Monday, 14 September 2009

Heatwave :)

I wasn't punched because I did something wrong! Haha. The guy who punched me was REALLY drunk. He'd drank so much vodka (straight, no mixer) and does NOT know how to handle himself. Started rambling "tell me I'm a bad person!" then lashed out at EVERYONE who tried to help him. Guy has issues. He's still, however, a dickhead for drinking so much when he knows it makes him an asshole. My face is okay today. Still sore, more blue and going purple I believe. Got a fair few looks but I wasn't bothered :) and my friend is okay as well. Sore but getting better, just bruised above her jaw on the right side.

The picnic was with my bf. It was lovely. There's a heatwave in Ireland at the moment and it's so so nice. We sat out on the pier at a little secluded lake with a loaf of bread and fed it to the ducks and swans. I threw one bit into the middle of a little crowd of ducks, and one of them actually jumped up to catch it before the others could get to it. It was the cutest thing. Apart from the boy with me of course :) he watched out for the smaller ducks who weren't able to swim fast enough to beat the bigger ducks to the bread, and threw some straight to them so they could eat too. Then we had our own picnic and brought some back to his to watch some dvds. Sat wrapped up warm in his living room with cushions and drinks and the curtains drawn with little warm lights making the room all cosy.

Ah, happy days.


  1. Ugh an angry drunk? Hopefully he figured out he's a complete ass when he drinks..
    So jealous! I haven't been on a picnic since I was young! You and your bf sound super cute <3

  2. That sounds so lovely. : )

    And I hope your friend fixed his little "getting shitfaced and then becoming an asshole" problem before he punches the wrong person and ends up getting hurt himself! Ack.

  3. Ugh, I'm super jealous. I used to go on picnics with my boyfriend too. He came over last night for cuddles, even though he's not my boyfriend any more, and it was fairly cosy and lovely too.

    Would I sound like a terrible dickhead if I said I've always found gay men incredibly hot? Many years ago I'd stay up watching Queer as Folk with my girlfriends in the common room in boarding school. It used to seriously turn me on.

  4. What constitutes a heat wave over there? Ha I live in Australia and it averages bout 38 degrees year round in a place called marble bar, a few hours drive from where I live. Of course it isn't nearly that hot where I actually live. Come visit Australia, it's sunny and beautiful :)

  5. Besides the blue eye, it really does sound idyllic :) i'm also interested, what constitutes a heat wave? it was 39 degrees here last week, been in the low 30s since spring started.

  6. helloo :] not commented before but have been following for a while (not as a stalker type:S)

    Just wanted to chime in, i get what you mean about the heat wave :P
    although i doubt its 38 degrees like in Australia ^^

    Its still gotta be alott warmer than London :( its gotta be like fifteen degrees here...

    eughh i miss the summer (N) x

    you and your boyf sound amazingly sweet and i'm overly jealous ;) x

    love from LDN,

    nicole, xx

  7. That sounds like a perfect day. Except for the face bruise.

    I love drunken guys who throw tantrums. My coworker does that shit. He'll get really drunk, and try to pick fights with people. We were dragging him out of the bar and he was yelling, "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!" at random people. And when some random guy walked in as we were going out, he yelled, "AND FUCK YOU TOO!" and the guy just laughed at him XD

    Your boyfriend sounds so sweet. I sorta wanna squish you both. And you live in IRELAND? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

  8. Omg i totally thought of you yesterday when i was at work. There was this beautiful, skinny guy with an Irish accent, and i was just like OMG i wish he was pokerface cuz then i could actually meet him! Haha. I dunno. I'm crazy like that.
    I agree though. That guy is a jerk for drinking when he knows what it does to him. Awww your poor face! *kisses* All better now, right? Lol.
    And you and your bf must be the freakin' cutest couple ever. I'm getting all mushy just reading about it. Lol.

  9. awww sweet i really want to go feed ducks now! xx

  10. your lucky it's warm.
    I'm in england. but I can feel winter already.
    sorry about the drunk guy, hopefully he'll realise soon that the drink isn't doing him any good. your picnic sounds so sweet :)

  11. Hello :)
    Your blogs are gooood.
    I'm new to Blogger, I don't really know what I'm doing, haha.
    I'm following your blog.

  12. I'd like to hear you singing more. :]

  13. I'm not even going to COMMENT on the heatwave, unless it was 40 degrees CELSIUS, as in my Australian kitchen in January! Was it? ;)

    Haven't commented before, but am officially starting. See that red ribbon just there? (no) well that ribbon was cut to symbolise the beginning of the stalker-like commenting/following of me.

    I totally BET you're looking forward to it!
    You are.

    PSPSPSPSPS you and your boyf must be AMAZINGLY gorgeous, because you have picnics at secluded lakes on piers and you feed ducks.

    I'm jealous.

    Guard your boyfriend well, my friend.