Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ribs? Not yet...

I'm getting a macbook today ^_^ and I have a helium balloon. Life is therefore good. Going up to the city with one parent, an uncle and an aunt (but hopefuilly sneaking away with a friend asap.)My iPod is being fully charged to make that journey more bearable...

They're doing this deal at the moment where you get 13% off if you have a confirmed place at uni, so I'm getting like a £100 discount =D plus you get an iPod touch for £20 through the same deal. YAY I just sounded like an advert.

Thanks everyone for the tips on the letter. I addressed it to Ms. ----- and my step mum helped me write out a formal cover letter so it looks really good. Slowly starting to get used to the whole "formal" thing... though I have to order a gown soon, and that's gonna be a bit far I think. Gown as in Harry Potter style robes...

I said I'd post a "ribs" photo when I got to 100 followers, so there it is. Soo need to work on my tummy, aaa! But there's the starting point :) it's really reminding me of how many sit ups I need to be doing... and blame xthinforever for the jigsaw pieces. It was her fault :)

Let me know how you're all doing, and let me know if you're doing a ribs photo too. I wanna see who else is being brave :P. Thinking thin (and MAC! =D ) xx

One last thing... tell me what song you're listening to right now, or start up itunes and pick one to recommend. I want new music, and I want to know if my followers have good taste... ^_^


  1. Hmmm, I'm loving an oldie but a goodie. Smashing Pumpkins "Bullet With Butterfly Wings". Keeps me in mind of the anger/frustration/desire for change that make me so focused right now. So many things to change...body, career, living space...

  2. Well I'm at work so listening to nothing right now, but I just turned on my iPod to see what was the LAST song I listened to on my way in this morning and it is:

    AFI - This Time Imperfect (Live)

    <3 I love that sonnnng

    Loving the pic, you have ribs starting to stick out yay! The puzzle pieces are great, and arsty too =]

    I'm glad you're feeling better... and am kinda jealous of your Macbook. I was going to get one but it was ridiculously more expensive for the same specs, and I couldn't afford any more.

    Those white macbooks are SO SEXY THOUGH!

  3. I thought that was a thinspo before you stated otherwise. Nuff said babes :P
    Also, the robes are awesome. You have to wear them to like... the formal dinners and stuff don't you? So cool. When does your term start?

  4. Young Folks- Peter Bjorn and John or the Ice Is Getting Thinner/Title and registration-Death Cab for Cutie. I suppose if you're into that kind of music :)

    Oh by the way you can now follow me. And oh my the Macbooks-argh all I can say is I envy you boy.

  5. Haha. I love how life is good because you have a helium balloon. That totally made me laugh.

    Those are some seriously amazing deals. I want the iPod touch! And i'm also jealous of your Macbook. I could certainly use a laptop, but as it happens, i'm sort of penniless... well, not really, but i'm trying to save up for a car, so i refuse to spend money on ANYTHING.

    Omg that picture is you?! I thought it was a thinspo! You look fantastic. I can see a bit of rib showing! Eieieiei you're so close! (Loving the jigsaw puzzle effect too.)

    Maybe i'll have to post a ribs photo... Maybe... Do you think i should?

    I'm listening to "Either Way, I'll Break Your Heart Someday" by Augustana. They're a beautiful band if you like soft rock.

  6. @cassirice: Title and Registration is one of my favourite songs evarrrr ^.^

  7. i bought my macbook! just the other week! and this is the first time its been connected to the internet and i made a beeline for your blog.
    all i can i say (but actually, i have a LOT to say) is WELL DONE.

    You make me feel good about life and I want to thank you for that. Your posts are inspirational and I just want to let you know that you will always have my support and I know that I can speak on behalf of all your followers and say that we will ALL be here for you. always.

    ps. for music( there is actually sooo much i can list)
    recently playes/most played
    skinny love - bon iver
    a shot to the stars - whitley (incredibly hard to find in stores - so youtube it first)
    forever song - josh pyke (he's beautiful)
    hearts a mess - gotye

    musical loves:
    anything by grizzly bear, phoenix, crystal castles,bright eyes, sufjan stevens, the strokes or explosions in the sky, seabear, rhcp,animal collective, fleetfoxes, wannadies, shins

    those are things that i listen to heaps but id like to say my taste in music is eclectic as lately i've been listening to heaps of australian hiphop

    and i'll tell you a secret? i downloaded the music from pokemon yellow (as in the gameboy game) and i am officially inlove.

  8. I want a Mac -.-
    No fair.

    I totally thought that pic was thinspo!
    well done, dear. They're showing!! :)

    currently listening to Creep by Radiohead.
    Loveeeee them.

  9. yay for macs!!! i love my mac book I've had it for 3 years now. Its great. I might be brave and post a rib photo.. thanks for your blog :)

  10. I'm actually listening to the soundtrack from Disney's Hercules. Right now it's I Won't Say (I'm in Love), I want to watch the movie soon again :)

    Love the rib photo, and the jigsaw puzzles were a brilliant idea. And I was thinking about just screwing myself over by baking :O you're thinspo stuff.

  11. No ribs for a while, but I'm starting to see hip!

    My favorite band is Nickel Creek. I think you would like them.

  12. Ha! I tried taking a picture of myself lying down but it ended up just looking like a mess of pale white hills; up from the bottom ribs, down to the caving stomach, back up to the hips.. I just looked distorted!

    I'll have to work on that picture, maybe lying down was not the best pose possible ;P You're looking good though! I absolutely love that picture, the puzzle pieces add a distinct touch

  13. Hooray for Macbooks & iPods :) < I wish I had a Macbook, but they're so expensive.

    Why do you need to buy a gown for though?

    I'm good, I'm back. Haha, screw coming back on September. I go on to my account too much.

    & I'm listening to Hawaii by Meiko. Jeremy Fowler is good too.

    & Congrats on getting into Cambridge :D

  14. aha and that 100th follower was me i believe :D
    I like the picture, nice tones and composition (and body of course :P)

    macs are awesome... i love mine so much! you won't regret getting one...

    aaand... current song is Florence + The Machine.. Rabbit Heart... the hype is worth it... love the whole album...

    other all time favourites are: Patrick Wolf, The Decemberists, The Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Regina Spektor, Sufjan Stevens and, of course, always and eternally Bob Dylan...

    also since this is my first comment and i haven't said it before, congratulations on getting into Cambridge.... i actually live in Cambridge (i'm not at Cambridge uni... i was at Oxford once upon a time, but that didn't exactly work out... long story...) and i really love this city... so i'm sure you'll love it here...

    anyway reaally long comment so yeah... take care ok :)

  15. a rib picture sounds like a good idea i might do one at the end of the week


  16. I will do a ribs photo. I have to get creative.. I ALREADY USED MY GENIUS PUZZLE PIECE IDEA ON YOU GOSH. haha =P Yay for macbook. YAY. Lol, gown. That'll be good. <3

  17. I REALLY love this band called Copeland. Check out their album Beneath The Medicine Tree.

  18. Looking good!! Your progress is amazing. Love the puzzle pieces. Haha nice touch.

    I am listening to Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, no, wait, song just ended I am now listening to Photobooth by Deathcab for Cutie.

    Deathcab is pretty much my favourite band. I went to their concert this summer and it was fantasiticawesomeness.

    Stay strong!

  19. I don't even have enough music on my computer to recommend anything! Awh. But your picture looks AMAZING! You're so very inspiring.

    Also, Harry Potter inspired robes? Fuck yeahhh.

  20. nice tummy. Looks pretty good so far.

    && Souds great about your uivesity!


  21. I just read your post from Sunday, and I have to say, it made me want to cry. We all have bad parts in our life, and it sucks. I feel so bad for you. Sometimes, the pain of hunger numbs the pain we feel in our lives. I hope you're okay.

    You are so thin. I really love this picture.

    I hope you're doing well.

    With love,

    Lola <3

  22. WHOA!! Thats you!?
    You look amazing, and you're the most fantastic photographer
    Freaxxx by Brokencyde
    Kissy Sell Out by Jack Beats


  23. and thanks for the compliments on my pictures too... :)
    hmm to be honest i tend to stay safely locked away in the studio, so not sure if i have a whole lot of pictures of the city (you're right it does feel more like a town...) but i can certainly dig around and see what i've got.. hah i could even go out and take some, my camera is sort of gathering dust so maybe it would be good motivation... :)

    ahh i'm mildly (ridiculously) in love with Patrick Wolf, i've seen him live at the junction (good music venue in cambridge!) it was AMAZING *swoon* and i'm going to see him at the Palladium in November... can't wait!

    anyway will see what i can do about the pictures (i do have a flickr if you're interested, i just don't want to broadcast it on my blog, because all my friends are on it etc)

    eh another long comment sorry! take care :)

  24. Why hello. This is an old post but I like music so I'm commenting anyway.
    I listening to Arcade Fire at the moment.
    I also just got the Florence and the Macchine CD and I love it.
    And you should really get blood by the middle east. It is the most beautiful song ever.
    And The Purple Bottle by Animal Collective.
    There are just some songs I'm obbsessed with at the moment :)

    Also your picture is excellent. I though it was some awesome thinspo picture.