Saturday, 1 August 2009


... I have a day to myself! It feels so good not to have anything to plan or go to or be ready for. Today I'm going to relax and treat myself ^_^ not with food obviously, I'm feeling much too good for that. It's the 1st of August, the 1st official day of my 15lb weight loss goal. 15lbs, 20 days, 15 bites per day. I might write out those numbers on my hand to keep myself focused...


Sounds like measurements...

I'm not sure what measurements I'd like to have. I've never ever been happy with my weight, but I've never been self aware enough to do anything about it, until now. Inches don't really mean anything to me because I don't know what say... a 25 inch waist or whatever would look like. So I'm just going by clothing sizes. I bought part of my Results Day outfit yesterday. It's simple, and something that would have looked completely awful on Fat Me 23lbs ago. A navy tshirt in a really thin, light material that is meant to glide off your skin and sit loosely on your frame, flattering a skinny shape. I've got a cardigan in a similar material too. I tried them both on and they feel so comfortable and light, perfect for when I'm all stressed out waiting for the results that day. I bought them a size too small, and I'm determined to fit into them by the 20th. I'm going to hang them out on the handles of my wardrobe so I can see them all day, and remember that I NEED to lose weight to fit into them properly, and to look as good in them as I can.

So the clothes are clearly some positive motivation. Now for some slightly less admirable motivation. I've recently been fighting with a friend. He feels so superior to me, it's really obvious. He thinks he's so much better looking than me (he's seriously SO vain... he won't even smile in photos in case it makes his face look fat), if we're in the street and someone looks over he immediately starts talking about how the person was looking at HIM, it never crosses his mind that they could have been looking at me. I want to change that. I want them to look at me. I want HIM to look at me, and I want to know that I'm too good for him. I feel that, on the inside, I am too good for him (he's rude, arrogant, etc...) but that's not what matters to him. He's superficial and judgmental, so for now I'm going to play on that. I think we're about the same weight now, but it sits much worse on him. He has a beer belly, cos he drinks SO much, whereas alcohol doesn't really show on me (remember the lb I lost despite the vodka shooters... lol) and really short legs, so they look stocky cos of his weight. And fat arms, and bad skin. The only reason he and other people find him attractive is because he spends ages on his appearance. He wears foundation, for fuck sake, and will happily make the entire group of friends late because he wants to straighten his hair to perfection.

So yeah, I hope that doesn't sound nasty. He's been a complete cunt to me recently (he owes me $600... cos I've been kind to him when he was in financial trouble but now he claims to not be able to pay it back yet, YET he's going to buy an apple macbook laptop at $1200 next week...) so I feel justified in having a rant about him. Does anyone have anyone to shout about? Write me a comment about it so I don't feel like I'm the only one that needs to be a bit nasty... haha

Hmm, I have hunger pangs. They don't feel bad. It reminds me of what I'm aiming for.

One last thought. Everyone have a go at this quiz, it tells you what weight you should be, through questions about your lifestyle. Is your result close to your current weight, or maybe your goal weight? I'd love to see everyone's results :]

We shall see :) hope everyone's having successful days! I'm off for breakfast then some blog commenting. Thinking positive xx


  1. Ohh that friend sounds so annoying. I have the same problems with my two best friends, we kind of come as a 'package' and either I'm the ugly friend, or they've made it seem that way, because whenever a guy looks in our general direction one of the two of them is always like "OMG he was totally staring at me." And they'll always say like who gets "dibs" on what guy, and guess who's never given any guys. Me because they think I don't have a chance. Ughh and then my one friend ALWAYS thinks guys are cat calling her when they're NOT.

    Ughhh sometimes friends can be a real pain in the ass. But I'm absolutely sure you will make your goal. Good luck. : )

  2. Also I took this quiz and it says I should weight 125 lbs. lololololol I wish.

  3. Bahahaha! Sweetie, you brightened my morning! I was feeling very down when I went to bed last night. Wanted to say thank you))))

    I actually have two close family members to rant about: my mum because she's constantly trying to feed me (thanks goodness I have only 3 weeks before I'm back on campus)AND she's an inch taller than me and rail thin. So. Damn. Annoying. Also my twin sister, who refuses to eat more than me and she's always been the skinny one (and the pretty one for that matter). But I haven't seen her in 7 months - we went to different universities, so I hope to make her soooo jealous))) in a good way of course ;)

  4. Your friend sounds like a wanker. ;)
    I think you should tell him that too.
    & for him to pay you back that money.

    I'm going to go do the quiz.
    Have fun relaxing.

    Yasmine. xx

  5. I like the idea of hanging out those thinspiration clothes so you can see them all day. I'm going to have to try that. I have thinspo clothes, they're just stuffed in the back of my closet and i forget about them. Excellent idea.

    Don't feel bad about the rant. People are just annoying... People in general. Arg. Especially my ex. He keeps calling me and won't accept that we're over (after an entire year of being separated because he cheated on me), and then he has the nerve to crack a "joke" and say "You're not fat; you're just big boned." Harharhar. Yeah that's a way to get me back. I wanna go cry now...

    According to the quiz, i should weigh 110, which is my first goal weight (and almost exactly what i weighed a couple of years ago.) Aaaah! I wanna weigh that now! Lol.

  6. Haha that thing said I should weigh 140... so thank fuck it's wrong!! (Scuse my french)
    I've got some jeans that are like my thinspiration clothes - they do fit me as they are, but I don't feel comfortable wearing them, but when I'm thinner I will.
    Ranting is healthy every so often, I'm like a mega bitch most of the time so I should know. But to make you feel better, I frequently get pissed off at my best friend for like, taking me for granted all the time and getting annoyed when I don't want to do what she wants.
    Totally lost my train of thought now lol

  7. Yes! Thank you, I need a rant. My knock-out, beach babe, life guard, life of the party sister is just the center of everything. Whenever I am around her I must listen to her "enthralling" stories about guys that would give her anything, about waiters who bring her free food, about how all three of her current boyfriends have such hot bods(I wish people would just say bodies, bods just sounds dumb, it reminds me of inflatables for some reason, weird, yeah). And me? Well my name is April's Sister. This is what happens whenever I meet someone new "Hey aren't you April's sister?" "Your sister's hot. Do you think you could hook me up?" I must admit my sister is eye catching. She has super nice legs and when she walks I swear her hips go a foot in either direction. She wears nice, up with the trends clothing and spends three hours in front of the mirror getting her makeup just perfect and I must admit it looks good. Me, I'm like 5'11" with a totally out of it aura. I just don't show up around my sister, but sometimes I feel like the beautiful one. My sister eats like a pig and what she eats is a load of crap. I can't help noticing that she has love handles. I don't wear makeup, but honestly I don't have to to look good. April must always be made up perfectly. And for what it is worth I treat people a lot better than she does even if they like her more. These things aren't very nice it is just that I've been stuck in her shadow for so long and I am ready to come out now.

  8. Woah the quiz said I should weigh 165 o.o Thats hilarious lol.

    I think good for you, you need someone like that to keep you motivated and show off. He's going to be in for a surprise when you start looking hot while he is looking ridiculous. Keep it up! I can't wait for you to reach your goal. I have no one to really rant about, just some friends I want to stay skinner than :P

  9. Apparently I need to weigh 140lbs. Geez I was fat at 111 just because of my body type. Hell I still feel fat at somewhere a little above 100. My last doctor visit said I was 105, but that was at the beginning of the summer and I know that I have lost weight since then because 1.All my clothes fit differently 2.I have gone super crazy with fasting and exercise 3. My grandmother will not look at me.
    Looking for signs is a pain in the ass. Could someone FedEx me a scale?jk Anyway I need to shut up. Wait one more thing! I just know you will look amazing in your result's day outfit. People will look at you, drop their jaws, and think 'W-O-W he looks so freakin' good'... and if they don't they probably had labotamies and can't think properly anymore.

  10. I don't know where 5'11" came from I totally meant 5' almost 1" seriously I frustrate myself

  11. I got 136... which is my current weight exactly, plus or minus 1. :/

    I totally get the friend thing... People like that I couldn't stay friends with for long. But if he owes you money, you can't really go about leaving.. Lameeee.

    Good luck with that... And glad you're totally inspired with the clothes and 15-20-15. :)

  12. I got 125! hahaha! I wish ; P
    You know I have someone to rant about! L! She's still giving me problems too : ( That guy sounds terrible! But I have a friend like that. She's 10 lbs more than me, but it's all on her stomach from drinking and she always thinks every guy wants her and is always late because she's straightening her hair! I think our friends would get along ; D Haha!
    Don't feel bad for ranting. That guy sounds horrid and gross.
    I want to see your goal outfit! I love cardigans! I bet it's sooo cute ; )
    About brother is super thin. And used to be even thinner. He's 6'3 and 135, although he used to be 125. At 125 his waist was 27 boyfriend is 6'0 and 135 and has a 29 inch those are some thin guy waists I know. Hope that helps maybe...
    Stay strong and have nice relaxing day <3

  13. It said I should weigh 171!!! I've never been above 148 and there is no way in hell I could go to 171 - 12st and 3lbs????? fuck!!! my lowest was 7st 3 about 6 months ago before people freaked out....and that is my goal.

    but well done for your success...and bitchiness is fair if the other person is a bitch anyway

  14. omg it told me i should be 126 and I AM !!

    and mmhmm i have a friend like that be ready at 7 half an hour later we are all stay waiting this is same friend who always ends up paraletic and i have to look after her even thought i know i would never get the same in return

    some friends are just [insert big long rant here]

    could let me know how the 15 bites thing is going i plan on maybe adopting a similar idea


  15. ahhhh it said 150 :(
    that is weird. but i am also in the process of making some lifestyle changes :)

    and no i really dont have anyone to rant about..
    and youre welcome on the pink thinspo for guys! :) i could NOT for the life of me find good pictures of guys and pink! so sorry for the lack of it :( you are doing so awesome,, im so happy to have you back. yayyyy.

    have you been in a bitchy mood as of last night and part of today? because i totally was and i thought i might kill people. LOL it got better after i ran though.. so idk. i feel like im high right now.

  16. You use a lot of pictures from lookbook don't you? I love that site!! Great fashion and amazing thinspo.
    By the way, my blog's now on my ana site:
    It's password protected, so you have to join the site first before you can read them.
    My crush was commenting on my blogs and that's just wayyy too close to home for me. This is the best solution. He couldn't get in if he tried ha ha
    Good luck, dude! <3

  17. Apparently, I should weigh 20 pounds less.

    Your sitch sounds similar to one I was in recently. The first month our rent was due, my roommate didn't have it...So I had to cough up $515 in two days. She paid me back and everything (sort of), but apparently she's buying a laptop this weekend, and talking about buying a CAR soon! I'm like how do you not have $300 for rent one month, and then the next month you're spending $2000?!