Monday, 20 July 2009


So I managed to find my thinspiration again. I'm just home from shopping and I'm TWO SIZES SMALLER!


Aw I'm in such a good mood now, that was just what I needed to motivate me to work harder again. I'm so excited now. Got a new shirt and a tighter fitting top which are both so flattering. I'll be wearing them on holiday and I already feel much more confident about it :D I don't remember ever wearing the size I have now... it's opened up so much for me. I really love fashion (hi, i'm a stereotype, how are you?) but could never wear what I wanted to so now it seems like if I keep going I'll be able to fully express myself. Expression is so important to me. I hate when I don't have the words for something. Now I'll be able to do it through my clothes as well.

Well not "now", but in 15lbs or so. ^_^

Tonight I'm staying under 500 cals. It works for me without making me miserable. Any less and I tend to get really bad headaches which just aren't worth it for me. I want to see Harry Potter again, damn it. The guy in today's thinspo has the body I want when I've reached my goal weight. I will get there, I'm absolutely determined now. I'm about to have what could turn into a massive argument with a friend so I'll get that over with then do some exercise to calm me down. Lucks. xx

PS. Thanks to everyone who gave a book recommendation! I'll be Wikiing and Amazoning soon! :) and of course I've read Lord of the Rings! Amazing series. Merry and Pip are adorable. Like Fred and George. We all love a good bit of twinning. SkinnyBitch needs to stop doubting how hardcore I am with my reading haha. I'd recommend you read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova btw. It's lovely and creepy and incredibly well written. And about vampires. Haha

Soren had a good point about me not noticing my weight loss. The longer I'm doing this, the more I'm going to be looking in the mirror, criticising how I look, so my standards are going to get higher and higher and I won't appreciate my body changing. I'm going to pay close attention to my measurements and the size of clothing I'm fitting into as a way of rewarding myself and feeling achievement for what I'm doing.

xthinforever had a lovely idea about treating myself and I hope everyone's paying attention. If you're working hard you deserve a reward! Not necessarily food (if you're afraid you're going to binge) but something small and sweet like a manicure, some new jewellery, new hair, new make up. For me my treat was the clothes today, and I do feel great after it. Make sure you're all looking after yourselves. Thinking happy. xx

EDIT: I got my first thin compliment!! "You look so slim!" - when I put on my new top that is actually the right size for me! EEE! Aw happy now...

2nd EDIT: I'm exercising and it feels fucking fantastic. I'm so motivated now. I can see that it's going to take effort to get as skinny as my thinspo today and I'm looking forward to it. It wouldn't be a worthwhile achievement if I didn't have to work for it. (40 mins of jogging with weights done so far)


  1. well done!
    goodluck on the 15lbs, you can do it!
    omg, the boy in the pic does look yummy!
    just think of how good you'll feel when you look that sxc!

  2. it's so so nice when you shout out people in your post for things they say.....especially when it is me ha ha

    so thanks for the linkage

    and TWO sizes smaller...LUSH

    weight loss FTW

  3. Omg! 2 sizes!!! and a compliment on top of that!! That is so amazing. I'm so very happy for you. :) Reading this entry and seeing how well you're doing is such an encouragement to me, and i am now in a good mood too. Yay! lol.

    And your thinspo boy today is so gorgeous, but then i'm sure you are by now too. Keep up the good work. Much love.

  4. Congrats! I remembember when I went shopping for the first time after losing nearly 30 pounds. I pulled my regular sizes, Mediums, pants 3/4 or 27. Anyway, When I tried them on I realized I didn't fit in any of my "regular sizes"

    Its awesome, nearly makes me want to cry. He He. I am just now fitting into my skinny jeans again! 5 more pounds and I should be fitting into the rest of them


  5. Ooh! Congratulations!
    I'm so incredibly happy for you!
    Keep up the great work and the dropped sizes and compliments will keep coming.
    Your blog never fails to make me happy. : )

  6. Wow your post is so exciting I'm like getting excited just reading it! What an awesome feeling! :D You definitely earned it! <3

    I'm so happy you got your motivation back! This is definitely just what you needed! And now, those last 15 pounds will be nothing! You're already more than halfway there..
    You got this. :D

  7. EIiiieiIEIEiii! I love this post! : D So thinspiring and upbeat. I love fashion too! You're so right, it's such a perfect way of self expression. That's why I love makeup too.
    Down two sizes! So wonderful. You will totally have that body. I'm sure of it.
    Wow, that's so right about what Soren said! I never really thought of that before...
    You are so strong <3

  8. You seriously are such a lovely lovely boy, and you deserve to be completely happy in yourself, so I'm so so so glad that you've lost so much weight. I only hope that with every pound you lose, you gain a little bit more in self esteem.
    Your thinspo boy has an amazing body, and even better hair, so when you look like him, you will be fit as and all the boys will be like phwoar. The posh totty at Cambridge and all.
    God I sound such a square. In my defence, I drink too much.
    Thank you ever so for being so nice, it's really becoming like a major support thing, thank you xxxx

  9. YAY!!!! Two sizes smaller, that really must be motivating and a great feeling :D Im so happy for you :) I really love your post, it makes me smile and I'm happy somebody shares my good mood today :D

  10. congrats on the dropping of two sizes!! thats amazing :)
    soon the comments will start pouring in, just you wait!

  11. yes, caffeine reduces hunger annd as a bonus keeps energy up and slighlty speeds up metabolism. If i'm off coffee I take pro-plus instead.

  12. Wow thats amazing, I am so proud of you!! Keep it up =)