Sunday, 20 September 2009

Let's Fast and be Pretty

The play starts this week. I'm excited, up late learning my lines whilst everyone else is sleeping. I've got some sexy outfits and my scenes are all passionate and energetic, so it'll be a good bit of emotional purging.

So like I said, let's fast and be pretty. Who's with me? Post your starting time, your reasons for fasting and come back here and update if you slip up. I find it's easier to fast when I know there's someone waiting to see if I succeed. I'm starting at 4:30 am. My excuse which I'll tell my parents for avoiding food is that I've got a sore throat and it hurts to eat (I was out partying a little too hard). I want to lose a few lbs before I get on stage and before I meet new people at uni. Thinking thin. Good luck girls. xx


  1. I am going to start tonight at 9PM, and I'm going to end when I screw up.

    And zis is because... well! Can't you guess why! No? Oh. Maybe not! Alright, well, it's bikini season and in two days I will actually require those bikinis. The bikini bod was sort of starting to take shape two days ago. But two friends have basically held me down and shoved food into every orifice I have (perhaps a little too descriptive?) anyway!

    I no longer have a bikini bod. And have put on one kilo/ two pounds.

    Therefore, am obviously a complete failure.

    AND! You'd better guard that boyfriend of yours with your LIFE ;) Just joking.

    Promise, he's safe with a sex-bomb like you ;)

    Good luck on your fast, it will be much more successful than mine, but I've basically acknowledged the fact that I am going to be the only inflatable at the beach. It's ALL good.


  2. Good luck on your fast. I'd join you, but i'm feeling sort of weak as far as eating goes (had far too many binges lately), so i'm just trying to ease gently back into ana. I'm getting there slowly. Stay strong, darling. You'll do great!

  3. UPDATE: Am actually starting now, seeing as this situation is just SO urgent...

    LOVEYA, bye now, Bombshell... and GOOD LUCK

  4. When are you leaving for the posh peoples place? x

  5. Good luck with fasting!!
    I'm starting tomorrow at 6am and finishing when I'm forced to eat. Lol.

    G'luck. G'luck.

  6. UPDATE: Fast going well. 1pm so 9 hours in and no temptation to eat whatsoever.

  7. I'm started mine this morning, 9am.
    It's 2.15pm so all's well so far.
    I'm hoping to fast until Friday.
    It's Sunday today, so 6 days.

    Good luck to all of you <3

  8. i guess i have already started today as I said on my blog but I already made plans yesterday that I will count from monday on ... weird, isn't it? I guess it's because I did it last weak, starting Monday, and it was good ... like a new start with a new weak.

    Do you have MSN? I'd like to add you :)

  9. starting time: 9:57 am
    reasons: binge weight must GO.. NOW!!.. :(

    I'm going to be 147 this week, I can feel it :]

  10. hey!
    I'm starting now, 11:30 am on Sunday (unfortately I already had breakfast) and go until Wedensday evening.
    reason: I totally binged this past week and I need to get back on track.

    I don't count iced tea (unsweetened/ 0 cal). For one thing, I life off it! It also keeps off suspision and makes it look like I'm eating.

  11. I meant I live off it. And I can spell suspicion, really I can. ^^;

  12. I am starting NOW. 6.39pm. Good luck to you and everyone else :)
    I know we can do it.

    Ps. Because i totally screwed up last week.

  13. I'm doing a short fast. Started at 1 am this morning and will go until about 5 pm tomorrow. That's a good 40 hour fast.

  14. Fasting for the reason been on a rubbishhh Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze practice exped. all weekend :/ and i had school staff "monitoring" my eating habits. which consists of about twelve schoolteachers stuffing food into me.

    and i quite fancy getting rid of all the crap i ate through it.

    Starting; now, 07:42AM

    ending; when i cave :@

    Loaaads of love from LDN,
    nicole, xx

    GdLuck Gdluck goooooodluck :) x

  15. I wana fast!! but alas, i am at home so it's near impossible. next week though! cuz like isabelle... bikini season!!! aaaargh! pastey white and fat is just not gona cut it! good luck :)