Saturday, 15 May 2010


Right, my summer was looking pretty damn dull. Spending most of it at home, in the country, little to do and few people really to hang out with apart from my old school mates... THEN I went to the post room yesterday morning and found in my postbox the following letter;

Dear Josh,
I am pleased to let you know that you have been awarded a Cambridge Bursary of £3250 for the academic year 2009-2010. I should like to take this opportunity of wishing you every success in your studies and express the hope that this bursary will be of some help.
Yours sincerely,
Professor J P Parry

FUCK YES. I have never had so much money in my life... maybe this is karma. Lower class upbringing, pretty fucking poor family, but get into a good uni, wiggle the smarts about a bit and get THAT.

SO, SUMMER. Plans are being made and I'm very excited about them. France with two mates who invited me over, so I can properly practice my French for a month with them, as well as getting in with the French student clubbing scene. Then Spain with another mate, then London, then Glasgow, then Sheffield (best mates from there) then I DO NOT KNOW. So many ideas!! I've also got spare money left over from this term, because I was determined not to spend much money on food (if it's not there, you CANT eat it...) so ana has done the job for me too :D

There's no way I can do all that though, at the weight I am now. Especially cos of certain people who will be there... (including the guy in the photo, whaaaat. skinny friends. he's gay too...) So, I'm giving myself June to lose weight. Starting on the 29th of May in the evening, as my final exam will be over. Traveling then starts in July, when I know I'll be able to wear what I want without looking like a fatty. You guys with me? Anyone on for a massive June weight loss plan?

Lets do it.

PS. Thanks for the comments on the last post, especially the ones who haven't posted before. It makes SUCH a difference to know you've been reading for so long! Your opinion matters, don't hide it :D


  1. Massive June weight loss plan is a major yes please.
    Fucking ABC is being a fucking fail and I'm a fat fail too (:

    Whatever the plan is, I'm in!
    And congrats on your free money!

  2. yes june weight loss plan team go.

    damnnnn you're lucky i wish i wasn't a lazy fuck i'm gonna be stuck where i live. i'll come visit you. my god. do you have lookbook? i haven't used it in oh so long but that photo there of your friend reminds me of it.


  3. I'm in! :D
    I need to shrink down till July too.. for a concert :D and then seaside with my friends and maaah huuge crush haha! :)

    let's do this ! ♥

    ps: congrats! money = awesomeness :D

  4. Oh my lovely. I'm from sheffield. I like it here. there is quite alot to do. you will probably find it shit though :)
    I'm up for a massive june weightloss. I need it.
    Congrats on acumilating this huge amount of cash.
    you are going to have a fucking amazing summer, love.
    I hope you're okay, x.

  5. You lucky fucker! :P
    That sounds like an awesome summer plan, can I come with? Haha.
    I was supposed to be on a May weightloss drive, but that's failed so far, so I'm definitely in! =]
    (And I bet you still look good)

  6. I used to have to blog as Foreign Object, but deleted it due to panic over a possible outing. I'm still following everyone I used to follow though, including you :)