Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Omg Cambridge is amazing. Sorry I haven't updated before now, but I've been soooo busy. Never worked and partied so hard at the same time. Sleep is rare, and I really miss it, but you can't have everything! I've lost weight for sure since I've got here. Walking for about 2 hours per day is unavoidable, so no matter what I eat I can't put on weight. Missing a lot of mealtimes too because lectures are scheduled over them, so that's helping! Aw we have a uni card too, which we use at the bar. It's like a credit card but JUST for alcohol. Waaaaa. It's seriously been sooo good. I'm wrecked but loving it. Must dash now, I've a philosophy essay to write. I've never done philosophy before, it's probably going to sound like complete bollocks. Oh, I had a minor freak out today. Had to do a 30 minute walk in 15 minutes to get from a lecture to a supervision, got lost, found the right way but then the gates were locked, had to reverse around the back of the college and make my way through a fucking labyrinth of corridors to get to my class, eventually 45 mins late. On top of that, my student loan hasn't come through yet so I'm all worried about money and shit like that. Trying not to let it get to me though, even though I was fairly close to tears earlier. My solution was to get a nice bun, which I then burnt off by running to the library to return a late book haha.

This is the messiest blog entry ever but oh well! How's everyone been doing? Thank you to my last commenter for asking where I was, that's why I wrote this :)

Speak soon!! xx


  1. hope you catch up on sleep soon! I get pretty sick if I go too long without adequate sleep. Sounds like you're doing well though!

  2. Can you say: Bella, you're a genius?!

    "Bella, you're a genius!"


    Because I distinctly remember SAYING that Uni would be thoroughly amazing. See?

    I wish I was losing weight. You're so champion-tastic! I'm doing the opposite, and being loser-ific.

    Hoooooray for the most boring comment... EVER (mmmmm, goody)

    LOVEYA (a really, really, really big lot)

  3. Loser-ific being putting on weight, in style of Hansel&Gretel, not losing it, like Biggest Loser, and Dance Your Ass Off (I was watching cheesy American weight-loss shows at the gym, when I used to go.. months and months and months ago)

  4. Sounds like you're doing awesome! (A credit card just for alcohol? Double awesome.)

  5. Yay! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself, my lovely.

    I wish I had a credit card for alcohol. That'd be darn terrific!

    Well done for weight-loss! :)

  6. i love love love philosophy eek your making me so excited i so want to get into uni next year

    all that walking sounds perfect

  7. I'VE MISSED YOU! I'm glad you're loving it!

  8. I was starting to get worried too, but then i remembered that you were at uni and i figured you were so busy having a fantastic time and studying and such. You almost make me want to go to uni...but i'm still not sure about that. Lol.

    As far as how i've been, it's been tough. I'm in the middle of two guys... Dunno who to choose, dunno who i love more... One broke my heart before but i love him anyway, the other patched my heart up and i love him too. So that's lead to binges, damn.

    But enough of my rambles. I hope you continue to have a lovely time at uni and stay strong and skinny. Much love!

  9. i'm glad your having fun :)
    and keep it up, xo.

  10. All your worrying was for absolutely nothing.

    And philosophy is uniformly excellent.

    Keep on keeping on.

  11. it is always frustrating for me to begin school .. you NEVER can find a bathroom when you need it .. and the feel of stares freaks me out.

    good luck on getting to school on time!

  12. Don't worry about the loan -- I'm sure it'll come through!

  13. Hello, new follower here c: Just wanted to say I love your blog; especially some of the thinspo you post <3 I may be female, but I think of those pictures as the kind of guys that'll notice me when I'm skinny. (Plus, eyecandy much?)

    It's great that college is fun for you, just try not to party too much and ruin your grades, haha c: And I'm sure that loan will come through soon, so just hang in there! <3

    - Angel

  14. I agree with Angel! I can barely concentrate on your posts. Mid-sentence my eyes will drift to one of your many (Ahem)exquisite thinspo's.
    My eye's began to water, when you spoke of how much you love your uni. This whole university thing is causing me much distress.

  15. I am IN LOVE with your blog! It is SO refreshing to see a male out there!

    I will surly become a dedicated follower!

    Keep Skinny!