Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Update: Life has been shiiit. I've coped though, and proved to myself that I'm pretty fucking strong. Tonight was a shocker, and it's given me all my thinspo back. I've been lazy. Lazy and FAT, but now I'm back in the game.

Avoid Food.
Work as hard as possible.
Sleep through hunger pains.
I need food for energy, yeah? Sleep = rest = renewed energy.

HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN DOING? I'm so sorry for being away for so long! I know I posted one or two photos.... but I wasn't blogging properly, just letting you know I was still alive! Life just got awful, then kicked me when I was down. It's probably still going to be hard for a good while, but I'm ready to tackle it, and I hope you guys are still willing to tackle it with me! Please let me know what's been happening with you, even if you haven't commented before. I can't go through my backlog of blogs, but I'll be back into reading now as much as I can.

Missed you all! Soooo good to be back! I'm off for a drink of water and some reading :) take care and THINK THIN. We've done so well but we've got sooo far still to go!



    maybe you would know if i posted it every once in a while hmm hmm. i created the first rule on your list. um, yeah. i did. whilst i was talking to you. im glad you are back FUPA EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT YET LOLOOLLLL. i will be soon though.

    i hope you are doing well. and you got your shit sorted. and you are gonna get skinny. and beautiful. cuz itll be awesome.

    <3333333 i must sleep now LIKE YOU SAID
    good night!

  2. sooooooooooooo glad you are back

    yeh I've seen patrick a couple of times and it is just drooling adoration and screaming on my part....espcially since he can be relied on to take some clothes off

    weird some people are going to bed I got up like an hour ago ha ha

    love to you

  3. =) so glad to have you back. Whappened that got you so down? At least now that you've been so down - there is no where to go but up!
    Except in terms of the scale, because that's going down babyyy!!
    I love the "let's fucking fly!" <3

  4. :) Welcome back, hope you keep getting better. Your plan sounds great. xx

  5. missed you!
    sorry things are going bad... but do you ever realise that when you're losing weight, everything else also seems to fall into place? the world just becomes a happy and wonderful place..?
    trust me, it will for you, once again :)
    glad to have you back

  6. That's how I'm feeling right now!
    I want to just sleep and sleep and sleep through the hunger. I get so tired when I fast or restrict.

    I'm glad you got your motivation back. It's good to see you posting for real again!

    Well...I'm trying not to restrict and trying to eat normal until my mom leaves town, but I can't help it. It's like...a compulsion that won't DIE. I have to see her family who I do not LIKE but I have to pretend like I do for her, and uuuuhh....I ran into a side table because I was laughing at a guy at a hotel, and then convinced some people in an elevator I had swine flu.
    See, they all piled in, and were being really obnoxious, and I REALLY didn't want to deal with their shit. So I looked over to my mom and said,
    "You know, I think the doctor was wrong. I know he said to stay out of public for a while, but I really think I'm over that swine flu thing."
    Then coughed.

    Never seen that sort of stampede to get off on the wrong floor in my LIFE.
    My mom hit me.
    I laughed XD

    THE END!

  7. I'm sorry life's been shit :(

  8. ah look at all those comments you got already.
    People really love you!
    So do I!
    I missed you :( I was on your blog so often even though I knew there was nothing but those fotos.
    But I loved them :) They were kind of inspirational.
    Thank you for that :)
    And thank you for being back!!!


  9. Ah, Missed you!! :)
    Sorry life's been shitty.
    No one likes a loser, spesh in a game like this.

    I've just been a fat, lazy, lardass too.
    Glad your back X

  10. Well my life's been pretty crappy this past week....
    Things are getting a little better now... Hopefully...

    I'm glad you're back, sir.

  11. Ahhhh so glad you're back! I missed reading your posts.
    You can do it! Yay for motivation! :D

  12. I've been lazy and fat too. :( But i'm back in the game and today's been good so far. I'm sorry life has been treating you shitty. I hope that gets better soon. What exactly is wrong? If you don't mind telling.
    I missed you SOOO much! Glad to have you back. Fly away!

  13. Your blog's a great motivation in my own attempt to lose weight too!

  14. yay your back with your male thinspo that me adores :)

    haha as you can probably have guessed by my post you commented on life right now = shit so thank you lets "fucking fly" sounds like the best right now


  15. Ar, well no matter what's happened, you sound very happy to be back on track! :)
    Well done, love.
    Your right, I will think thin, it's the motivation to reach my goal :)
    Stay strong, keep away from food!

  16. Your plan sounds fantastic and very do-able. Best of luck, you're so inspiring!!

    Ugh, I always get stuck on your blog for like 30 minutes ogling at the pics ;)