Sunday, 30 May 2010

My starting point.

OK. This is me. Exams finished. Stress sorted. Ready to go. AND I CANT WAIT to get all that yucky fat off me. I started yesterday and, for my first day restricting in AGES, I think I did pretty damn well. 250 calories at the most. I'm going to go for the same today. BEST thing about living in student accommodation and trying to restrict: if you don't BUY the food, you can't eat it. So no matter how weak my will is, I won't actually be able to reach ANY food, never mind high calorie junk. Very excited about this indeed. All my friends want to go out though. Suggesting meals here and there every other day and I'm not quite sure how to handle it. I suppose if I ate NOTHING the entire day, then went out for a meal in the late evening, that would be about an 800 calorie day, which I could offset by exercise in the morning and afternoon. It might also boost my metabolism to have a few very low calorie days then a medium calorie day like that...

God, exercise again. I feel SO self conscious doing it. This is perhaps the only reason why I'd really like to be at home right now. In the country, where I can exercise as much as I want without anyone seeing. I'll just have to restrict super hard untilI can get home and properly start into working those calories off.

My friend just invited me to make salad for lunch. She's super healthy and doesn't realise I'm trying to lose weight again, but just sees things like salad as normal. It's because of her allergies: the girl has NEVER eaten chocolate, nuts or sweets. Can you imagine that? On the one hand, POOR GIRL. On the other, she has so much temptation removed from her life. Skinny too. Without. Even. Trying.

The thought of doing this all again is kind of getting me down. I've SO far to go, and I've only just started. I'm not going to give up though. Thinking of everyone relaxing and getting their clothes off in summer, whilst I'm far too self conscious to even think about it is really motivating me. I really need to buy some scales as well. It's doing my absolute nut in not being able to see what weight I am. Anyway, by the time I get to France (mid August) I want to look GOOD. Whatever weight that may be.

So 250 calories today. Bring it on.


  1. Welcome back on the wagon! Im sure you'll do great, and look amazing for France :D
    xx Lisa

  2. if you dont lik exercising in front of peopl ebecause it make you self conscious make it a rule that if you binge you have to exercise infront of people the horror should put you off food works for me i make myself go out for a run and i hate that incase i bump into people i know

    ah this is exciting im now looking forward to on emore week my exams are over and i can get back to restricting to :)

  3. Youu look pretty adorable already lol, but yeah sounds like plan.
    I bet it'll come right back to you really easily when you've got in the swing of it xxx

  4. Oh, God, why wasn't I born a gay male?
    You're très attractif et très chic

  5. You look amazing already, but good luck, i know you'll look even better in time for france =)

    Glad ur back posting.


  6. good luck :D you're super cute by the way haha
    i love June. 'cause that's when we'll get fucking skinny and stuff :D

    you'll be in France in August? :( i think i'm going in July... or in September. don't know yet for sure. or maybe not at all? (that's what i'm terrified of... fuck money. or the lack of it for that sake)

  7. you're an amazing inspiration!
    Oh, and what about the weight loss competition?

  8. Fat? Where? You look great. As for the one meal a day, it's more or less working for me in maintaining... not so much in losing, but you plan on exercising with that so you just might lose. I really ought to get back on the every-day exercise plan too. I too feel self conscious when doing it... it's like someone will see my weakness... But hang in there and push past that fear and you'll do great.
    Best wishes!

  9. You have collarbooooones. It's lovely to read a male POV blog.

  10. You look fucking amazing.
    And your style is bang on. ;)