Thursday, 13 May 2010

Flirting with teachers.

LESS RANTY THIS TIME. Today was excelllennnnntttt. I had my last class with my sexy 28 year old French teacher, and he said at the end "It's been a pleasure to teach you,". I was close to telling him the pleasure wasn't entirely JUST his... but I thought that might be a bit obvious. Met him again when I was leaving the lecture site, and he half tripped and fumbled around with his ipod earphones and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. I laughed at him and his head shot right back around at me and he went bright red. Of course, being a gentleman, I walked on beside him and pretended not to notice, then "accidentally" brushed up against him when he held the door open for me. It was amazingly tense. He's super shy which is very cute, but I can so tell he's gay. May push this one a bit further... the fact that we'd both be in major trouble is RATHER exciting.

;) hahaha. THEN ran to another class on the other side of town (exercise), THEN sprinted back (exercise) and got back to my room just in time to set up a party for my mate from college with minutes to spare. Set out loooads of food and then, because I'd just RAN there, I was FAR too hyped up to eat, then far too busy getting everyone in to eat any of it. I'm still on a high now from all the activity so no food for me :) not even slightly hungry.

This is going well. Super excited about the next month. Exams to do sooooon, then I'm doing a fast 1 day, then the ABC. ABC is a bit old school now, but I've been off the scene for a while so... does anyone have any new ideas? But yeah, so I need to get skinny for the June 17th. That's our "May Ball" (massive massive end of year party which actually happens in June but yes...) and I want to have lost at least 8lbs by then. I can do it if I stick to the ABC and work my ass off. College has squash courts and a swimming pool on site so I can use those and no one will question it because it's free and I'll have no work to do! EXCELLENT.

Apart from that, David Cameron is the British Prime Minister. I'm disgusted.

Peace skinnies xxxx

PS. If you're reading this and haven't commented before, please do! Even if you don't have a blog, I'm listening! Also, thanks for the awesome rants on my last post. You guys know how to let it out. I find that VERY attractive. ;) hahaha

ARGH, I want to be skinny NOWWW.


  1. You told me to comment so I will ^^ I've followed your blog for a while now, really like it! Not many boys around here. I have to say I really like the thinspo here too! Good luck with the abc, you can do it and look stunning at the "May Ball". And yeah, it is kind of odd having a ball with that name in June.


  2. Fucking politics. At least it was a hung parliment, so they can't do too much damage I don't think.
    I need to get my anger out at EVERYTHING RAHHHGH I swear I can no longer cope with what is happening. I can't remember anything. It's so horrible.
    The whole teacher relationship would be dangerous, but exciting hehe, go for it if your in the state, Hey! You're at college, why the hell not? x.

  3. eeeeexciting, a teacher , yu sexy thing!

    david cameron URGH agreed ! haha dont even mention it when my dads around unless you got an hour to spare whilst he rants (they only had one seat in scotland how does that mean they can run our country blah blah ... dad is an snp supporter ... which is probably worse )

    wow i havent heard anybody mention abc in a while ... or 2468 for that matter


  4. "PS. If you're reading this and haven't commented before, please do! Even if you don't have a blog, I'm listening!"

    Been reading for months!! missed you on your break, your inspiring and a great help:)
    one of my favorite blogs to follow, you keep me motivated and the thinspo you post is beautiful!

    lotsa love,
    NICOLE xx xx

  5. whoah now, teachers hey :L
    I'm freddy,male ana :) pleased to meetcha.
    Your blog is pretty fucking cool.