Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fast Diary

I'm going to go on a fast. I've never, ever completed one before. I'm not sure why. I'm getting loads of compliments saying how strong I am, so I want to put that to the test. I'm going to use this post as a diary of my first attempt at a fast. I've read blogs where people report if they managed to stick to their fast or not, but I've never read one of a fast in action. So hopefully this will help someone.

Starting right now at 2am, I'm not going to eat a thing until 2am tomorrow. Every time I get tempted to eat I'm going to come on here and write out exactly my thoughts, my reasoning, and ask myself some questions.

1. Why do I want to eat this?
2. Do I NEED to eat this?
3. Is eating this worth being fat?

Then I'm going to look at some thinspo. Would the person in that photo eat this? Is that person stronger than me? Am I really that weak that a chocolate bar can beat me?

It's time to be tough on myself. My body seems to lose weight easily enough so I should make use of that and push myself. 16 days to go. Feel free to leave comments! I'll be updating this all day hopefully so I'll keep refreshing it and you can be part of my thinspiration.

Whilst we're here, check out Brooke. She's a new blogger and we all remember what it was like to think that no one's listening to you. She seems super sweet so give her some support if you can. Also, if you're not already following xmarinesxperfectxprincessx do so. She's been brave enough to post pictures which I really admire, and she's looking good already :) (I can't comment on your blog btw Marines, I've no idea why)

Right, fasting begins then! If anyone's got any tips or success stories let me know! I've already got hiding food down, as I'll be able to get away with "eating" in my room all day, right beside a handy bin. Hope everyone's having successful days. Thinking thin, strong and positive. xx

EDIT 1: 3 hours in and I'm going well haha. No food yet. Off to bed now, and I have to be awake in four hours. After that we are either off to play badminton (yay, fun exercise!) for an hour or so OR i'm going back to bed. Whatever happens, it shouldn't involve food. I'm optimistic. Night all. xx

EDIT 2: Been up since 9am cos people were getting up for work. It's 2pm now. Lunch time, in other words. I managed to avoid breakfast by being really busy but I'm starting to get hungry now. Going through my mind how a few spoonfuls of yogurt wouldn't help, but then I thought that a few spoonfuls every so often is what's making that Results Day outfit too tight. So I'm not going to eat :) 14 hours of fast completed so far.

EDIT 3: Just went into town with my aunt. We went into a newsagents shop which had two walls full of sweets and chocolate. I stared at them for so long. My favourite food was sitting there in a little box, all wrapped up looking amazing. But I avoided it. Looked at it and thought "I'm stronger than this" and walked out. Came back home and mum immediately offered me food. I told her I had an apple for breakfast this morning and had a pastry in town with my aunt. She believed it. 16 hours of fast completed. :)

EDIT 4: It's almost 5pm and I'm getting restless. That period where you're kinda lost for something to do so you immediately turn to food. I'm going to get a book and put the tv on so I'm occupied and don't get tempted to eat :) I saw a really pretty new pen in town today, and I'm going to buy it for myself if I succeed today. Yay for incentives ^_^

EDIT 5: I'm so fucking hungry now... not used to denying myself food like this. Already fantasising about what I'm going to eat at 2am. Haha. (Low cal chocolate mousse btw... keepin it healthy)

EDIT 6: 12:30... 1 and a half hours to go, and I don't even WANT to eat now... I'm just past it.


  1. Good Luck! personally, I've never made it through a fast day without breaking down and eating.. And thanks thanks THANKS I've gotten so many followers since you posted my name on your blog! Off to check out Brooke's blog now...

  2. I know you can do this - if you have enought will power to leave a whole plate of food after only taking 5bites, you can fast with ease, i am sure of it.
    Tip; might wanna freeze some ice cubs, or have some sugarfree gum on hand; sometimes you just need the chewing sensation rather then actual food, its all about tricking your mind.

    Good luck!

  3. I love how you spread the love and point out other people's blogs. It's sweet.

  4. Hey :) good luck, i know you can do it! yeah sugar free gum helps you not eat plus when people offer you food you say you're chewing gum and don't like the taste of food mixed with the mint.

  5. Oh Im so gonna copy your strategy.
    Im always saying that I'll write, instead of stuffing my mouth, but I don't do it.
    But I'll try with the questions.
    Hope you don't mind.

  6. thanks so much for the encouragement! it really helped :) good luck on your fast, are you just drinking water? if not, i know putting lemon juice and real maple syrup in water helps me get through a fast. the syrup helps you function and not turn into a zombie because your brain needs the sugar. it tastes pretty good too!

  7. heya,omg when did you get back from holiday and how was it?goodluck on your fast.
    i've never really competed one before.
    you can do it.i like how you're updating every single thought that goes through your head and not just a summary of the day :)

    i also really love how you mention people in you blog, do you think you could maybe mention me?
    i've been here for like a month but i still fell like only a few people are listening.
    thanx :P xxxxxx

  8. yeah he's a hottie :P & music is a good way to keep yourself occupied when craving.goodluck on your fast. you're already halfway, just a few more hours and you'll have completed it.
    i beilive you can do it.
    think of how good it'll feel blogging to all your followers at 2am that you finished your fast and all the 'welldones' you'll get. :P

    it seems like you had a good holiday, and you maitained your weight. congrats!!
    i read your post on the 15bites diet, it sounds intense but do-able lol :S
    i will try it after abc, i am hoping to get to atleast day 10.
    goodluck & staystrong!!! xx

  9. i think you got a good mindset going! :)
    alas, i am in the states and you're prolly already done with your fast because of the time zones. LOL. I HOPE YOU DID AWESOME.
    and you were totally in the right about being arrogant saying those pictures were for you, because they were. everytime im doing a thinspo post im like OH YEAH pokerface needs boys. :) anywhoooo. i loved that "cheer the fuck up already" LOL. i am. i have snapped out of it. i am back hooray hooray! i hope your fast went well.. oh and i wanted to tell you, that the reason why you never hear of fasts "in action" is because you are not supposed to tell a lot of people that you are doing a fast. they say you have a higher chance of failure. why? i dont know. but you seem to be doing just fine! go you!

  10. Yay! Sounds like your fast went by quite well. :) I enjoyed hearing about it, and you definately ARE strong. Keep it up!

    I put up new pictures on my blog... even tho i think i look fat in them. Haha. But i won't look fat for long! :)

  11. hey ,,
    im fasting too.

    what works:

    1. chewing gum.
    2. keeping busy.
    3. walking.
    4. wearing tight clothes to constantly remind you of your goal.
    5. (my favorite) wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you feel like eating. It hurts, so don't do it unless you're a little S&M, heavy on the M, like me.

  12. You can do it! : D
    I find if whenever I want to eat, I drink a cup of water as fast as I possibly can. It makes me feel full and too sick to even think about wanting to eat.

    Just don't stand up too fast. : )

  13. omg, i'm sorry!
    thats great! i havent eaten yet today either :D xx L

  14. the longest i've ever done a water-only fast is 2 days, and i wouldn't recomend doing a liquids only fast for more than like a month i guess.. but ive never made it past 6 days..
    but one day i shall!!!
    eee im so ready to celebrate the 155 omgggg

  15. Sounds like you're doing awesome!! Keep it up

    I like to start my fast in the afternoon or evening. Its easier for me to sleep through part of it :) The longest fast i've ever done was 5 days and it was amazing.

    "the food will always be there" is what i tell myself when I'm fasting. I'm fasting today as well :) started at 10:00am. By the time I get off work i'll be 12 hours in. and then i'll go to sleep and wake up and it will be nearly 24 hours :)

  16. I hope you are doing well with your fast!
    You can totally do it!!
    Drink a ton of water whenever you feel you're hungry!!
    You CAN DO THIS!!!! :3

    I found your blog a while back, and you are soo strong! Keep this up!

  17. You're doing in :D!!
    You're almost there!!