Tuesday, 18 May 2010

June Weight Loss Competition

God. Exams. Right, I'll have finished my last exam on the 29th of May so I'm saying see-you-later to blogger til then. CAMBRIDGE EXAMS. Holy shit. They're for clever people. Fuck fuck fuck. It'll be okay. It will. Aye.

Can't WAIT til they're over. I mentioned weight loss to a friend and she was very excited about joining me. She doesn't know I'll go ana, and I presume she'll just diet like normal, but we'll see. I'm going to buy scales, and we'll weigh every so often. I will weigh more often (it's addictive, isn't it?) and I WILL lose more than her, because I'll be eating as little as possible and exercising when I'm on my own. Competition helps. I was looking at photos of what I looked like in summer, and I was proud of myself back then, not now. I've gone through a massive lot in the last year and am a better person on the inside for that, but not so good on the outside. TIME TO CHANGE THAT. Badminton, squash, swimming, football, cricket, rowing (it is cambridge, after all...) and cycling is what we have planned so far. As the weather SHOULD be really nice by then, no one should suspect that we're trying to lose weight, but just think that we're taking advantage of the sunshine.

We've chosen our rooms for next year! I was SO lucky and got the biggest room in our house. There are 38 people living in (it's a pretty big house...) and my room is the first in the corridor, and has enough space to fit ALL of them in it... so I'm going to be holding the parties next year. Already met some of the new guys I'll be living with. They seem great so far, and it's given me more motivation to GET THIN. Especially one in particular, but I'll see where that goes first before I start spilling details... ;)

Anyone else got their tactics for June sorted out? Add your name in a comment on this if you want to join us. I'll be posting my weight loss as frequently as possible throughout the month and will collect everyone elses' at the end of each week. EXCITING. Post diets, tips, strategies, anything to show you're taking part!

Til the 29th, skinnies.


  1. good luck and stuff :D

    i want want want to join your weight loss competition ♥

    my last exam is on the 26th, yay hooray :D
    fuck yes, JUNE! :)


  2. Good luck on your exams and the weight loss!

    I love the photo!

  3. good luck with your exams and the weight loss thingie too. I think I want to join but i dunno where to start haha. think imma join but i don't think i'll be losing as much :P

  4. Grrr. I'm going to punch exams in the face for taking you away from us for that long. Lol. I'm sure you'll ace all of them though. You're quite clever yourself.
    I'm also sure that your weight loss competition will make you look lovely and feel confident. I know how strong you are!

  5. I'd like to join, but I have to figure out my working schedule before (If I'm staying 24/7 at an hotel with colleagues, skipping meals will be impossible). We'll see!