Thursday, 29 October 2009


Hello hello HELLO! How is everyone doing? :D

Having such an amazing time at the moment! Uni is SO much fun. The work's good, difficult but it means I'm learning, and the social life is fantastic! Making
friends is NOT hard... everyone wants to meet new people so as long as you smile you're grand!

Halloween tomorrow!! Can't wait. Got my outfit sorted. There's so much gossip over what everyone's wearing. I was in an accessory shop and saw a guy from my college buying long satin gloves and fishnet tights, so I'm guessing there's at least one drag act to come! Others include a mad scientist, a doctor, scooby doo and michael jackson... It's gona be awesome. We're having a formal (in full costume) while they're dressing up the big hall like hogwarts, with big banners :D what's everyone else doing for halloween? You BETTER be dressing up!!

So, other things... had dinner with the "Master" (president, headmaster of college etc) last night, which was hilarious. He told me a story about how when he was in Poland he took a photo of something he wasn't allowed to take a photo of, then had to tape the film to his scrotum to get it into the English Embassy... fantastic night.

ALSO, EVERYONE IS NAKED. I'm on a staircase with 10 boys and 2 girls, and all the boys walk out of the shower with only a wee towel on. There are at least 6 of them I've never seen with clothes on. Good, good times. The photo in this entry is of one such night, where we decided to take our nakedness to the street.

Admit it, you're jealous. :P

I've far too much gossip to tell you! What do you want to know? Scandal? Hot boys? As far as eating goes, cutting down is NOT a problem... when your student loan can buy either alcohol and club entry or food, it's not a difficult choice! :P


  1. good to hear all is well .. and saucy!!

    tell us EVERYTHING (especially the nakedness)


  2. Haha! One seriously jelous girl typing here!

    You seem to be so happy =)

    And since you ask, I'm doing splendidly, haven't eaten for 2 days and won't be for another 2 days!

    P.S. I'm going as Goofy for Halloween with my friend who's going to be Mickey :D

  3. I am jealous indeed! I'm sure you blend right in with all the other lovely hot boys quite well ;)

    Omg i want to know everything!!! Lol.

  4. yes i am jealous! are you one of those beautiful boys?

  5. Admitted, so jealous.
    Jealous about your upcoming amazing Halloween and amazing street nakedness.
    Headmaster story, cracks me up.
    (my teachers are psychos, I love them, you should see Mr.Demaranville's handlebar mustache, it's epic)
    Any chance of pictures of those boys and you in costume (drag or otherwise)?

  6. Yup, I'll post pictures soon! Heading out in half an hour, better get ready! EEE!

  7. i want to know what is it with guys nakedness? as soon as my mates have only a few drinks they are off on some naked run round the street althoug not at all complaining lol

    scooby doo costume sounds cool what are you being?


  8. ahaa it sounds so fun!
    I'm glad your having a good time,
    basically, tell us everything!
    I want to hear it all!
    I hope your okay :)
    Have a great halloween!

  9. Oh. My.

    YUM. Those guys are SMOKING.
    I'm glad you're having such an amazing time :)
    Tell us EVERYTHING. I mean it! Hahaa,
    Love youxxx

  10. I dressed as a hippie for Halloween, I'm pleased to say! No boys in towels here though, unless you count my brother (thankfully he uses VERY large and covering towels, I am so so appreciative for that).

    You sound like you're having so much fun, I'm insanely jealous, tell all and don't leave a detail out!! :D