Tuesday, 1 June 2010

First failure.

2 days of such good restricting. I bought a low calorie snack for each day and put up with the rest of the hunger pains. Then yesterday happened. I was invited out for formal dinner with a friend. So excited about seeing her again and about meeting all her new friends that I couldn't turn the occasion down. But you know you CANT have a 3 course meal and keep below 400 cals... Three courses plus two alcoholic drinks came to 900 calories. Ashamed, appalled, and really fucking annoyed.

Today so far is going proper well. It's almost 1pm and I've eaten nothing so far. I haven't been hungry yet, but if the hunger pangs start I'm going to remind myself of everything I ate yesterday and tell myself that my body still needs to use that up before I can risk putting any more in. I think I'm going to make today a water day. It's been a while since I've tried to fill my stomach with water instead of food but I seem to remember it working.

I just saw a girl from school uploading photos on facebook. She's always been really fucking skinny and is having the time of her life (because of it..) which would be great if she weren't such a bitch. It'd be so much easier if good people were pretty and bitches were not.

Oh well. It's all thinspiration.