Sunday, 9 August 2009

Back Better.

Yesterday was awful. I wrote a long post about it but deleted it because I didn't want to share my depression. I really need to thank xthinforever. She was really great, there for me when I needed someone to talk to and cheered me up a serious amount. If you're not following her, do so please. She's such a sweet person, and so much fun and super supportive. Bitch has like 6 more followers than me. She deserves it though :] Thank you so much to those who made comments on my lack of posting/my deleted post. I appreciate it a lot :) sorry I haven't been able to comment on your blogs as much in the last few days. I just hadn't the headspace to deal with it. I'm back now though so things should be back to normal soon I hope.

I'm so glad yesterday is over. I ate so much. Comfort food I suppose. It's over now though and I'm feeling positive again. Just weighed myself and the comfort food hasn't shown on the scales. I've maintained my weight so I'm excited about starting losing again.

I decided that today is going to be a fast day. We have no nice drinks in the house though, so I'm going to go for a walk into town to buy something low cal or some bottled water. I don't know how I'll get around not eating a meal though, as mum is here all day. Possibly just gonna have to ask for someting that I can easily throw out. Or I could pull the whole "I ate so much last night... I feel so sick today" trick. That reminds me; someone in my little sister's class at school has swine flu... So if I fuck off for a few days, assume I'm pigging it up somewhere too..

I'm having an anti thigh night. Sitting in my pjs (boxers and a sleeveless tshirt thing tonight... don't get excited) looking at my legs. Yuckkk. I want them SLIM. Slim and toned. Gonna try get some running in tomorrow. I went for a walk tonight for an hour to clear my head. I got SO many looks from the few cars that passed as I was wandering around on my own at like 2am... I'm going to be the subject of so much gossip in the morning I bet :P

OOOH. I saw someone today who completely didn't recognise me! "And who's this lovely young man you're with?!" they said to my friend :] this was a woman who has known me for 2 years but hadn't seen me since I started losing weight. Apparently 25lbs makes a hell of a lot of difference...

SO did anyone recognise me in the top photo? Hahaha... kept it purposefully blurry :P proper photos to be posted after a few more lbs and before my results day! Hope you're all doing well. comment comment let me knowww :] fasting today. 3 hours into it and feeling good! Thinking thin xx


  1. Hi, I dont think i've commented you before but your posts inspire me. Its really good to know your better. The top photo (even though its blurred) looks good! Keep up the good work and good luck with your fast. xo

  2. That photo is beautiful, even though you're blurry, the flowers are so brilliant, its just lovely, whoever took it did a very good job!
    Glad to hear you're feeling better and everything is ready to be good again.
    Idea; when you get back from your walk to buy drinks, say you got something to eat while you were in town, then you shouldnt be asked to eat once you're home :)

  3. Wow! The photo may be blurry but it's pretty obvious you're starting to look awesome! Can't wait to see the real ones.

    I'm sorry to hear that there are troubles in your life, whatever they may be. I wish you and anyone else involved the strength, courage and wisdom to pull through as a better, stronger person.

    Stay strong,

  4. cool look so thin and...blurry

    p.s. I just wanted to say that as a person you are, or seem to be from your blog, good to the bone.

  5. This is the first picture I see you in! You seem to have a good sense of fashion, liking the sweater at least.

    And don't get me started on the Swine Flu, I think over 10 people have caught it here in my town (and that's 940 persons!) but no one has got really sick so it's just like a normal flu.

  6. Aww. i did realize that you'd deleted your post, and i was worried all day, but didn't know what to do. Lol. I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. It was pretty rough for me too... Today will be better for the both of us tho. :)

    Telling your mom you feel sick today because of eating so much yesterday sounds like the best plan to me. That's actually what i usually do, and most of the time, it's not untrue. Apparently my body can't handle a lot of food anymore. Ugh... I guess that's good?

    I hope you don't get sick. I'd miss you too much!! Stupid pigs...

    Haha. I can just hear it now. "Pokerface was out at 2 am this morning, just wandering around. Do you think he was drunk? High? Do you think he's lost his mind? Was he peeking in neighbors windows to see them sleeping?" Haha. I want to hear all about the gossip you cause.

    Of course 25 lbs makes an enormous difference, you silly boy! That's a LOT of weight. And now i'm sure you look lovely, just as she said.

    And i really do like the picture. It's artsy, and you look pretty thin (if blurry). I can't wait for results photos! Stay strong, much love.

  7. Wow. I just realized that that was a long-ass comment. Sorry you have to read all my ramblings now. Lol.

  8. haha
    i just spent hours reading your entire blog. I love it.
    and your guy situation - what you said about staying near him so he can regret his decision - well done!!!
    I'll follow your blog from now on.

  9. I'm glad you're okay. The deleted post thing was a bit scary. Take care of yourself!

  10. Hey thank you so much for your comment. You are very sweet :) It's great to have this online community. Keep thinking thin baby xoxo

  11. (journeytoperfection here. just had a name change) ..I just read that the photo is of you. Wow you are looking pretty damn fine! And 25 lbs is fantastic! x

  12. you look in rather good shape for a blurry person

    my mother doesnt always fall for im ill one of my favourite skipping dinner tatics is to be reading a book and to tell her i cant possibly put it down so i take dinner to my room where it then gets put in a cupboard till i can sneak it in the bin

  13. haha
    thannk you!!
    i only do that with really good blogs. i look at them and if they are interesting I open every page and spend hours reading it.
    so youre from irland? oh i would so love to go there one day.
    do you speak german? how can you like it ... i think it sucks. sounds so harsh ... wuah. and as soon as german people speak english ... even worse

    you look like a freakin' supermodel, okay bitch?
    and you know it, so make sure you make your results pics super hot, kk? <3

    and thanks for mentioning me xD Awww. you are always too sweet. im glad i cheered you up a little bit. and i want people to do that to me! say "oh who are you?" and then have them be all shocked and stuff like omg. 25 lbs is a big difference! i cant wait to see your before and afters. <33333

  15. I'm so sorry you felt bad yesterday, I noticed you deleted that post, it was before I could read it, and I was just like "Wow, something must be really really wrong." and I had no clue what I could do to help. I'm glad you seem to be better today though! Can't wait to see the results day pics!!! :)

  16. Wow you shouldn't blur it at all you are looking great from what I can see lol. I only saw parts of your last blog post before you deleted it and I'm sorry you were depressed. I feel its fine if you want to share, everyone here would understand and do nothing but offer support =). Goodluck with your fast I am so excited for you ^^

  17. I've totally been away again and have neglected your blog! I feel so bad : ( I'm glad you are in a better place today, I'm so sorry you were feeling so down yesterday : ( <3 Yay for fasting! I'm sure you'll do great! And don't get swine flu!
    That's so exciting about that woman not recognizing you! Awe ; ) How wonderful! That picture is too blurry! You are such a tease putting up a blurry pic like that!
    Stay strong <3

  18. omggg
    i wanna see bigger photos!! at least your thighs dont touch :P