Sunday, 2 August 2009

15 Bites Update

It's not an easy diet, especially when you have set meals with family. You need a lot of self control too. Seeing a big plate of food and just stopping after 5 bites is not easy...

but WOW. My appetite has totally gone. 2nd day in and even though mum made a huge sunday dinner this afternoon, I just couldn't eat it. 7 bites (main meal of the day) and I was stuffed. Guess smaller portions are filling me up more quickly now. YES!

I've only been doing it for 1 day so I can't tell you any results yet, but I'll be updating this week so hopefully we'll see changes.

Tips for anyone looking to join me:
1. Make small portions - less temptation.
2. Don't worry about wasting food - it's already been paid for and prepared so the money's been spent already and it can't be used again.
3. Eat slowly, take lots of drinks between bites.
4. Eat near a bin.

The hardest part yesterday was stopping eating when I had a full plate of food left. I ate a few more bites than I should have because I didn't want to throw it all out. Today I'm going to stay near a bin and throw the food out straight away, after eating my 5 bites for that meal.

Is anyone else on any specific diets they'd like to share? I'm going to look at ABC again, although I'm sure 15 bites means taking in a lot less than ABC... I'd like to take on the fast days though. Still have never completed one... but my parents are going on holiday for a week soon so perhaps I'll do it then :)

I'm soooo excited about something I found last night. Shopping on a website I saw this gorgeous leather jacket... £250, would look awful on Fat Me but I think I'd feel so confident in it after losing more weight. It's inspiring me so much. PLUS it only comes in XS or XXS so I NEED to lose weight or I can't get it.

I want that guy's legs. I've never owned a pair of shorts... actually. At least tummies can be covered up, but legs are always on show. If you're wearing baggy jeans it's obvious you're not confident with your legs, and if you're wearing skinnies everyone can see if you're about to bust out of them. I'd also love some white clothes. I've got in my head that white is for skinny people, black is for fatties. Like 90% of my wardrobe was black before weight loss... now it's like 50% colour, so the weight loss is obviously helping my confidence :)

I really want to print out some thinspo now. Make the photos really massive and stick them on my wall, cos they really are beautiful. We'll all be one of them soon. Thinking thin xx


  1. Wow you're so strong, taking in only 15 bites. That's beyond awesome. I don't think i could ever do it, but i'm so glad that you can.

    The jacket sounds like awesome thinspo for you. I'm sort of doing the same thing with a pair of boots i found. I told myself that when i have skinny legs to actually make the boots look good, i'll get them. And i know just what you mean about white. I can't wear it either, because i think it makes me look so huge. Cursed fatness screwing up fashion. Lol. But you're right, we're all on our way to thin!

  2. You are amazing and will be rocking shorts, white, and skinny jeans in no time! If you like skinny jeans lol. I must admit I like it when guys can pull them off even if none of my friends like them. Goodluck, you are motivating me as well =)

  3. I always feel guilty for wasting food, not because of the money, but because I feel bad for the actual food: it gets all excited about being eaten and then someone just rejects it. I imagine it sitting in the bin sobbing.
    Really stupid I know but hey.
    Therefore my diet at the moment is eat when other people are watching and only then.
    I've never been a fan of white, though I have some white tights and they make my legs look enormous!
    Keep up the controlled biting =] x

  4. M-- 1100 cals
    Tu-- 900 cals
    W-- 1000 cals
    Th-- 800 cals
    F-- 950 cals
    Sa-- 600 cals
    Su-- 600 cals

    My diet. And I use the term "or less" a lot. :)
    Plus I exercise, so the food keeps my metabolism revving and burning cals! I also take "envision" for women. and they make an "envision" for men. its like omega 3 6 9's and CLA and hoodia and whatnot. so. check it out! youre doing awesome!! and omg.. that picture of the boy laying on the bed with his pants pulling down. that looks exactly like my boyfriend. EXACTLY. hair face shape, chin, eyebrows, body, everything. holy crap.

  5. yeah that guy has perfect legs it is indeed the one of the biggest sins to wear shorts with fat legs the biggest sin being obese woman wearing vest tops

    i love your male thinspo because i love skinny guys but i would never be confident around them if i was bigger than them


  6. Leather jacket eh? Sounds goooood.

    And we will all be there on your wall soon :)

  7. I think you're write about the black & white thing..
    & the leather jackets sounds sexy. ;)

    I might try the fifteen bites thing. It's interesting..


    anyway, ciao bella.
    Yasmine. xx

  8. First of all, you have fantastic taste in men and fashion. All the guys you post are so beautiful and so well-dressed! : )

    That jacket sounds like great thinspiration. I have this appalling, ridiculous, short-sleeved sequin dress that I'm dying to fit into. Haha. One day. : )) Actually, I have another dress that I always dreamed of fitting into, and it was only a bit too small, so I'm wondering if I fit into it now? Hmm well your post reminded me of it, so thank you, I might go try it on now. : )

    And definitely white is for thin people. Especially white pants!

    Great job on your diet. I like the idea of it, but I like to be more precise, knowing exactly how many calories I'm taking in. But I may try it one day, or maybe I'll try it on random eating days.

    My new diet is soy milk and raw foods, with liquid fasting 3 days a week. I guess tomorrow it begins officially.

    And yes, we will all be thinspiration some day. : )Best of luck.

  9. Thanks for the comment. : ))
    That dress is like, under pounds of old clothes right now in a box in my closet that I didn't feel like going through haha.

    Oh yeah and good advice. I think maybe when I go out I'm just going to pretend that I look exactly how I want to look and maybe that'll help me out. Hahaha.

  10. Sounds like you are doing an awesome job! Stay strong like you have been and I'm sure you'll look great in that jacket.

    So you think the 15 bites works? I notice that the less and less i eat the smaller and smaller my stomach feels.

    thanks for being an inspiration