Sunday, 9 May 2010


OKAY. Are you annoyed at something right now? Tell me about it in a comment. I think we all deserve some space to rant. Here's my go.

I am going crazy

- with people
- with my friend, who has decided to ignore me for FUCK KNOWS WHAT REASON and won't tell me why. WHY are girls like this?! What's wrong with just HONESTY?
- with exams: one tomorrow, plus 3 homeworks due. Massive homeworks as well. Proud of myself for getting them done, but still, they should lay off when we're trying to pass these fucking tests.
- with England: I want to see places. I want to see Ireland again
with boys: Josh saw me sleeping at Ryans, presumed we'd slept together, then went crazy at me cos he thought I wanted to be with him, then tried to kiss me because I clearly don't mind who I sleep with. Eugh.
- with more boys: this guy Ben will not leave me alone. I'm not into you, go away.
- with food: stress makes me eat. -____-
- with the guy next door having incredibly loud sex with his girlfriend. She screams. We know you're putting it on, sweetie. Get over it.
- with parents: one of them isn't speaking to me. the other one texted me drunk at 4am the other night.
- with facebook: it really, really won't leave me alone. rumours going about the place, gossip and distractions. Thinking of making a pro-ana FB we could all hang out on, once I start blogging properly again though. Sound good?
- with plans: I want to spend as much time away from home as possible this summer, but I'm not sure where to go or where to get the money from. I don't want to waste the summer. There are entire countries I have to avoid cos my ex is going to be in them. Oh and I'm still not over him. Fuck my life.


I've made some sugar free strawberry jelly. 8 calories in the entire bowl. GET IN.

Love to anyone who reads. Sexual favours to anyone who comments. ;)


  1. HEYA
    you're hot. so i'm in with the sexual favours. i hope you don't mind that i'm a woman.

    i am extremely annoyed right now so here comes.
    -my mother trying to make me talk about what i want to do after school. NOTHING. i have no motivation for anything. i want to disappear in melbourne then die/be a hobo.
    -my mother judging me for sitting on the couch all day when that's just what she does.
    -my stupid friend. fuck. i'm dancing. it's a music festival. everyone's dancing. just because you've drunk nothing and are standing there like a statue doesn't give you the right to tell me i'm obnoxious.
    -the same friend. don't tell me not to let my friend sit on my shoulders because i'm blocking peoples view when no band is EVEN PLAYING then have someone sit on yours 5 minutes later. fucker.
    -that friend. why am i friends with you? you're such a dick to me.
    -myself. i'm fat and lazy and should die. or do something with my life. or go to lots of music festivals and kill my brain with alcohol and what not. i hear ignorance is bliss.
    -the world. why are you so fucking depressing?

    ok. that was nice venting.
    now i'm going to balance it out with some things i like.

    -vodka. only this weekend have i discovered your wonders. you make cold disappear and endless dancing easy. even if you are disgusting and security guards take you away from me.
    -my beautiful friends. you dance with me to killer queenz and sit on my shoulders and run up and down the grass and put up with me.
    -the hot blonde guy. you are the funnest person i have danced with. to vampire weekend. who had flashing chandeliers.
    -tegan and sara. and the hot guy behind me during tegan and sara.
    -afterschool plans. camping in the middle of nowhere for a month with the most awesome people, a pack of cards, scrabble, and much supplies? yes please. then china. then russia. then india.

    ahh very therapeutic <3

  2. I love your rant!

    I'm annoyed with >>
    -falling behind in my classes
    -stress eating
    -people not being perfect enough, myself included
    -my oil paints taking forever to dry in this weather
    -feeling unwell
    -so called friends being crap and stupid as hell
    -people playing me on
    -not being organized enough for life
    -smoking killing my lungs
    -my brand new phone not being great

    Maybe that is most of it, can't remember my stomach hurts too much to think

  3. If you're going to make an FB, you've got to be really cryptic about it and never actually specifically say "pro-ana", or it'll be deleted.

    (Also, who doesn't love sexual favors?)

  4. You can keep the sexual favours cause I just realised I've got a minge ): BUT I WANT TO RANT.

    *I hate women. Women kind. Anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die is lethal.
    *That being said, I am currently bleeding.
    *I've been looking in the mirror more than I care for recently. I disgust myself.
    *I miss Nikki. A lot.
    *I hate myself for missing her.
    *I hate hating myself.
    *WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO SMOKE SO MUCH? It's getting too hard to hide.
    *I want to meet people who understand me - then least I won't have to pretend anymore.

    *I hate pretending.

  5. and thats why i get on with the guys in my group better than the girls random moods and not speaking urgh i know what thats like , sucks

    all i have to rant about is
    -and the fact i suck at revising for the exams
    -and that the maths exams is stopping me going to a music festival
    -and that im going to a gig 2 days before said maths exam
    -so am probably going to fail maths exam so should just go to the festival (face book add me ?) likes connecting with people from blogger on face book so that i can actually know them if its cool with yu xxx

  6. Ahh, your back ^_^
    I tend to delete blogs that dont post for ages, so Im glad I noticed your return...

    Im annoyed at
    -myself, because I think im having a small mental breakdown
    -that girl who is currently stalking me and wont leave me alone with george (you remind me of him, just thought i would say)
    -my inability to write beatifully even though try as i might, i want an a* in my english coursework, -and want desperatly to relate better to other bloggers who manage to make words dance in my mind.

    i would join your pro-ana facebook :)
    can never have too many contacts who share the pro ana vibes, right?

    good luck with exams
    love sun-lit~

  7. Hey!

    I saw your blog and I just wanted to pop in and tell you about . It's a blog network specifically for people who have eating disorders. It's a great community, and there's all sorts of cool stuff! Tons of themes to choose from and lots of options! Also, once you've had a blog for a month, you can apply to be part of the revenue sharing program, and a percentage of the money that the ads bring in!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say hi, and tell you about it. You look like you'd fit in well with DisorderedBlogs. :)

    If you ever want to talk, feel free to email me!

  8. Ahahahaaa. Sexual favours, bitch please! Pretty sure you don't swing my way- gutted :(

    I'm pretty annoyed today haha:
    * I have horrendous skin
    * i am failing pretty much every subject i am taking
    * exams start next fucking week
    * i'm meant to be sleeping round my new boyfriends house tomorrow, really excited, but apparently nature has another idea ahhhhhhhhhh.
    * Also. I'm ill.

    But i hope you are doing ok :)