Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Weight Loss!

I can't actually believe this. I weighed myself a few times to make sure.

I've lost 3lbs. THREE POUNDS! :D YESSSS!

No idea how it happened but fuck it feels good. I felt so much better today. I'm starting to think I can see a difference and I was so much more confident in town too. That's 5/15 lbs lost so far. 10 more to go by the 20th of august... eeeee... I'm excited and much more confident now. Even if I don't get the 15... another 5 would be so good. It wasn't so difficult either. I don't feel like I was starving. Hmm. Oh well, no complaints from me lol...

^_^ Thanks everyone for the help with the fast yesterday. It's so good to have one over with, and to get a 3lb loss as a result is great. I'm still not happy with what I've done though. I keep wanting to lose more and forgetting how much I've achieved. I read this on sorry_i_cant_be_perfect's blog and it really helped make things clear...

"When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target. They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they'd make up their minds :/ Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away..."

It's so true. We're chasing after a moving target. It takes the encouraging comments of our followers and friends to help us realise how far we've come. On that note, check out her blog and support! Another new blogger is lovelybones who was encouraged not to binge this morning after reading one comment that I left. We can all help each other and share in our success. Let's be a proper community :) I love finding and following new blogs. I can tell from what I did today that when you've got blogs to read and comments to make it really keeps you focused, out of loyalty and also by keeping your hands busy. Typing has got to be better than eating (and it burns like 100 cals per hour... haha)

How's everyone's days going? Anyone got any weight loss to report? I'd love to hear about it! I wanna know if anyone else is taking the plunge of posting photos too. I've got like 20 new followers since the last time I posted photos... should I post before and afters for those who didn't see or just the afters? I'm not sure I could bear the shame of posting the old one's again...
haha. So I hope you guys remember enough! :P

I'm getting really nervous about my exam results. (Is anyone else?) In a way, I'm so glad I have weight loss to concentrate on. Planning out my days is keeping me occupied and stopping me obsessively trying to work out how I've done... It's 15 days to go! EEEE. There WILL be a party the night before... and hopefully one the night after if all goes well. I remember the rule last year was "1 shot per A". You can get a maximum of 12 As (4 subjects, 3 exam papers for each) so I will hopefully end up getting pretty hammered haha

Skinny people always look elegant when they're drunk though, don't they? Hopefully I'll be one of them by then... lol. Oh yeah, I saw some photos today of some people from school. I always felt so physically inferior to them (they used to tease me about my weight) but it looks like they've done the opposite to me over the summer and put on loads of weight... I'm shocked and feeling a bit more confident about meeting them again on the 20th, especially for the photos haha

Fuck sake. I want to look skinny NOW. Damn impatience. I've never been skinny and it seems so close... I will get there! And I'll learn determination and self control along the way :) good luck with your day everyone. Thinking thin. xx


  1. congrats on the 3 pounds! thats so wonderful!

    you comment about skinny drunk people makes me laugh, but i do hope i am that way and not a sloppy whoreish mess! so what do you do when you know youre going to drink..just not eat? alcohol has soo many calories i feel like i have to pick between food and alcohol for the day.

    i was thinking about posting photos, but idk. i think you should if that would make you feel good and if it would also give you more inpsiration :)

    good luck, stay strong, and congrats!

  2. Well done! Knew you could do it!
    Look at the results, you're amazing at this.
    You're gonna be the hottest person at that party at teh rate you're going.
    Good luck with your exam results, i know, its a nerve-wrecking wait..

  3. Congrats on the weightloss.
    Im sure you'll achieve the -15, just hang on, stay focused, and as always, stay strong.

  4. I posted photos on my blog a while ago but I do not have before or afters. I am so happy for your weight loss!! And I was a loser and missed the last time you posted your photos, couldn't get online =(. Before/after would be awesome!

  5. You should definitely post pics!!

  6. Congrats on the 3 pounds!

    I've been reading your blogs for a while now and I must say, you are one of my favourite bloggers on this sight. Thank so so much for being my thinspo.

    I really admire your self control. 20+pounds! That is crazy. My ultimate goal weight is 28 pounds away, and I just hope I can do as well as you are doing.


  7. um I'm in love with your blog. And the men on your blog ;)

  8. I agree, comments can help you through the day and can definitely boost your self-esteem a little.

    Wow, 3 pounds sounds fucking amazing! Congraaats <3 You're so close to achieving what you want... 10 pounds... wow! I'm sooo proud of you (though it doesn't really make sense since we don't know each other, but oh well - I just felt like typing that xD) haha!
    Take care and keep up the good work <33

  9. heya, thankyou so much for mentioning me in your blog. <3
    & as i promised 'WEllDON3!!!!'
    3lbs is a lot, & as i predicted, the 'welldones' are pouring in! :D
    i've lost 2 lbs since yesterday. abc's going good! thanks for your support.
    goodluck. x

  10. nice going on the 3 pounds. at least one of us was successful :)
    i was wondering .. do you have a goal weight or are you quitting when there's nothing left?

  11. Zomg!!! You're so little and young and cute! Do you have an Irish accent? I think my head would possibly pop.

    Heh, I'm so damn wierd in my head...You make me think of tiny spring vegetables.

    Back to your regularly scheduled broadcast...

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  13. Way to go 3 lbs!! You are doing so well with your goal :) I'm hoping to be under 120 by the end of this month..which is like 57 kg? I dunno.

    Keep up the good work! Is 15 bites a day working out for you then?

  14. Me too.
    But, you're not allowed to smoke in there, so, that was my alibi,when EFB offered me pizza, I went out to smoke, until they finished the pizza, so it wasn't much of will power, more like a good strategy.
    I love my vice so much xD

    Besides, I really don't like eating in front of EFB.

  15. Ooooh! I get so excited about weight loss- even when it's not my own!

  16. CONGRATS on the 3 lbs!!
    That is soo awesome! :)

    Don't worry too much about exams-- you will do fine :) and you will be a fine-looking drunk! Lol!

    I think you should totally post pics too :)

    congrats! that is super fantastic, boy!
    yes, you should post "before" and "after". it will help us see the progress :)

    and sir, you are obviously super wonderfully intellegent and im sure you will do fine. i know its just the anticipation of just seeing what you got, how you did. im sure you did great!

    you will be the hottest drunk there.
    a) because you got so many A's that you will have to take an insurpassable amount of shots
    b) because you have come so far and you will be so skinny :)

  18. The Prince of Wince is no more because The Prince of Wince is followed by so many pro-ana blogs.

    The Prince of Wince follows so many pro-ana blogs because so many pro-ana blogs follow the Prince of Wince.

  19. 1) I am garnished by politeness.

    2) It was out of Gaga-induced garish curiosity.

    3) Other things.

  20. omg thankyou so much for that site, turns out i burnt around 269 calories! hell yeah, thats nearly everything i've consumed today.i thougth i only burnt 150cals
    your're a life saver!! :)
    ps where do you get these really sexy boys from, they look yummy specially the 2nd one :P haha

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! That's absolutely amazing. Seems like your 15 bites diet is doing wonders for you. : )

    We don't have exams like that here... for some reason, they make the teachers grade all of our year-end exams within 2 days so we know what we got before the year's even over. But they're not essays either, so yeah.

    I'm sure you'll do amazingly well and you'll get amazingly drunk and you'll be amazingly skinny. : )

  22. That's the best news ever! I'm definately going to have to start the 15 bites diet once i've finished ABC (because i can't bear the thought of not finishing it now that i've started).

    I couldn't agree more about being a community. I really love how much support i can give and receive on here. It's so helpful just to help others, and without the people who leave me comments and follow me, i wouldn't have half the resolve i do.

    I think you should put up both before and after pictures so we can ooh and aahh over the difference. Don't be ashamed of the before pictures. Remember that they are not you anymore; you are much better.

    The first thinspo picture... OMG! He's beautiful. Lol. I'm sure you are too by now. Stay strong! Much love.

  23. Wonderful job on the fast! I wish I had been able to support you : ( But I'm so happy for your success! And you should totally post some new photos! : D
    Thin people always look glamours even when drunk, it's so true : / I'm sure you'll look amazing though! And only 10lbs to go! SOOO exciting
    : D Ahh!

    And that first guy is so fucking hot!

    Stay strong and keep up the fabulous work <33333

  24. I'm not English.

    And I'm not from England.

    I'm from London.

  25. Hey, congratz on the lbs. loss. :)
    Thanks for being the first to follow my blog. I really like yours, your the first guy blogger I'm following, I think any ways:) This really did make me smile. Comment support is the most important thing ever. I bet your right about the pictures too.
    Sound to inteligent and to in control.:)

    Just makes me smile.