Saturday, 12 September 2009

Thin pls.

So who's flying with me?

I just had lunch. First meal of the day, and hopefully my last. That's my goal for the day anyway. Everyone's at work now and won't be home til 12 midnight, so I'll be able to just jump into bed when they get home and hopefully be really tired (no energy from food, plus I barely slept last night) and fall asleep straight away.

I absolutely hate not sleeping. I wonder if I'm an actual medical insomniac, or if I've just got some sort of psychological thing going on with it. I hate going to bed. Hate lying in the dark doing nothing. It seems like such a waste. I'd say however that it's more of a waste being like a zombie the entire day cos you stayed up til 6am on Facebook...

Sprite Zero and diluted juice to take me through the day.

It's fucking freezing here. We're meant to be in a "heatwave" currently, but I'm sitting in bed wrapped up in a massive hoodie. I've decided for sure that I'm not living here when I'm older. My other half and I want to live in the southern hemisphere, or at least one of the warmer european countries. I want a tan, for christs sake. Pale is often beautiful but for ONCE I want to have a healthy colour! There's my bit of vanity for the day haha

So I've got a lot of my thinspo back. There's one guy in particular who fully makes me ashamed of ever eating. Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, I've got loads of photos of him and have put them on my desktop for thinspiration. Stalkerrrrr... but whatever works haha

That's going to be my attitude for today. I've had one meal (300 cals), I do not need more. Would he eat? Probably, but he can afford to. Skinny bastard. If I want to look like that, I have to work for it. It should be the easiest work ever - just NOT doing something. Don't eat, get skinny. Simples.

Anyone think I can go the rest of the day without food? Place your bets :P hope you're all doing well, it is great to be back!! Thinking thin xx


  1. well duh you can do it.
    cuz your amazing, of course.

  2. I missed your posts ...
    How's it going with your family?

  3. Of course you can go the rest of the day! :) You have thinspo and sprite, what else does a person need? lol

    Haha, love your facebook stalking, I do that sometimes.... :D And they never know. :D

    Lots of smiles!!

  4. lol, that picture you posted, I was totally going to post it on my blog the other day! Hahaha. He has a great torso.

    Where I live is the opposite. It's just fucking hot all the time. But then the winter is still too cold for me. I want to move farther north but I don't know if I could deal!

    "It should be the easiest work ever - just NOT doing something." I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. Shouldn't it just be so easy not to do it? And good job on the 300cals, that's like my 'perfect' calorie number. : )

  5. You'll def go the rest of the day without eating!
    Imagine if you lived somewhere warm -- it would be like constant thinspo! I'd love to live somehwere warmer =)
    Hope your day went well, facebook stalker lol

  6. hey darling, i'm fasting today as well. good luck :)

  7. I hate going to sleep, and I hate waking up. lol