Thursday, 27 August 2009

Weight Loss Buddy

I've got someone close supporting me now. Shan't say who, but it's gonna be so much easier now. We're starting from tomorrow, cutting out all snacks and exercising. Can't wait =D

I've been eating way too much recently, but I've had a great time with it. There were so many parties that just couldn't be ignored and I have put on 2lbs because of it. That's just given me a short term goal to sort out. I'm not getting down about it, I'm just getting focused.

I saw the photos from results day in the paper this morning. The photographer is SO untalented, it's unreal. He took all the photos from an angle below everyone's face, so it's like CHINCHINCHIN city. I'm glad I only have one of them now, but still... really. I know the photos look a lot better than they would have done last year, and I can see progress but I can also see a fair bit to go yet. I'll get there though. For sure.

This MacBook is divine, by the way.

I'm so fucking tired these days. A few times I've just been eating to have the energy to move... More sleep is in order. Trying not to go down the line of caffeine instead of the hours in bed. Very tempting though. Getting into uni is stressful. I've a DoS to email, a payment schedule to send, a bank account to set up... argh, stress! If this is what adult life is like...

Anyway, enough of that haha. Leave me a comment please, I love reading them :) especially if they're long and rambly. Those are the best ones. Slag me off, tell me I've been lazy, support me, encourage me, or post something totally unrelated. If you haven't before, don't be shy! I'm really... very lovely.


Have lovely productive days everyone :] this bambino's off to sleep. xx


  1. 2lbs is easily taken care of hun! You can get rid of those easily. And you're right, its best not to get down about it. I hope you get a lovely sleep :) It sounds like you'll need it in order to get all that stuff done before school starts again. Adult life..yeah its pretty much busy, but you can still have fun if you look for it. I'm glad you posted today :) I needed to read an uplifting motivational type post :)


  2. Hahaha I understand. And I DO feel special! So now I'll just say that it's great that you have a weight loss buddy. I'm sure you'll BOTH do fantastic. : )

  3. Two pounds is going to go away so soon!! Especially with a friend to help you, you are going to be so encouraged and I bet you get thinner twice as quickly!

    That photographer sounds like he really really needs to go back to photos 101 or something. How ridiculous that he couldn't get the angle right--that's one of the easiest parts! The lighting and everything else has such a greater affect, but the right angle pulls it together in such a simple way, I don't see how he could possibly have done that! Not that I don't believe you, I do, but I am always surprised at how not-smart people can get.

    Post about all your progress, and Cambridge, and your friend, I'm so curious!!! :)

  4. Two pounds? No sweat. That'll just drop off of you in a day with the strength i know you have. I'm really happy (and quite jealous) that you have someone to support you. You're right it will be so very much easier now.

    At least you didn't have a double chin for those chinny-chin-chin results day photos! Lol.

    Caffeine. <3 It's my addiction. I'd die without my diet Mountain Dew and sugarfree Red Bulls and black coffee. I get horrid headaches on days when i don't have any though. I think it's worse than a drug, so you're doing the best thing to stay away from it, even though i do love it so much.

    Eeeep! Adult life. Scary, right? I'm trying to transition into it right now. Blah. It's just so intense; i wanna go back to being a 5-year-old cutie playing with her dollies.

    Oh and i totally took your idea and posted rib pictures. (Even though my ribs aren't as awesome as yours). Check them out and let me know what you think.

    Don't be lonely!

  5. Hey doll face!

    Firstly I think you are terribly handsome. Lovely pictures. Sometimes it takes me a while to distinguish which ones are you and which ones are your "thinspo"! NOT kidding.

    I'm not sure if you ever follow my blog at all, but if you do I must apologise for always referring to my readers as ladies. And I must also apologise because I will continue to do so. Can't help it. It's a kinmanship kind of thing. But doesn't mean I don't love and appreciate you too. If you don't follow my blog, all the better for you!

    To Ana's Girl above, it KILLS me that we don't have diet mountain dew in Australia. Mountain dew is my all time favourite thing ever and I can't touch it because it's laden with sugar. I've scoured American online food stores and things for it but it is nowhere to be found. I feel the same about low fat cool whip. Crushes me.

    In other news I am big fat cow and yesterday I made granola to "test" my ability to portion control and FAILED. I ended up giving most of it away to a hefty young man I know who I am pretty sure wants to be my boyfriend. Trouble is I don't want to be his girlfriend. I love him dearly, but he is my brother's doppelganger and that is how I think of him: as a brother. Sigh, I hope he doesn't realise I'm manipulating his affections in order to dispose of evil granola...

    Rambly enough? Because I can easily continue.

    When I woke up this morning to check my comments on last night's post, I didn't have a single one. That hasn't happened in a while. Terribly sad. I'll admit it was a fairly craptacular post, but still. All the love is fading in the world and I am getting fatter.

    Pasco x

  6. Hahaha pasco. Nice rambly comment =] and at least you usually have comments on your posts. I'm one of those ones who follows everyone, but no one follows me. And i'm sure that makes me feel more sad than your commentless post. But i do agree with pasco that i have to think about which pictures are you and which are your thinspo.
    I have also failed with my self control and i have put on more than you pokerface. I win with a four pound weight gain in 1 week. and i have maintained that weight for another week.
    And having a weight loss buddy will make things so much easier trust me. Even if they aren't loosing weight with you, someone to support what you're doing is always helpful and motivational. I know you had will power before, but now with a friend, you're about too kick some ass =]

  7. Ack! I have not been around and am really sorry about that. I'm so glad about your new buddy. Do I even need to bother saying friends rock? I am all "fluttery" indside (for lack of a better word). I have gym with an old friend of mine who I have barely been able to talk to for the last four years due to some really stupid shit and no small amount of pot. I mean this girl was like the closest living thing to me from kindegarten to the fifth grade. Think of the greatest duos ever and that would be about how we were. Anyway we both totally suck at gym (this was my first day and I managed to fall over already) so it is an obvious grouping. I get to spend ninety minutes with Kaitlin and I am feeling like a third grader and somehow that is a good thing. We used to pretend that we were ancient Egyptian mummies come back to life and refleshed and then became kick ass spies. It was great. I am pretty sure I'm not lesbian, but if I was I would probably be madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love with her. And I wouldn't say that to most people because they would take it wrong, but I don't think you will. I should probably shut up because I think I am going to write a blog entry about her. Oh and I guess I can deal with gym because I am in so much better shape than I was last year due to hours on the treadmill and step up box and I revel in the amount of calories I burn.
    I wrote caloried... hahahaha... that sounds really bad... like I might have eaten too many oatmeal pancakes or something um shit.
    THANKS for the permission to ramble! I really needed to do that and you are just the awesome person I want to ramble to (lucky you).
    sweetdreams by the way you have the most lovely skinny legs, I saw a picture and they are skinnnnyyyy.... and lovely... okay, lovellllyyyyy

  8. Hehehe Chinchinchinchinchin City. That made me laugh.

    Stay strong!

  9. chinchin city!
    I swear I saw you the other day?!
    totally random but were you in ireland recently?!
    anyway, I hope your okay!

  10. Yay chinchincity.
    Gosh you're so beautiful.
    but about this person supporting you ... be careful. I had something like this once and was all exited and happy and thought i could trust her and itd be easier from now on ... in the end i regretted it. just be careful, okay?


  11. Now worries, dear.
    Those 2 lbs will fuck off in no time! :)
    Maybe it's good that you gained, at least it's motivational :)

    It's great to hear you have someone to support you! Though, I agree with Ana's Girl. I'm jealous :P

    Cafeine... eugh. Hate the stuff.
    Sleep is the bestttt :)

    Sleep tight :)

  12. It so so helps having a weight loss buddy! My flatmate and I atre trying the Victoria Beckham diet of edamame beans, lettuce, strawberries and steamed fish... we've both had to stop for various reasons but I'm back on it now (had a starbucks soy cappucino with sugar free syrup, but edamame -> soya -> soya milk). It means I have someone to text about it and someone to judge when I do break it at home!!

  13. Hi
    Hope you are doing great. I just finised reading your blog from the beginning and it really inspired me. You have come a long way and really managed some big weight loss. I am doing a 65 hors fast so i need to keep myself occupied and boy did your blog help me so much. And i really enjoyed reading it.
    BTW you look good on those pictures. I am thinking of posting some pictures but i am not sure i want to let everyone see fat me. Even with totally anonymous i am still so self-concuss.
    In the subject of coffee and caffeine it is not good to drink it on an empty stomach i did it in the morning and hell broke loose in my head.
    i love partyes but you are totaly right they are the worst enemy for my diet. sigh.
    ok i get my ass up now and go to the library to get some reading material. I just love to read. And btw i totally love the twilight series.
    ok i am rambling all over the place now.
    but stay strong and take care and you will loose those 2 ibs and more

  14. You are looking divine. I fell behind in your blog, for shame on me lol. Thats awesome you have a buddy, I have workout buddies too and one super healthy eating one so it makes things so much easier. I will post a rib picture too =o as soon as I get the time. Keep up the good work =)

  15. erm, near carndonagh, or buncrana,
    anywhere near there haha :)

  16. 2 lbs is fine!
    You've achieved so much already, you deserved a break!
    Yeah I find it's a bit easier sometimes having a friend losing weight with you and supporting you. But don't take it too far because I had a fall out with them because we got too competetive, haha!
    2 lbs is easy to lose, you could lose that in a day. So no worries :)
    Keep it up Pokerface!

  17. Alright so I've finally finished going trough your archives and I’ve got to say that you amaze me! I love your positivism and your style and your writing, OMG, your writing! Haha I must sound like a crazy fan girl now.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and good luck.
    Looking foward to read you.

    P.S. I am thinking about ribs pictures too, but I've got to say that I'm still a bit chicken about it. Great job on yours tho!

  18. Hey how is it going? Sorry not been around! xxx