Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I survived!

So the dentist was lovely. He couldn't find a thing wrong with my teeth, so the last dentist had me panicking for nothing. After I got over being cross about all the worry he'd put me through, I just cheered up about the fact that I still have all my teeth! *toothy grin* It also made me really glad that I'm no where near being Mia... not gonna damage my teeth because of my issues.

So I haven't done this whole calorie listing thing in a while...

Breakfast: 1 packet of Snackajacks (low fat crisps) : 100 cals
Lunch: Granola bar : 200 cals (shouldn't have had that but it may have helped me avoid a binge)
Dinner: 1 + 1/4 slices of brown bread + lean chicken : 200 cals
Midnight snack: 1 Starburst chew sweet: 20 cals

Total intake: 520 cals
Attitude: pleased. at least a 1000 cal deficit today.

Such bad hunger pangs tonight. I'm taking a positive attitude about it though. Hopefully these mean that I'll be 1lb lighter in the morning. That would make me so happy and give me such a good start to the day. I'm trying not to give in to snacking by looking at xthinforever's latest post of thinspo. It's such a good collection and has been SUCH a help so far. I'm not going to give in. Tomorrow night I'll let myself be weak and take a small snack, but tonight I won't. I wonder if I'm awake long enough, will the hunger pangs just pass? I'll make tonight an experiment.

Comments suggest that you DO want to hear me sing. I shall be posting it tomorrow. Prepare your poor wee ears! :P

So tomorrow I'm feeling like having a 300 cal day. I can't remember if I've anything planned... but everyone's away at work from 10 am so I have plenty of time to exercise if I want. There seem to be plans to get a chinese though, which I won't be able to get out of if it happens. There will definitely be fast food on the days before results day. On the 19th they've planned to take a bus up to this massive club in the city... With more alcohol than Ireland has ever seen before. Gonna have to do some super restricting to make up for that in advance...

I'm starting to see ribs! :D I CANT WAIT. I'm the lowest weight now that I've ever been aware of. Starting to feel that my effort is finally showing results. I've been looking at my before photos and how I look now and I hope there's a good difference. I think there is. I know now what my goal is. I want to lose 30lbs more, so I'm half way there. :) I am however really FUCKING FED UP OF THIS BLOODY PLATEAU. :) Hope you're all having good days. Stay strong, keep focused, think thin. xx


  1. Guess who's back?
    I'm just catching up with your blog and am just so glad to hear that your lovely teeth are safe and that you have been dropping pounds like crazy. Thanks so much for pointing out reverse thinspo to me. It is super helpful. Fuck plateaus. I am on one ahhhhh(say it with me) fuck. Don't you just hate forced fast food outings? It is hard to count calories when you go out to eat too. I am starting a new diet so as to prepare myself for school. I want to look disturbingly gorgeous. I'm only allowed to eat one yogurt (eighty calories each) two if I feel like bingeing and restricted amounts of puffed wheat and rice which are only 70 calories a cup. Sorry I just wanted to lay out my plans.
    Can't wait to hear you sing!

  2. youre such an inspiration! i'm so happy for you!

  3. Haha yay! Teeth are lovely. Yeah, I know what you mean. My teeth are one of the few parts of me that I am ALWAYS happy with. I would never turn to mia to lose weight JUST because I love my teeth too much. LOL

    Anyways, ribs! Gosh, I TOLD you you were starting to be a skinny minny! Keep it up!

    Stay strong,

  4. I'm so happy to hear everything went well hun!
    Stay Strong- can't wait to see you sing, I know its going to be lovely ^_^

    Love your posts btw- you're quite original, and always inspiring!

  5. yay!! I can't wait to hear you. Thats awesome about the dentist and before and after pics would rock =o. I hope you get past your plateau fast ^^

  6. hey im lizzy! i see u comment alot, and i felt like i was missing out, so im now following you!

  7. I love the dentist, agreed, never (rarely) mia for that reason, definitely dont want to lose a beautiful set of teeth.
    Cant wait to hear you tomorrow!
    At your lowest weight ever? Thats a massive accomplishment, im so proud of you :)

  8. Congratulations! Lowest weight, thats incredible (:
    I know what you mean about plateaus, but hopefully itll pass.
    Good Luck x

  9. glad to hear you've got all your teeth. :)
    lowest weight so far? that a huge achievement, be proud of yourself.
    goodluck on losing the rest!
    much love x.x

  10. Yay for teeth! Yay for singing! Yay for booze! Yaaaay!

  11. haha
    all those comments about your teeht. but it's nice to hear you're not anywhere near mia. mia sucks, believe me. I have been there ... not 24/7 but often enough. but my teeht are fine.
    Glad yours are, too.

    of course i wanna hear you sing!

    and your rips ... well, that just makes me jealous. but I'm happy for you!

  12. Aww. You're an inspiration to me too. I love hearing how well your doing. I'm so glad your teeth are good and you have no more dentist worries for a while. I totally can NOT wait to see your video tomorrow! Eeee! Ribs--Ahh my favorite!! :) Stay strong, beautiful boy.

  13. Two things.

    One, I had granola for breakfast yesterday and looked up the calories. SIX HUNDRED! In ONE serving! I was like wtf, I thought it was good for you! I'm sure it is good for you, but it's also now my enemy! You just reminded me of that.

    Two, everytime I see Tom Felton I think about your HP obsession (I'm obsessed too, no worries) and when you said you sing it reminded me that I saw a video of him singing yesterday and it was really cute. So you should watch it. He's coming to Comic Con or one of those things here and I'm debating going just so I can meet him.

  14. I love your blogs.
    They always make me so uplifted and happy. Weee! We are team SugarSnuggleBunnyLumps.. or whatever the hell I made up last night. RainbowCupcakeSprinkleLoves? Idk! Haha. Man, you are going to have SOOOO much fun! I'm like excited for you. This post has definitely changed my attitude completely on what I want to do. I am going to dedicate myself to being skinnyyyyy! <3

  15. Gosh, loving your thinspo for today. And glad to hear the dentist went fine :)

    And you seem to be able to easily avoid those binges, rather have like you did, a small sugary snack to settle the cravings then just run away from the food.

  16. omg ribs yay!!!!!!!
    im starting to see mine too :D
    well, kind of,,,,, when i suck in my tummy and raise my arms lol but ribs nonetheless :DDD