Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Before and After Pics & SINGING!

So that's me <<<<< :) Just a little sneak peak of how far I've come. Total lost so far: 31lbs. I'm pretty proud but I know I've a while to go yet. This post is just to show that I'm on my way! Oh, 31lbs and a major hair makeover. I just was not working the black... plus a bit of my French tan is left =D WOOP. I'm starting to notice the difference now :)

Today is EXERCISE day. Aerobics and as much movement as possible. Going out for an hour long walk tonight too with a friend. Thank fuck I'm not the only insomniac around here.

9 days til results day! WAAAAAA. Can I lose 5lbs in that time? That's my goal for now. I've lost all the chubchub from around my face but I'd still love a bt more off my stomach. Crunches and sit ups to be done tonight for some toning. If anyone has any tips they'd like to share, feel free!

Ok so this is a bit of a busy post so I'll just get on with it...

So here's the video. This was me, 31lbs ago. I'm not proud of how I looked, but I'm proud of how far I've come. Our whole family had a take out today, which I couldn't avoid. That's 600 cals damage as I didn't finish my meal and kept to diet drinks. I can burn that off in 2 hours or so and I'm getting on to that now. 15 mins done already :) hope everyone's having a good day. I'm not a great singer/pianist btw! BE NICE :P It was just a bit of fun and I thought it would be a good way to record my weight before starting this blog. So this is my before. The old Fat Me is now my own reverse thinspo =D

Any thoughts? Hope everyone's having a good day :] let me knoww! Thinking THINNER xx



    i really love this clip of you singing...
    and I hate the original so well done.

    you can sooo lose 5lbs in 9 days for results day

    and remember when the scales aren't shifting you're probably toning things up...muscle weighs more than fat...tape measure?

  2. Aww! Your singing is too good. And i love your Irish accent. Tehe. Are you playing the piano too!? This is seriously a great video; excellent remake of the song. Ever thought of taking up music as a profession?

    And your face is so much thinner. You're really beautiful. Seriously. Keep up the good work, and i'm sure the chub on your stomach will be gone in no time. Much love.

  3. Beautiful.

    Beautiful then.

    Beautiful now.

    Beautiful singing.

    Beautiful piano-playing.

    Very Jamie Cullum :)

  4. you.are.painfully.adorable.

  5. You remind me a little of Rufus Wainwright

  6. No problem. That's why i'm here, for support.

    And by the way, you've got so much more skill at piano playing than i do. I took lessons for less than a year and gave up because i go bored with it because i couldn't play anything fun. Haha. And i'm sure you do make money at open mic night. You really are a grand singer.

  7. aw you so cute! :o you sing soo well, loving the remixed version ;)
    and you play a mean piano! mine just sits there all day...

    ps.maybe its just because i'm dumb, but i see no before and after pics.??
    sorry for the stupidity =D

  8. You have an amazing voice!! :) You could be a pro singer, and if that's not what you want, then at least get out to a karaoke bar often to share your voice with the world!

    You'll have no problem losing those last 5 lbs! (You'll still be here blogging though, right, afterwards? I'll miss your blog if you leave....) Stay strong! :)

  9. oooh
    omg WOW :O
    you look really yummy :P
    keep up the good work hunni

  10. You are too a great singer and a pianist! Did you make that up yourself? It's really nice to listen to. And you've come so far, you were adorable but now you're also a hottie :P

    And 9 days? Maybe a Final Countdown cover would be apropriate ;P

  11. Oohh I can notice an amazing difference.
    Also your voice is absolutely beautiful!

  12. Your voice is gorgeous! and if you don't mind me saying so are your eyes. Arg you reminded me that I need to get some more exercise done, but I just have to listen to the song one more time.

  13. Beautiful! Gosh, I love you! Thank you for your comments! And you have made such amazing progress. I admire you so much. Good luck! xoxoxo

  14. AHHH! You have such an amazing voice! You should just skip that fancy school of yours and become a famous musician ; D I'm serious, I would buy your album. Your voice....is perfect. I love your accent. Amaing. Seriously amazing. And your piano skills are great! Ugh! You are so modest it's ridiculous! hahaha!
    You have lost so much and I'm sure 5lbs in 9 days is completely doable ; ) Especially for someone as strong as you!
    I feel like I missed the pics though....which causes me immense amounts of sadness : ( Oh well, I'm sure you look beautiful <3
    Stay strong <333

  15. You are absolutely wonderful! Look at how much your face has slimmed down, you're looking amazing.
    I adore your accent!
    And your singing/playing is so so good.
    I was listening to the radio when i was signing in and it was Gaga's version playing, literally as soon as it stopped i pressed play on your clip and it was the same song lol coincidence.. I like your version better ;)

    a good way to tone a stomach.. ok you're gonna have to bear with me on this explination.. get a friend to sit on a lounge/end of the bed/ whatever, while you lie on your back on the floor.. get them to grab your ankles and throw your legs really hard toward the floor... challenge for you it to never let them hit the floor before bringing them back up.. make sure they're thrown at all different angles, it literally works every single muscle in your stomach all in the one exercise :)
    i hope that explination makes sense.

    You can easily lose 9lbs in 5days!!
    Good luck
    and post another video again soooon, i loved it :)


  16. Irish accent, how cute :3
    The first picture is beautiful.
    You look amazing ;P

  17. i want to play the piano! you are so good!
    aaand i want a cute accent! i'm from texas so i have one but its def not cute! jealous!!!

  18. wow, u must know how talented u are already? and i havnt seen the after pic either, please put in ur next post??and iv gotta say, the irish accent is one of the sexiest i reckon!!

  19. i thought that was from a magazine, im speechless!

    but thats good right? =)
    i told you everyone would love your singing.. you are soooooo adorable! i love it <3 i can soooo see a diff in your face. gosh, i cant wait to see your entire progress, i am sure it is amazing. :) such good picture, you take. i wish you could photograph me. =) keep up the good work, fupa. you are doing awesome =D

  21. You are the most adorable boy i have ever seen.
    I love your voice!

    It's so sweet!

    & you? lazy? hahahaha. You excercise waaay more than mee. I like never excercise.
    Except when i walk home from school, i take a different route so instead of walking 15 minutes home, it takes about an hour or so.

    We have a treadmill, i should probably use it.
    Like now...
    hm, i am writing you a comment for motivation for you & you have now given me the incentive to go on the treadmill.

    THANKYOU! && I really do think you are gorgeous. (:

    Yasmine. xxxx

  22. WOW,
    If you look like you do in the after pic, and you sing like you did on the before video...
    +your Irish, I may have died and gone to heaven. You are amazing and a kick ass musician/singer. My whole family has this thing for irish guys. To bad I live in America, we would be best friends ever. I'm three fourths irish, but thats not really important. What is important is that you keep singing. You are so thinmazing. I love you.
    How's it going with that guy, the jock right, that you like?

  23. Wow. I want to touch your hair. It looks gorgeous!
    You look like two totally different people. 31lbs! That is so inspirational, you must be so proud :)

    Keep it up, lol. Also, you can do 9lbs in five days if you really try. x

  24. You look great! Theres a huge difference! Keep up the great work :) xo

  25. i have tears in my eyes because of your clip.
    nope ... it wasnt that bad, really. it was beautiful!!!!

    i want to have your voice on my ipod ...
    XD is there a way i can get it?


  26. You look fricking awesome in that picture, you've come so far and look so different! Well done. Though tbh I think you look alright as old you as well lol
    And your singing and piano playing is awesome, and that's a really great version of that song. Not as catchy either which is good because whenever I see your username it gets in my head for ever =[ xx

  27. omg!
    i love your singing!!!
    and omg! you look so good now like omg youve lost so much weight!!
    your my new favorite thinspo <33333

  28. You are hot! You can seriously be guy thinspo now and you are an amazing sing. I can see collar bone =o. Dude I am so proud, you are a great inspiration and just adorable. lol the taller prettier one put it perfectly. You are painfully adorable and your accent ugh, everyone would be dying to e with you in america lol.

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