Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pre Results Post

So here's what I'm planning on wearing for results day. I said a few posts ago that I wanted something white when I'm thinner, so this is a first attempt :) tried it on this morning so I could show you all before. I think this will be my last post before then, so I should be updating some time on Friday, once I've recovered from my hangover and managed to find my way home...

I'm bound to have put on weight by the end of the week. Going out shopping tomorrow with a friend who I know will insist on getting Subway for lunch with a take away meal for dinner and ice cream in between if she can manage it... and going out to the cinema the night after... and drinking a considerable amount of calories on Thursday night if all goes to plan. So this week is an official holiday from weight loss :P I've been managing to maintain this weight for a few days so I'm really pleased with that. Still need to lose more though, and I'm afraid of getting complacent. Another 10lbs should do for now. I'll see what I'm like at that weight and then decide.

Once I get my results I'm starting into the exercise plan I've set out. Running, aerobics, weights. I was seriously into it in June and the weight dropped off so quickly, so I'm excited about starting that again. I've also got my eyes on a new diet which Victoria pointed out to me. It sounds fantastic (and it's working for her) so I'll be shopping for that soon. Thank you! She's new and super sweet btw, so you should check her out and support if you've time :)

Buy a Wii. Buy Wii Sport. Box. I never realised how great a work out boxing is. On the Wii it doesn't let you stop until you've knocked the other person out, so you can't go easy on yourself and take a rest, as you have an active opponent trying to knock you out at the same time. When your opponent is your skinny little sister who has an apparently endless source of energy and is actually giggling at your struggles, there's a hell of a lot of motivation to keep going...

EXAM RESULTS ON THURSDAY. I have an offer from Cambridge (for new followers who haven't read back.) If I get AAA I get in. I'm scared, but I think most people are too. Can't wait to know. Thinking about it has actually scared me so much that I've lost the ability to keep writing...

Hope everyone's having good days and keeping healthy. Let me know how you're getting on, as per :) I'll be back soon with news! xx


  1. You look amazing, totally love it! and i'm so excited to hear your results... i'm holding thumbs for you! have a great week and i look forward to reading your next post with results! much love!

  2. Ahh! I love your outfit : D It really comes together so nicely. And I can't believe how thin your legs are getting <3 I'm sure you'll get amazing exam results. I don't really understand this exam system....but you seem really intelligent and a very hard worker, so I'm sure you'll get in
    ; )
    I hope you have a fun time shopping and with results day <333

  3. omg, cambridge! Thats amazing!! im so nervous for results day too, and i wish i could be in britain for it! (i know im norwegian, but i just came back from taking my a-levels in wales :D wish i was there for results party! have fun! :D and you look great! youre gonna stun them all ;) xx L

  4. :) thanks for commenting! wow dot is right.. your legs... that is a whole lot of skinnyness right there! :) maybe you could fully explain your school system to us non-european people some time? cuz it is really confusing to me! sounds awesome that you have like a huge party afterward... have fun but remember to stay safe! :) :) xxx

  5. :) thanks for commenting! wow dot is right.. your legs... that is a whole lot of skinnyness right there! :) maybe you could fully explain your school system to us non-european people some time? cuz it is really confusing to me! sounds awesome that you have like a huge party afterward... have fun but remember to stay safe! :) :) xxx

  6. I really like the outfit : )
    Good luck for your results!!
    and enjoy your weight loss 'holiday'

  7. oohhh u look real skinny!! and u deserve some time off, just try and enjoy it i guess?! without feeling guilty while ur doing it, can u do that??

  8. Good luck for results day!! Oxbridge has some of the highest incidence of EDs... too many people competing and trying to be perfect. There are like NO fat people there either (well, there were 2 in my college at Oxford), so you will fit right in, you look awesome!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to explain that! makes more sense now :) our system is similar except school only starts at age 6 turning 7 and we don't have the added 2 years at the end, from grade 12 we go straight to work or uni.

  10. Oh and french and german? Yay! lovely languages :)

  11. Thnx so much for your comment on my last post & I'm really sorry to hear that you lost a brother; that must have been painful.
    I hope that you enjoy your week off without feeling guilty. You will get the 3 A's that you worked so hard for...
    & the outfit you picked is awesome, all the people who haven't seen you for awhile are going to be blown away & jealous! You're so hott!

  12. Woah, you're totally gorgeous, dude. I love the outfit too, and the bag! haha. Best of luck and be sure to let us know how it goes!

  13. you're cute *giggle*
    aw i think you look super sexy!
    you deserve a few days off, have fun!

    & i know you will get the AAAs.
    goodluck hunni!!!!!! xxxxx

  14. Hay! Thanks for commenting back!

    Ugh I know, the worst part is that this friend used to be anorexic so she'd be more aware than most if I made excuses, so it's even harder to restrict around her =/ I'm hoping I'll be able to behave myself before and after the weekend to make up for it thought >.<

    Haha it's so weird, I don't like fish or seafood either, but I looove sushi. Which is kind of backwards, actually. Haha I can't help it though. I think it's because I'm addicted to sticky rice =/ SO not good for restriction!

    I know right, almost everyone is American so it's nice to see someone else here in the UK. And someone who can understand when I bitch about the weather in every other blog post haha. xx

  15. LOOK AT YOU!! My gosh, you look just amazing. Your tiny tiny legs!!
    You have fantastic style, you're going to blow everyone away with how amazing you look, have fun! Im sure you'll get into Cambridge, wishing you luck though,

  16. Hey again! I'm at work so I can't get on MSN proper right now but I've sent you an email from my account so you've got mine too x

  17. Cambridge? Oh,that's so cool. You'll totally get it.

  18. you'll get in, easy I bet :)
    I'm following.

  19. You have nothing to fear from wearing white! :)

    Haha, your sis sounds like mine. I have a long-term goal to fit into my little sisters clothes, and since she's around all the time, I am always telling myself how I need to be as thin as her. Family is good weight-loss motivation. :D

    Good luck with your results! Eating all that stuff is going to be tough, but coming back won't be too hard after all, it's just a week. Can't wait to see some more pics, you can even see a difference between you here and your first pic (the non-blurry one)!

    Cambridge would be lucky to have you, you'll be amazing!!

  20. You look so handsome, and i love the outfit.It's polished, but in a casual way.

    Have a good time on your day off, and don't event think about weight loss, just enjoy yourself. You've worked so hard that you deserve a little holiday.

    Can't wait to hear your results!

  21. That outfit looks great on you! Good luck on Thursday!!

  22. awww i love your outfit you look so good and you can totally see that you've lost weight!!
    i totally hope you get AAA and accepted aahhh that would be so awesome good luck!!

  23. You're so precious!

    Wii boxing will take it out of you. I was sore for two days after I did it! I want a Wii so bad.

    I laughed at the part about your sister. Oh, little kids...

    Your results will be great! No worries! Just keep swimming!

  24. You look awesomely thin! I had a hardcore Wii night a couple weeks ago, woke up the next morning with a sore elbow and knee. Aparently in ER's their are all new types of injuries due to the Wii.

  25. o.o
    i found my new second favorite website lol thank you so much!!!!

  26. Oh my gosh! Cambridge! You'll get it, i'm sure :)
    Aaah you look so skinny. They'll see you and be like 'Yum, who's he!?' haha.

    Good luck! x

  27. Hey-- thank you for your comment quite a while ago :) I had a bit of an, er, episode, but I'm back now and restricting quasi-successfully.

    I love your outfit-- you earned your white, so to speak :)

    And good luck with your results!

  28. i did english, history n maths :P of course im hoping for As, but since english isnt my first language i think that would be really hard.. i think ive gotten mostly Bs.. I have one more year of school in norway before uni, and im aiming for pure As here! :D where in wales do u have family? :D
    xx L

  29. Lol, you are too cute. <3
    I think your results will come out fine and you will get an AAAA and you will get your laptop, and you will have ice cream, and get wastey faced, and cinema and wooo! Yay for vacation from weightloss. It will be magical. Sorry I haven't posted lately, I can't seem to get my shit together AND I am not caught up on everyones blogs and I can't post unless I've done that :B Herrr. MAKE SURE YOU TELL ME HOW IT GOES. ASAP.

  30. you have good legs the look great in those jeans :)
    sorry if thats creepy lol legs just happen to be the thing i notice first on everybody

    dont worry about drink calories just make sure your the idiot that doesnt stop dancing madly and jumping around burn it all off :)


  31. You look amazing, also you have way better style than I could ever wish to have. Hahaha.
    And that's sooo exciting about Cambridge! I hope you get in. : )

  32. Can I just say that I'm totally in love with how supportive and encouraging you are on other people's blogs! I'm following your blog because I've seen how great you are to those you follow. I want to be that supportive for you and everyone else! Thanks for setting a positive example!

  33. Im thinking of you today,
    Good luck for your results.

    plus I hope you get millions of 'ohmygodyouresothin' comments -I'm sure you will!


  34. I am so glad you are still posting pictures of yourself! You are drop dead gorgeous. Doesn't it feel good to be thinspo?
    Speaking of thinspo I checked out the reverse thinspiration that you mentioned to me and it is so helpful it is almost ridiculous. Sometimes seeing thin people makes me want to eat even more because I think that I will never be like them, so the whole fat/food thing is more motivating to me.
    I bet you'll totally ace your results like um everything else you do. Have like a freaking amazing time... and did I mention I'm madly in love with you?

  35. Well hi there,

    You'll notice I haven't commented before, but i've been reading your blog for some time and I finally got the courage to post a comment. Best of luck with Cambridge, i'd love to be able to go to a college that's so beautiful.

  36. You're looking amazing. I totally made no effort as I knew I'd be in tears whatever the outcome. I was right, obviously.
    Pllleeaasee say you got in!!! xx