put most of them in two rolled up tissues, left a few big crumbs to make it look like I'd eaten almost everything and held the tissues up to my nose when she was looking, stood up and then cleared my plate away. Got away with it.

I might eat something later as it's the last meal I'm going to get for 4 days I imagine. Thank you so much Layla for your advice! Fainting would be shit, so I'll be packing a few low cal snacks as you suggested. The people going with us are pretty stick thin but I'm not sure if they're some of those people who can eat everything and not lose weight... I hope not. Too much temptation lol.

I should head off and do some packing now. No one seems fully prepared (surely you would have bought a sleeping bag before now?) but we'll get there. Beginner has joined the debate about male thinspo and has been brave enough to post a photo up. Sexy shoulders, seriously! I'm jealous!

Thanks Sarah too for your comment, it was really reassuring. Everyone's been so sweet with their support, and Desert Flower I hope your stress sorts itself out soon! :)

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Away for four days!! WITH NO SHOWERS ;_; lmao... Aw dear. Last time was awesome so we'll see how it goes. Keeping positive and weight recorded for the last time. I'd love to lose 3lbs when I'm away. I'll be starting exercise when I get home anyway so I don't really mind. Anything will be appreciated, thinking thin, thinking positive.

Hope my followers don't lose interest while I'm gone... Take care, be healthy and look after yourselves. A bientot!


  1. That's the same excuse I use about diet coke.
    Of course, Im a girl, so people is less harsh on the "what you eat/drink" subject.
    It's always good to read this shit from a male's perspective.
    I'll follow.

    To be honest, I AM addicted to diet coke.

  2. Haha, you're actually lucky to have hay fever! You're doing great though, it goes off very little at a time and now all you need is patience.

    And sexy shoulders? Thanks... but if you'd see a bit below that you would see anything but sexy.

    Have a great time at the festival ^_^

  3. You'll be missed, I'm sure we all be watching for you'll post when you get back.

    Have fun! x

  4. *follows blog*
    i love your blog!
    from a guy's perspective is so different, like different but the same and interesting at the same time... i like it :D
    stay gorgeous <33

  5. Have a fabulous time <3 Of course we won't lose interest while you're away! I can't wait to read about how the festival went : D
    Stay strong <3

  6. Hay fever, killed me during exam period.
    It was so bad, my lungs started to close up O_o

    I know this is little late, but try not to worry/focus too much. Focus on having a good time. There's plenty of time to work harder.
    We all need a 'relaxed' period, (but not too relaxed). It helps us stay refreshed and stronger to carry on.

    Hope your drunk and partying it up very nice

  7. i love your blog and your thinspo is really inspiring for me. like seeing cute skinny guys makes me want to be cute and skinny for them... :]

    i'm really jealous of this music festival! i read in a previous post some of the bands playing! the killers?! i love them... blood has turned green with envy. i hope you have a great time and dance your ass skinny!