Sunday, 13 December 2009

Why can't I?


  1. Oh! my gosh! that girl!!!

    I'm asking myself the same...

  2. Cuz that's friggin impossible! Lol. No, seriously, i wish i could too... Hmm, stretching exercises here i come!

  3. ive always wanted to be able to do that never gna happen tho lol

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  5. I can do that. :)

    It's just that some people are more naturally flexible than others.

  6. Poker-Faced Man! It has been so LONG!

    So many things have happened (hence the new blog, oh God, painful to think about) since you went away to University.

    How is it?
    Oh, I suppose you probably have a post about it. I'll read on. Anyway, with my new blog comes a new me (why am I discussing this with myself with you? Oh dear, well, I'm not stopping), therefore I'm commencing an ABC regime tomorrow.


    A bientot, Mon Cher. Bonne Nouvelle Annee!


  7. I haven't been able to do that since I was 7 and did ballet and gymnastics.... Oh man Jealousy....

    <3 your blog. Following you now.

  8. I miss you so much it hurts! I hope you are doing well. I always enjoyed reading your posts.

    I'm thinking about you, :)

    With love always,