Friday, 17 September 2010

I'm really fucking proud of myself.

I finally did it. Found my self respect and told that waster to get out of my life. I don't know if I'll stick to it, and it hurt to do it, but I'm so proud I took that step. I'm leaving for uni in a few days and I'm excited as hell to get out of here and into a fresh start. I'm off for a drive now (bike license - love of my life) to clear my head so I'll write a proper blog soon. Anyone reading this on twitter? Just set up an account in case I can't update this as much as I want to. Follow me on if you want the latest!

Later x

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


You know those times where you're just dying to text your ex, tell him how much you miss him, how much he means to you, how little you are without him, how so many things in life still remind you of him and how you're awake at stupid o'clock in the morning because of him, and how you hate him for what he's done to you, how he's betrayed you and treated you like shit, how you know he's been playing you, he's been fucking around and being a general dickhead, yet you still love him, and you hate yourself for it, because if you were anyone else and you saw this situation you'd tell the pathetic individual involved to MOVE THE FUCK ON, yet you can't, and you don't know why, but you know that it's not going to go away?


Monday, 2 August 2010

Moving on, pulling boys, being happy.

The most amazing weekend started with one of the worst nights. I basically found out that my ex, who I'd been falling for again because he's been texting, calling, showing me heaps more attention and being like we used to be, has been sleeping around. I thought he'd cheated on me and then calmed down because of us breaking up and him being upset, but apparently not. So much so that he's booked himself in for a sexual health check. This was how I found out. So I realised that he has not deserved half of all the time, effort and thought I've been putting into him. So I stopped. I made that decision and I stuck to it. Didn't reply to his email about the health check, didn't reply to the random attention seeking text he sent me this morning, and barely thought about him all weekend.

That was because this weekend was fabulous - a night at the movies on Friday (Inception is amazing) followed by Belfast Gay Pride on Saturday. It was one of those occasions where you're like "shit, I can't go to this, I know literally ONE person, I will be lost and a loser and on my own and weird." So I went, knowing one person, and came home with like 10 new friends, most of which are male, gay and hot... but I'll get on to that bit in a minute ;)

Since being single my mind has been off sex. I just couldn't think about it out of loyalty to him. That snapped in my mind after I found out what he's been doing, and I just felt free. Free to have fun, be myself, meet new people, come on to hot boys and PULL. Which I did, with 4 guys. JUST KISSING, I'M NO HO. But yeah, MAJOR step for me considering how I've been for the last few months. Also, two of them were 20 year old blonde twins... I think that gets me extra points, yes? hahaha

I also got a MASSIVE catch up with some fantastic female friends who are just wonderful people. Laughed so much I had tears streaming down my face. Proper anchors in my life they are.

Very very drunk by the end of saturday night, very very hungover by Sunday afternoon. All of which made for an interesting train ride home. My backpack strewn across the table in the train, myself slumped back in my chair wearing yesterday's clothes, sunglasses to cover my lack-of-sleep eyes, and my face and hair plastered with glitter, whilst sober people walked past trying and failing not to stare/abuse. Can't say I didn't enjoy watching their reactions though... heee.

BUT YES. Lots of alcohol was VERY worth it, despite all the calories. Now I'm going for a FAST. Anyway, I DO need to drink pints and pints of water to make up for what was at least 25 units of alcohol...

Peace :)
J x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I think that's what it was. A lot of family members just attacked me. Not for my eating issues, which could actually be dangerous, but for my sexuality. Disgusting, unnatural, disgraceful, "I'm ashamed of you." "Look at all we've done for you, and this is how you repay us?" "How could you?" "Have you no respect?" "You need to sort out your life or get out of this house."

I don't know what to do anymore.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

2 Day Challenge

In two days time I'm going on an adventure. A few of us are leaving Dublin at 9pm and bussing, training and boating our way to Scotland. It should be HEAPS of fun so I'm super excited about it, but I know there will be tons of photos taken so I need to take this opportunity to lose as many pounds as I can. I'm thinking a 2 day fast should do the trick. I'll have something to eat before we go to keep me awake, then rely on the adrenaline to keep me going for the rest of the roadtrip! Excellent.

I've started making proper use of thinspo again. For me, real life thinspo works so much better than celebrities, because magazines are so shit at photoshopping that you know straight away you're not seeing a real person. My desktop wallpaper is now a guy from town that I really envy. Everyone has one of those, right? He's naturally skinny and spends what seems like 90% of his time out in clubs having the time of his life because he's so confident about how he looks. Even when he's not dressed well, he seems to be able to carry it off because of that confidence. I want that. So for now, every time I want to eat I'm looking at that photo, asking myself if it's worth it, and finding that the answer is almost always no. It helps to get a bit of perspective.

If anyone's joining me, let me know. Always good to know you're not alone! I'm gonna set myself markers so I know I'm doing well. Like a line on my hand for every hour I do without food. It'll be like counting down the days left in a prison cell with a tally on the wall.

What would a post of mine be like without the usual schizo turn? I just spent an hour with some family members. I've never heard so much backstabbing and bitching in one room, and I've been to a hell of a lot of gay bars, so that's a fucking achievement. My grandmother slagging off her own granddaughter for being a "fat lump". My aunt slagging off her sister for eating too much. Then I found out my dad's been lying about me. They moved house whilst I was at uni, and everyone in the new area that they've met believes I'm straight. He's dropped hints about girlfriends so there's no doubt. With people like that behind me, I wouldn't be surprised if I took some psycho fit one day and committed some exciting crime. 

I promise I'll make it a good one.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I really am. I'm disgusted with how many mindless idiots there are in this country. Some wankers in Belfast threw petrol bombs at the police yesterday. Rioting because of a parade commemorating a battle hundreds of years ago. 99% of them couldn't tell you what they were even fighting about. I'm disgusted with the wankers who went around slashing tents at the Oxegen festival in Dublin this weekend. I'm disgusted at the wankers who then stole everything they could from the tents, leaving my friends sitting in a field drenched in the cold overnight before they could get home. I'm disgusted at myself for being such a lazy piece of shit, for not being able to move on from my ex, from being pathetically dependent on my friends, for being so bloody morally corrupt, for disappointing my family (even though what they expect of me is a straight son, which I CANT be), and for having no self control.

and fuck it, i'm fasting. Because that's what I do when I'm in a shit mood. I'm too afraid to weigh myself. I have a friend who was able to fast for 5 days at a time. I admire that guy. What amazing self control that must have been. I've lost heaps of weight in the past, but I always did it the easy way. 200 cals per day, always allowing myself those 200 to make it easier. Frankly, I don't think I deserve them right now. Zero cals for as long as I can do it.

So I guess after all that angst there's time for a bit of gossip... the hot lecturer I mentioned a while back has emailed me since. He's offering to supervise me next year. That means me and him in a small room (one of his private rooms, to be exact) for an hour every week. What could I do other than accept? This could be VERY interesting.

Actually, FUCK the negativity. I have a heap of opportunities ahead of me. All I need is to commit to my goals and go for it. I CAN do this. I'm really fucking good at doing this. It's nothing but pathetic self destruction that's held me back so far. I'm fasting. I'm getting thin. I'm getting the hot guy.

End of. :)

... god, how schizo was that post? hahah

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

First failure.

2 days of such good restricting. I bought a low calorie snack for each day and put up with the rest of the hunger pains. Then yesterday happened. I was invited out for formal dinner with a friend. So excited about seeing her again and about meeting all her new friends that I couldn't turn the occasion down. But you know you CANT have a 3 course meal and keep below 400 cals... Three courses plus two alcoholic drinks came to 900 calories. Ashamed, appalled, and really fucking annoyed.

Today so far is going proper well. It's almost 1pm and I've eaten nothing so far. I haven't been hungry yet, but if the hunger pangs start I'm going to remind myself of everything I ate yesterday and tell myself that my body still needs to use that up before I can risk putting any more in. I think I'm going to make today a water day. It's been a while since I've tried to fill my stomach with water instead of food but I seem to remember it working.

I just saw a girl from school uploading photos on facebook. She's always been really fucking skinny and is having the time of her life (because of it..) which would be great if she weren't such a bitch. It'd be so much easier if good people were pretty and bitches were not.

Oh well. It's all thinspiration.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

My starting point.

OK. This is me. Exams finished. Stress sorted. Ready to go. AND I CANT WAIT to get all that yucky fat off me. I started yesterday and, for my first day restricting in AGES, I think I did pretty damn well. 250 calories at the most. I'm going to go for the same today. BEST thing about living in student accommodation and trying to restrict: if you don't BUY the food, you can't eat it. So no matter how weak my will is, I won't actually be able to reach ANY food, never mind high calorie junk. Very excited about this indeed. All my friends want to go out though. Suggesting meals here and there every other day and I'm not quite sure how to handle it. I suppose if I ate NOTHING the entire day, then went out for a meal in the late evening, that would be about an 800 calorie day, which I could offset by exercise in the morning and afternoon. It might also boost my metabolism to have a few very low calorie days then a medium calorie day like that...

God, exercise again. I feel SO self conscious doing it. This is perhaps the only reason why I'd really like to be at home right now. In the country, where I can exercise as much as I want without anyone seeing. I'll just have to restrict super hard untilI can get home and properly start into working those calories off.

My friend just invited me to make salad for lunch. She's super healthy and doesn't realise I'm trying to lose weight again, but just sees things like salad as normal. It's because of her allergies: the girl has NEVER eaten chocolate, nuts or sweets. Can you imagine that? On the one hand, POOR GIRL. On the other, she has so much temptation removed from her life. Skinny too. Without. Even. Trying.

The thought of doing this all again is kind of getting me down. I've SO far to go, and I've only just started. I'm not going to give up though. Thinking of everyone relaxing and getting their clothes off in summer, whilst I'm far too self conscious to even think about it is really motivating me. I really need to buy some scales as well. It's doing my absolute nut in not being able to see what weight I am. Anyway, by the time I get to France (mid August) I want to look GOOD. Whatever weight that may be.

So 250 calories today. Bring it on.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

June Weight Loss Competition

God. Exams. Right, I'll have finished my last exam on the 29th of May so I'm saying see-you-later to blogger til then. CAMBRIDGE EXAMS. Holy shit. They're for clever people. Fuck fuck fuck. It'll be okay. It will. Aye.

Can't WAIT til they're over. I mentioned weight loss to a friend and she was very excited about joining me. She doesn't know I'll go ana, and I presume she'll just diet like normal, but we'll see. I'm going to buy scales, and we'll weigh every so often. I will weigh more often (it's addictive, isn't it?) and I WILL lose more than her, because I'll be eating as little as possible and exercising when I'm on my own. Competition helps. I was looking at photos of what I looked like in summer, and I was proud of myself back then, not now. I've gone through a massive lot in the last year and am a better person on the inside for that, but not so good on the outside. TIME TO CHANGE THAT. Badminton, squash, swimming, football, cricket, rowing (it is cambridge, after all...) and cycling is what we have planned so far. As the weather SHOULD be really nice by then, no one should suspect that we're trying to lose weight, but just think that we're taking advantage of the sunshine.

We've chosen our rooms for next year! I was SO lucky and got the biggest room in our house. There are 38 people living in (it's a pretty big house...) and my room is the first in the corridor, and has enough space to fit ALL of them in it... so I'm going to be holding the parties next year. Already met some of the new guys I'll be living with. They seem great so far, and it's given me more motivation to GET THIN. Especially one in particular, but I'll see where that goes first before I start spilling details... ;)

Anyone else got their tactics for June sorted out? Add your name in a comment on this if you want to join us. I'll be posting my weight loss as frequently as possible throughout the month and will collect everyone elses' at the end of each week. EXCITING. Post diets, tips, strategies, anything to show you're taking part!

Til the 29th, skinnies.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Right, my summer was looking pretty damn dull. Spending most of it at home, in the country, little to do and few people really to hang out with apart from my old school mates... THEN I went to the post room yesterday morning and found in my postbox the following letter;

Dear Josh,
I am pleased to let you know that you have been awarded a Cambridge Bursary of £3250 for the academic year 2009-2010. I should like to take this opportunity of wishing you every success in your studies and express the hope that this bursary will be of some help.
Yours sincerely,
Professor J P Parry

FUCK YES. I have never had so much money in my life... maybe this is karma. Lower class upbringing, pretty fucking poor family, but get into a good uni, wiggle the smarts about a bit and get THAT.

SO, SUMMER. Plans are being made and I'm very excited about them. France with two mates who invited me over, so I can properly practice my French for a month with them, as well as getting in with the French student clubbing scene. Then Spain with another mate, then London, then Glasgow, then Sheffield (best mates from there) then I DO NOT KNOW. So many ideas!! I've also got spare money left over from this term, because I was determined not to spend much money on food (if it's not there, you CANT eat it...) so ana has done the job for me too :D

There's no way I can do all that though, at the weight I am now. Especially cos of certain people who will be there... (including the guy in the photo, whaaaat. skinny friends. he's gay too...) So, I'm giving myself June to lose weight. Starting on the 29th of May in the evening, as my final exam will be over. Traveling then starts in July, when I know I'll be able to wear what I want without looking like a fatty. You guys with me? Anyone on for a massive June weight loss plan?

Lets do it.

PS. Thanks for the comments on the last post, especially the ones who haven't posted before. It makes SUCH a difference to know you've been reading for so long! Your opinion matters, don't hide it :D

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Flirting with teachers.

LESS RANTY THIS TIME. Today was excelllennnnntttt. I had my last class with my sexy 28 year old French teacher, and he said at the end "It's been a pleasure to teach you,". I was close to telling him the pleasure wasn't entirely JUST his... but I thought that might be a bit obvious. Met him again when I was leaving the lecture site, and he half tripped and fumbled around with his ipod earphones and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. I laughed at him and his head shot right back around at me and he went bright red. Of course, being a gentleman, I walked on beside him and pretended not to notice, then "accidentally" brushed up against him when he held the door open for me. It was amazingly tense. He's super shy which is very cute, but I can so tell he's gay. May push this one a bit further... the fact that we'd both be in major trouble is RATHER exciting.

;) hahaha. THEN ran to another class on the other side of town (exercise), THEN sprinted back (exercise) and got back to my room just in time to set up a party for my mate from college with minutes to spare. Set out loooads of food and then, because I'd just RAN there, I was FAR too hyped up to eat, then far too busy getting everyone in to eat any of it. I'm still on a high now from all the activity so no food for me :) not even slightly hungry.

This is going well. Super excited about the next month. Exams to do sooooon, then I'm doing a fast 1 day, then the ABC. ABC is a bit old school now, but I've been off the scene for a while so... does anyone have any new ideas? But yeah, so I need to get skinny for the June 17th. That's our "May Ball" (massive massive end of year party which actually happens in June but yes...) and I want to have lost at least 8lbs by then. I can do it if I stick to the ABC and work my ass off. College has squash courts and a swimming pool on site so I can use those and no one will question it because it's free and I'll have no work to do! EXCELLENT.

Apart from that, David Cameron is the British Prime Minister. I'm disgusted.

Peace skinnies xxxx

PS. If you're reading this and haven't commented before, please do! Even if you don't have a blog, I'm listening! Also, thanks for the awesome rants on my last post. You guys know how to let it out. I find that VERY attractive. ;) hahaha

ARGH, I want to be skinny NOWWW.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


OKAY. Are you annoyed at something right now? Tell me about it in a comment. I think we all deserve some space to rant. Here's my go.

I am going crazy

- with people
- with my friend, who has decided to ignore me for FUCK KNOWS WHAT REASON and won't tell me why. WHY are girls like this?! What's wrong with just HONESTY?
- with exams: one tomorrow, plus 3 homeworks due. Massive homeworks as well. Proud of myself for getting them done, but still, they should lay off when we're trying to pass these fucking tests.
- with England: I want to see places. I want to see Ireland again
with boys: Josh saw me sleeping at Ryans, presumed we'd slept together, then went crazy at me cos he thought I wanted to be with him, then tried to kiss me because I clearly don't mind who I sleep with. Eugh.
- with more boys: this guy Ben will not leave me alone. I'm not into you, go away.
- with food: stress makes me eat. -____-
- with the guy next door having incredibly loud sex with his girlfriend. She screams. We know you're putting it on, sweetie. Get over it.
- with parents: one of them isn't speaking to me. the other one texted me drunk at 4am the other night.
- with facebook: it really, really won't leave me alone. rumours going about the place, gossip and distractions. Thinking of making a pro-ana FB we could all hang out on, once I start blogging properly again though. Sound good?
- with plans: I want to spend as much time away from home as possible this summer, but I'm not sure where to go or where to get the money from. I don't want to waste the summer. There are entire countries I have to avoid cos my ex is going to be in them. Oh and I'm still not over him. Fuck my life.


I've made some sugar free strawberry jelly. 8 calories in the entire bowl. GET IN.

Love to anyone who reads. Sexual favours to anyone who comments. ;)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Alright sexies...

Who's up for a liquid fast? I'm going through as much of today as possible just on liquids. Drinking helps get rid of so many hunger pangs ANYWAY, that it should end up as a good calorie day regardless of how well this goes. Throw me a comment if you're joining me!

I ate WAY too much yesterday. I'm actually disgusted with myself. I had a fair excuse tho... the exam was HORRIBLE. I got a really stupid article to talk about and it was on a topic they never give you so you never revise it... luckily it's only worth 1/7 of my final mark so I'm not letting it get to me. :)

God, and, I got WAY too drunk at Tommy's house party last night. Came on to an ex down the phone, and another guy (R) had to like.. carry me home. Then I fell asleep on him. THEN my friend (J) turned up for a surprise visit this morning, and found us together (I was just sleeping! I had no idea what it looked like...) and was like "what are you doing?? I thought..." and then stormed out. Argh. No idea what that's about. He shouldn't care, even if I had got with R. Unlessss... :S

Today shall be a stronger day.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Me, Freaked.

Picture says it all at the moment! I've an exam tomorrow afternoon and I'm pretty freaked about it. I've been preparing for ages but I never think it's enough... Hum. It'll be over soon and hopefully will go okay then summer can whisk me away :)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Sobered up!

Sorry about that last post. Got a little excited, I'd been off alcohol for ages and it went STRAIGHT to my head...

Super motivated for summer at the moment. Just finished my classes for the day and I'm wreckeedddd, but making plans for the holidays. From the 29th May I'm going on a super-fast-diet-exercise regime. Every sport and activity I can think of and as little food as possible. I don't know if I should say my goal weight here, cos I don't want to set up any sort of competition. Every has their own aims and we shouldn't feel bad if ours are higher or lower than anyone elses. So let's just support :) I will count every lb I lose here though, so we'll be doing this together! Anyone else got plans for summer?

Thanks to Stick Thin for being my thinspo for today. Sexy one that she is :)

Hope you're all well. I'm off for a snooze, some work and meeting up with friends. Not too shabby.

OH AND. I got asked out by a guy last night. Well, he wants to go on a date. We almost got together about 3 years ago, and he seems to still be into me now I'm single again. We met up a few days ago and got on well. I don't feel any "spark" or anything, but he's hot and well... it'd help you know? moving on and that. Anyone got any ideas?

OH OH AND. Should I post an update pic of me? There are loads in my old posts but I haven't posted one in ages... or should I wait til I'm back on track with losing? Ho hum.

muchos gracias

Sunday, 2 May 2010


hello hello hello
i am drunk
well not realllllly but my head's all foggy and bummmm

met a new guy toinght. he's verrrrry pretty. and made me laugh and laughed at me lottts.

also sexy as. but didn't kissss me or try! which was nice. nice to just have a nice guy not coming on to you and thinking with his dick! gona see him again soon i hope. everyone was like oooo y ou two! when he left to go home so maybe he likes me? i hope so.

hes pretty.


my name's not alcohol

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Beautiful people,

I'm recovering. From heartbreak, not anorexia. The first is MUCH worse than the second, I tell you ;) feeling a new lease of life and can't WAIT to get out there. On my own and LOVING it. Proud to be who I am :) but first... I so need to lose a few pounds. Still in uni, 5 weeks to go until the end. Final exams coming up FAR TOO SOON (2 next week) but we'll be good. I'm on course for a 2.1 (basically an A-/B+) so I'm feeling good and planning SUMMER. Yum yum yum. Making massive plans such as weak long fasts when I won't have to eat for energy for class. Excitedddd. For now I've found the perfect excuse for eating less. My student loan took ages to come through, and as far as everyone knows it still hasn't. So I'm like "I can't go out for that meal, have to save money." and everyone's like "ohhhh, okay that's fine! don't worry about it!" because they don't want to be rude and make a big deal about me being a lot more poor than they are. It's great! So I've restricted my budget to £8 per week, including money spent on drinks (not alcohol... not partying til exams are over!!) and low fat snacks, so all is well.

How are you all doing? Can't WAIT to get on here blogging properly again. Hope you're all sticking to your goals and taking care of your beautiful selves. Drop me a comment and tell me the gossip.


Monday, 1 March 2010


Hey guys,

I'm so sorry it's been so long. I've been awful. Uni is GREAT, but life alongside it has been terrible. I've been through an incredible amount of shit and am just starting to recover from it now. I've been cheated on, people have been starting rumours about me, family breaking up and making me choose sides. Blehhhh. No idea how I'm gonna just get over all of it, so far I've just been messing around, being immature and irresponsible and fucking about for once. Anyone got any better ideas, I'd love to hear them. Give us a comment to show me how you're doing.

Miss you guys.