Monday, 14 September 2009

So last night I got punched in the face. As did 2 of my friends, including a girl who got KICKED in the face. Worst thing is, I know the guy who did it. We used to be friends. Today was spent running around trying to sort everyone out whilst the bruise on my face started fully flourishing. It's blue at the moment and is aching. Lots of exercise today though. Running around for 4 hours and skipped a meal as I was too busy. I am going to bed sore but tired enough to sleep really well. Picnic with the boy tomorrow. Such nice weather, tartan blanket and ice cream. Night everyone, hope you're all blemish free. Thinking thin. xx

(Photo: I'm in a gay mood. That's Jack and Ianto. Yum.)


  1. ...You got punched in the face??? Why?? I'm sorry, that's horrible.

  2. WHAT? That sounds horrible. : ( I hope you heal up really really soon.

  3. Random act of violence or was the punch expected? How bad is your female friends face.. I can't imagine how bad being kicked in the face would feel =\
    "I'm in a gay mood." lol so cute. Heal fast!

  4. Can i punch the jerk who punched you? Please?!

  5. Ow, i know what punched's like, but kicking?
    Now thats out of order.
    Its good you managed to miss a meal.
    Your definatley getting there! :)
    Keep it up, <3

  6. Wait a second here ....
    why on earth did you get punched in your face? who was it?

    and which boy are you having picnic with tomorrow? Did I miss something?
    And who are Jack and Ianto?

    I am so confused ...

  7. Oh my gosh, that's terrible!!!

    Who punches/kicks people in the face?! Sick. (I'm a somewhat-pacifist, can you tell?)

    Good for you, with skipping a meal. Hope you heal fast! (Drink milk, if you can fit it into your calorie plan! It helps bruises and cuts heal faster.)

  8. omfg who did it im gonna have to come find you wherever you are and we will go kick their asses!
    nobody punches my friends, especially not the pretty ones :]]
    thanks so much for your comments, they always make me so happy :]]