Friday, 25 September 2009

Pokerface Fasting Club

We're so doing this. Haha. I'm ready for the next fast. Starting right now, at midnight. Fed up of being fat. Aren't we all? I've been eating normally since the last one, but it's really not enough. I want to reach that point where no matter where you pinch on your body, you can't feel fat. I want that so much. I'm writing this now also because I need a break from all the fucking work I've been doing! First performance of the play was tonight. It went great and I got wolf-whistled at... twice haha. Some girls were asking me to sign their programmes (and body parts) afterwards which was quite weird and, fortunately, of no interest to me whatsoever... awkward silences are hard to avoid when a girl asks you for your number and you have to get out of it without going "I'm in theatre, I'm wearing make up, I'm surrounded by girls but I'm not looking down your top... could it be any MORE obvious that I'm gay??"

This make up actually won't come off.

But yeah, I want to be thinner! FUCK if it wasn't for that I'd have such an easier time of it... Imagine being able to wear anything and knowing you look great in it? What would that actually be LIKE?

Oh jesus, I need to tell you all. Has anyone seen Skins? It's a British teen drama, on Channel 4 if you're over here... There's a character in it called Cassie who is anorexic (here's a video of her explaining how she avoids eating meals )but anyway, the point is I just found out that the actress who plays her is going to the same uni as me... so I NEED to cut down. That girl is tiny!

Okay so, I want to do this for 20 hours, then I'll eat something for some energy before the performance, and the same every day. If I can cut down to one meal per day (which I'll burn off on stage) I'll hopefully lose a fair bit by the end of the week. What's everyone else's plan? Are you joining me? Thinking thin. xx

EDIT: Fuck food whatsoever. I just saw a photo of myself on the school site and I feel so so so fat now. I got lazy. I need to fix this and I will.


  1. You watch skins? HA it's my favourite show. The bit with the chips and shes with sid. When i first saw that i was like....brilliant.

  2. Fasting tomorrow and for long as I can up until 6:00 Sunday.. all just depends if I can get away with it at work or not! D is very alert.. if you know what I mean; it doesnt help when he likes me.

  3. Fasting tommorrow!
    going out to breakfast ( I can't get out of it) saturday, so hopefully I can just eat that and be done with it!
    Good luck!


    AND YOU WILL FIX IT! go to SCHOOL with her? They have all the episodes on line. I started watching some of it, but didn't get into it the first time around. But OMG that's so awesome!

    But yes. PLEASE tell me who that model is??

  5. You're going to uni with Cassie?! Do you think she's actually anorexic? Find out and report back yeah :P
    The new series of Skins was shit though. Even if Effy is gorgeous.
    Good luck with your fast, wish I could join you.. xxx

  6. Did you know that Isaac Newton went to Cambridge?
    That's rather cool.. haha
    I just learned that and thought I would share because it reminded me of you

  7. Gahhh, Cassie.
    I love her.
    (and Effy, such a thinspiration)
    I found a pair of sunglasses that are like Cassie's (the white ones) and went and bought them straight away :p
    I totally tried her tactics, with the cutting food up, moving it around and lots of questions.
    Didn't work what so ever.

    On another unrelated note, my dear friend might be going to Cambridge next year, it was weird thinking about it.

    Good luck on your fast, positive you can do it.
    I would totally join, but I'm in the midst of an intervention type thing, so I have to be 'eating'. -_-

    (and I'm very sorry about the ladies thing, I didn't think you were following or reading, I stand corrected. I shall address my audience in consideration next time :p)


  8. count me in for fasting from tomorrow;)at least one day..

  9. Good Luck with your fast sweets!
    And good luck with the rest of your performances, you sound like a very talented young man!

    Keep thinking thin!


  10. I LOVE Skins, but I don't have BBC America anymore and Channel 4 on demand online won't work for me because I'm from the States. : (

    Well I'm hoping to liquid fast through Friday as well! So I'll join your fasting club, darling. : )