Saturday, 8 May 2010

Alright sexies...

Who's up for a liquid fast? I'm going through as much of today as possible just on liquids. Drinking helps get rid of so many hunger pangs ANYWAY, that it should end up as a good calorie day regardless of how well this goes. Throw me a comment if you're joining me!

I ate WAY too much yesterday. I'm actually disgusted with myself. I had a fair excuse tho... the exam was HORRIBLE. I got a really stupid article to talk about and it was on a topic they never give you so you never revise it... luckily it's only worth 1/7 of my final mark so I'm not letting it get to me. :)

God, and, I got WAY too drunk at Tommy's house party last night. Came on to an ex down the phone, and another guy (R) had to like.. carry me home. Then I fell asleep on him. THEN my friend (J) turned up for a surprise visit this morning, and found us together (I was just sleeping! I had no idea what it looked like...) and was like "what are you doing?? I thought..." and then stormed out. Argh. No idea what that's about. He shouldn't care, even if I had got with R. Unlessss... :S

Today shall be a stronger day.


  1. Good luck on the liquid fast. Began mine today, probably go for 3 days.

    Oh, True Blood vs. Vampire Diaries? Easy.
    Eric vs. Damon? Definitely Eric.
    Or Damon... Eric... Damon... Eric. Crap.

    Atleast they can actually get nekkid on True Blood. Bonus point for Eric. ;)

    xoxo zen

  2. yay good luck on the liquid fast
    meh i can handle drink much anymore (blames the eating habits or lack there of) much hilarity at my expense ... physically chucked outta music gig by the security gotta be the best

    yeah waking up in odd places teehee

    good luck with the rest of the exam x

  3. I love liquid fasts! I'm in, starting tommorrow, already ate hummus today. :/

  4. Good luck with the remaining 6/7 exam, and I bet it went better than you think.
    Thanks for the support xxx

  5. i def. am on that liquid fast too. makes it easier to stay full..if your full of water... or you know vodka. :p

  6. I liquid fasted for about 4 days, otherwise I'd join you - I'm starting ABC tomorrow (:

    And mister, I've given you an award because I think you're beautiful.