Saturday, 1 August 2009

An Almost Binge

I stopped it. I won.

Earlier on I was bored, I had a little cousin to amuse, I was stressed out, I was hungry, I was moody, I was down. All the ingredients for a super binge. It started. 1 chocolate bar and one MASSIVE helping of guilt, but I didn't want to stop. I started going through all the things in my cupboard in my head. Listing everything, comparing calories, making excuses. "I can have that... it'll only take me another hour of exercise to burn off and I've been good..." "There's no point in eating the low calorie one, I'll only eat more later cos I'm hungry... I'll have the full fat one now..."

But I stopped. 1 chocolate bar. 200 calories. Burnt off already. I'm proud of myself. I slipped but I didn't fall.

THEN, as if to confirm I did well, I got a visit from some family members and the first thing that was said, by my uncle of all people was "You've lost weight!", followed by approving looks from both him and my aunt. I've "slimmed down" and am looking very well, apparently :) an achievement considering that I just ran down the stairs in my pjs...

They asked about my results day, how I'm feeling about it, what my plans are for after it. It got me psyched. I want to succeed. I want to be thin.

I want collar bones and a flat tummy. My tummy has always made me feel uncomfortable with how I look. I want it GONE. Anyone else got a specific area they want banished?

I WILL be thin. And I will be posting pictures here the night before results day to show you. : )


  1. yay for stopping the binge!!! : D
    I wish my thighs would disappear. They are by FAR my least favorite part
    : p
    I can't wait for you do post pics! It will be the most epic before and after ever! EieieIEIeieiii!
    Stay strong <3

  2. I want my thighs gone, vanished, melted, disappeared, etc!! I want to be able to wrap my hands around them so as my ring fingers and thumbs touch. That is another 3 inches off each one *Sigh*

    For now I'll just focus on my thighs not touching...they don't clash together anymore. But still. I always always wear pants. In no circumstance anybody is allowed to see me in shorts or naked for that matter (yes, darkness and alcohol are my best friends, if you know what I mean)
    But yeah, fat fat thighs.

  3. great job! i was in a similar situation today, and i too began my binge with a chocolate bar...unfortunately i was unable to stop until after the second bar and 2 cookies. but i did stop sooner than i normally would have so i'm proud of that :]

    i hate my stomach the rest of my body can pass as average but my stomach is just so unproportional!

    haha. i took that quiz from your last told me that i should be 146!! hmm...pretty sure i was around that weight when my doctor told me i was fat! but the quiz didn't ask your height and i'm pretty short.

  4. all of them.
    every single zone with fat. gone. GONNNNNE.

    love handles especially,
    i want my damn hipbones back.

    im so glad they noticed!! :) what a great feeling. <3

  5. Fantastic work on not binging!
    So proud.

    Haha yeah i have a friend just like that, EVERYTHING must be about them. Only good in small doses.

    Awh, that quiz you posted told me i should be 125lbs... im only 118 now.. Then at the bottom it said 'if you're less then this, expect a gain soon' ahhhhhhhh!!!

    Ooooo, told you that you should see someone who you hadnt seen in a while and that they'd notice!!
    Best feeling.


  6. So much willpower!! You rock, I can't wait for you to reach your goal, I'm so happy you stopped your binge.

    I hate my thighs and butt, thats where all my weight is. Besides that I am bony as can be. Flat tummies are pretty awesome, you can get one <3

  7. You're so amazingly strong! Once i begin a binge, i never seem to stop. I'm so happy for you.

    I hate my stomach too. Everything else is relatively OK, but i really hate everything. Lol.

  8. DUDE, you rock! Stopping a binge is not an easy task but congratulations for doing it!

    And about areas.. I dislike my stomach, thighs and upper arms.

  9. I want all of my fat gone. Especially my stomach & thighs. X[

  10. i want my legs to be skinnier.. and my tummy to be flatter.. and my ass is freaking huge..
    yeah pretty much all of it lol
    i wish i could snap my fingers and make it all disappear like magic :/

  11. Great job! Doesn't it make you feel giddy ,when they notice the weight loss??? I know that it gives me strength to turn down food!