Friday, 21 August 2009


New shirt makes me happy < keepin' it green to retain some national pride after having been accepted to an English uni :P

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post ^_^ I'm still just so so happy about it all. Thinking about how long I've wanted it... working so hard for 4 years and putting so much effort and worry into the interviews and exams... and it paid off! It feels an absolute honour to be part of it and I honestly just feel so much more secure with life now. Cambridge has felt like home ever since I spent time there for the interviews. There is a higher rate of EDs at there than at most other unis too. Everyone pushes themselves to be the best they can in every way. At Cambridge I will be normal, not the guy with 4As and a tendency to skip meals... I can't wait.

I need to take time to reply to your lovely comments. Firstly, someone posted anonymously; if you're worried about starting your own blog I'd encourage you to do it :) you don't have to put a name up and there's no way anyone can identify you if you limit how much personal stuff you post. I don't believe there's any chance anyone I know could find this. But yeah, I appreciate the comment and thank you for reading :) it would be nice to be able to comment and support you in return though!

Thanks for all the congratulations and hugs and the offers to buy me a drink too ;) haha and WELL DONE to Hanz who got AAA and got into her university too =D!

For anyone who asked about the course I'm doing, it starts in the first week of October and I won't post details about the course because that would narrow me down to about 50 people.. haha. It's a fantastic course though. Something I really enjoy and am really looking forward to. Work is a whole lot easier when you're passionate about it.

Cassi is a new blogger who commented for the first time yesterday. She has such a nice writing style and seems super sweet. Cassi, I tried to comment on your blog to tell you that, but it won't let me! The advert at the bottom covers the tab where you put the security word in... if anyone else can work out how to do it, leave a comment on my behalf or let me know haha.

She talked about "finally having the courage to post a comment" on my blog. I hope no one else is hesitating! I love comments and it's the only way to get yourself noticed here :) I want to be able to see how you're all getting on!

To make yesterday even better, I felt thin. First time ever, I think. I got so many compliments and had the word "slim" applied to me. Never before haha. My French teacher said I looked like "a new man" which was great to hear. We got our school hoodies too. 2 months ago I ordered a small size, which I was nowhere near fitting into, but I was determined to get there. It now fits me perfectly :)

So today, I'm still on a high which I can imagine lasting for some time. I've got so much to do (forms, i hate forms) but I'm not stressing out about it! Not yet anyway.. haha. It's my cousins' birthday tonight (a different cousin to the one in previous posts) so I'll be going to that with the whole family. If you're a new reader and read a few posts back you'll understand why tonight will be very interesting... they reacted awfully to my sexuality, but they were full of congratulations about my exam results. We'll see which wins over tonight, prejudice or pride.

Might get a 60 cal yogurt for breakfast to start my metabolism and stop my stomach rumbling through the photographs which are being taken (for the paper, omg D: ) at 1pm, then I'm not eating anything until the party. 500 cals is my limit for today. Can't exercise as there are a lot of people at home at the minute, but I will as soon as I can.

Hope everyone's having a good day! Let me know. Thinking thin :] xx


  1. The paragraph about your hoodie makes me smile so much. : ) I'm so glad that all these good things are coming for you. You've always been the one to say that if you keep working, good things will come in time. Now I believe you fully. : ) You're beautiful and you deserve all the praise and success, smartypants!

  2. Aww its good too know you are so well at the moment :). Hope fully this great mood stay with you for a while. Congradulations on your exam results. xx

  3. That is a gorgeous photo.
    I can almost hear your smile reading this post.. Things are just falling into place..
    And ill bet that your fam wont mention much on your sexuality tonight, it will all be about your results.. Which will pretty much make everything perfect for you! :)
    Its good to hear you happy :)

  4. Haha pokerface is on tv at the moment.
    Anyway, know what you mean about the relief - it's like life is just set and there's direction now instead of this stupid limbo we've been in for 2 months lol. Ah I'm so happy for you. You're gonna come out with like.. a posh irish accent and you'll wear tweed alot. It'll be awesome. Also, PLEASEEE enter the Boatrace! Good work out :P
    If your family have the audacity to dwell on your love of men tonight then they need their heads checked. (Well, they do anyway for being weird about it in the first place but yano)
    P.s happy birthday to your cousin haha

  5. You will absolutely LOVE Cambridge, I promise. It will be hard and sometimes you will question whether it's worth it, but I loved Oxford and would not have changed that for ANYTHING. Yeah, it was tough (and I gained weight in the first year, so much drinking!) and there were times when it was depressing but I was with other people who understood. And who were on the same level. That sounds pretty snobby, but I don't mean it in a bad way. Instead of being "girl who was really clever and geeky", I was average. Well, sub-average really. And I LOVED it.

  6. OMG! Yay for you!! That is sooo Freaking awesome!!! Sexy hott pic + getting into the school of your choice + ACTUALLY feeling thin = AMAZING!! Congrats! You must be so so proud of yourself! =)

  7. You're so adorable in your green shirt!

  8. Omg you are just too cute. Lol. I'm so happy for you. :) Hope the family time goes well. They'd damn well better be proud of you!

  9. oh my goodness, reading your blog MAKES me happy :D

  10. Your hair is awesome. Also loving the shirt and vest.

  11. bahhhhhh you are so disgustingly positive all the time. I LOVE IT. and oh my gosh, you are the cutest irish boy ive seen ever. you take such great photographs also. <3

    and thats great about your family congratulating you.. that would be like the ultimate diss if they didnt. you did super amazing and they all better be fucking proud of you even if they are snarky about your sexuality. jeepers.

    yah, pictures for paper is scary.
    hopefully it turns out good. i hope you didnt blink. LOL. <3 jk.

  12. when i saw that pic i had to go back and look a the video of you singing all i can say is
    incrediable you do look like a different guy

  13. Aw, good luck with dinner tonight! My mom has never officially come out (as bisexual-- I currently have a mom, a dad, and two step-moms) to her family, but they know and it's a constant source of tension.

    Hopefully they can focus on the fact that you a) just got accepted to a university most people couldn't hope to attend and b) are in a ridiculously good mood c) with good reason.

    Good luck!

  14. It's so great to know things are good for you atm, it makes me feel like if I work hard enough I can achieve anything.
    I'm sure your fam will be fine, they'll be too busy congratulating your Cambridge news!
    I hope you have a fantastic time at Cambridge, I really do. And I'm positive that you will!
    It feels like I'VE been accepted, because I'm so happy for you
    You deserve it

  15. Hey, I'm very sorry if my blog was offensive to you. People are all different, and we all don't agree about everything... I wasn't trying to be mean or anything, or to put you down in any way. And I definitely wasn't trying to say I won't be friends with people who are gay. I'm so sorry if you took it that way. I think you're a very nice person, and I will continue reading your blog. I wish you all the best in the future.