Monday, 3 May 2010

Sobered up!

Sorry about that last post. Got a little excited, I'd been off alcohol for ages and it went STRAIGHT to my head...

Super motivated for summer at the moment. Just finished my classes for the day and I'm wreckeedddd, but making plans for the holidays. From the 29th May I'm going on a super-fast-diet-exercise regime. Every sport and activity I can think of and as little food as possible. I don't know if I should say my goal weight here, cos I don't want to set up any sort of competition. Every has their own aims and we shouldn't feel bad if ours are higher or lower than anyone elses. So let's just support :) I will count every lb I lose here though, so we'll be doing this together! Anyone else got plans for summer?

Thanks to Stick Thin for being my thinspo for today. Sexy one that she is :)

Hope you're all well. I'm off for a snooze, some work and meeting up with friends. Not too shabby.

OH AND. I got asked out by a guy last night. Well, he wants to go on a date. We almost got together about 3 years ago, and he seems to still be into me now I'm single again. We met up a few days ago and got on well. I don't feel any "spark" or anything, but he's hot and well... it'd help you know? moving on and that. Anyone got any ideas?

OH OH AND. Should I post an update pic of me? There are loads in my old posts but I haven't posted one in ages... or should I wait til I'm back on track with losing? Ho hum.

muchos gracias

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  1. You are a babe!! He he. I like what you said about supporting people, regardless their goal weight. And alcohol def does stuff to ya if you haven't tried it in a while.

    I have school until the middle of June. After that I have some family vacations planned, and what nots. As for my body: get toned and maintain! If I can get away with losing some pounds, i will :)

    I'd say post pics! Its up to you, but I just like seeing faces of people I read about.