Thursday, 29 April 2010


Beautiful people,

I'm recovering. From heartbreak, not anorexia. The first is MUCH worse than the second, I tell you ;) feeling a new lease of life and can't WAIT to get out there. On my own and LOVING it. Proud to be who I am :) but first... I so need to lose a few pounds. Still in uni, 5 weeks to go until the end. Final exams coming up FAR TOO SOON (2 next week) but we'll be good. I'm on course for a 2.1 (basically an A-/B+) so I'm feeling good and planning SUMMER. Yum yum yum. Making massive plans such as weak long fasts when I won't have to eat for energy for class. Excitedddd. For now I've found the perfect excuse for eating less. My student loan took ages to come through, and as far as everyone knows it still hasn't. So I'm like "I can't go out for that meal, have to save money." and everyone's like "ohhhh, okay that's fine! don't worry about it!" because they don't want to be rude and make a big deal about me being a lot more poor than they are. It's great! So I've restricted my budget to £8 per week, including money spent on drinks (not alcohol... not partying til exams are over!!) and low fat snacks, so all is well.

How are you all doing? Can't WAIT to get on here blogging properly again. Hope you're all sticking to your goals and taking care of your beautiful selves. Drop me a comment and tell me the gossip.