Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's been too long

since I posted
since I weighed
since I restricted
since I fasted
since I achieved

Let's change all that now. I've just come home from uni for the end of term and
I know for a fact that I've put on weight. It was inevitable with THAT amount of alcohol, parties and that awful party food. I've got a month at home now. I've lost 20lbs in a month before, there's no reason why I couldn't do it again. Plan? I trust you guys to work this out with me.

ABC? I miss that one. Might be a bit difficult with everyone around me, as I'm just back and so am interesting for a while. I'll see what I can do. Ah, hiding food, pretending to get snacks by rustling in the cupboards... I missed the old tricks.

Tomorrow: 500 cals
Saturday: 300 cals

We'll see how it goes from there. If I can't make two days then I need a serious wake up call.

How's everyone been doing? If you're still reading this... Uni has been absolutely crazy. Wonderful and awful in equal amounts. Some amazing experiences and some I just can't wait to forget. I went through a hell of a lot, and part of me wants to cut off that and just live in my little ana world for the holidays. I can't enjoy vacation when I'm having to deal with the guilt of putting all that disgusting fat into my body, so something has to change.

How awesome was New Moon? A rather fantastic friend got me a Robert Pattinson calendar for xmas, which is going up right now as the start of my thinspo. Tonight is my first night at home, and I'm dedicating it to finding some thinspo to help me through this month. Oh, and the new film sort of pushed me towards Team Jacob, which has shocked me more than most things this month. He was seriously hot, and had that smouldering good looks combined with kindness and sexiness that just WORKS.... whereas Edward was being all emo and pouty all the way through. Hmmm...

Robert Pattinson is still, obviously, incredibly hot though.

My friend bought me wee grey soft indoor boots for Christmas which are soooo nice. I never want to take them off. Perhaps I shan't. Take that!

Miss you guys. Take care.